DIY Get Well Soon Card Easy Step By Step Black Marker

if you have a friend or family member

that sick in bed wishing well with this

warm beautiful car that you did all by


draw get well soon with a daisy flower

to cheer them up

a IMG tail and welcome to overnight

artist the channel that will help you

draw more and better beautiful drawings

easily at your own pace for yourself or

a giveaway and hopefully change lives so

start by drawing the lines

I took a ruler and just do both sides of

it three times leave some space between

each time now draw the letters draw a

nice big curved line ending with a swirl

for the middle draw another curved line

for the letter e draw a rounded slanted

heart with a stretched oval inside for

the T draw three attached curves on the

top and end it with a long chubby tail

for the bottom if this video is too fast

for you I recommend you pause the video

after each letter I draw

the letters should be attached to each

other on the sides and above and also

below each letter like the W touching

the G on top the e on the side and the s

underneath bubble letters is all about

drawing ovals in different directions if

you want to learn how to draw all bubble

letters with easy basic instructions for

beginners see the link under this video

to get my free basic bubble letter

tutorials now let's draw the daisy

flower draw half a circle and the G for

the center and with a pencil add

guidelines for the petals and drop a

petal on each line each petal is like a


now add bats in the center and a fine

line on each petal now draw a long

swirly stem with swirls on it for the


add reflections and that's on each

letter like this I'm really glad to hear

that these drawings are helping lots of

you to change lives by drawing more and

better that really inspires me to keep

making videos for awesome viewers and

fans so I'd like to hear from you in the

comments below what drawings would you

like to draw in the future videos we

will draw more easy drawings so if this

is your first time here I'd love to have

you join this awesome community at

overnight artists where we have

step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions

to make beautiful professional drawings

if you like this video go draw it and

give it away in the meantime keep

drawing with a smile bye bye