What's in My BRIDESMAID Gift Boxes | Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


hi guys welcome back to my channel where

I make videos just because so today is

exactly one week until I'm going to be

getting married tomorrow when you're

seeing this video will be six days away

holy crap I am so excited so I thought

today I will share with you guys what's

in my bridesmaid boxes so these are

going to be the gifts that I'm gonna be

giving the girls I haven't decided to

exactly when whether it'll be the night

before the wedding or the morning of the

wedding or even a couple of dates before

at the hens party I'm still a bit iffy

but I thought maybe this would be a good

video to film just in case any of you

guys are looking for ideas for gifts for

your bridesmaids so behind this

beautiful little blanket fort here we

have our bridesmaid boxes as well as

some other stuff now there is one little


this video is going up before I'm

actually giving the girls that gifts so

if you are in my bridal party

particularly my sister Naomi who I know

watches my videos Nicole I know you new

sometimes too please don't watch this

video well I mean you can watch it but

please watch it after the wedding so you

don't spoil it for yourselves okay okay

so I'm going to show you guys everything

that's in these boxes if you guys are

wondering I got the boxes just from like

a cheap shop

and then the sticker decals that have

their name on them I got them from Etsy

I'll try and figure out who the seller

was and I'll leave it down in the

description box below

okay I really nervous I don't know why

I'm nervous about this this is just

making me really nervous we're gonna

start off with the first thing that is

the reason why I'm thinking of giving

them their boxes early but I might

actually just give them this one thing

from their box early because it is

actually something I bought them for the

hens party without really thinking about

it it seems bridesmaid and maid of honor

bags that I got from Collette can't

remember what this kind of style of bag

is called I feel like it's just called a

clutch like an envelope clutch or

something like that I don't know it

reminds me of like a pencil case but um

Miriam and cold help the bridesmaid ones

and of course my sister who is maid of

honor has the maid of honor one the maid

of honor one I didn't realize it's

actually a little bit bigger than the

bridesmaid one

so I guess that just means name he gets

to put more in purse I also got

these with the intention that on the

wedding day they can put these on their

reception chairs just before the

ceremony and then that way they'll have

all this stuff on them for the reception

because I know when I've been at

weddings in the past that's always the

weird thing if you're in the bridal

party is like where do you put your

stuff so I don't know maybe I will give

them to them before the heads parting

and maybe I can put in some things like

some panadol or something like that so

they get hung over

they'll be cured a lot of this stuff I

got the girls I also got for myself so

it's like I'm getting a present on the

wedding day morning as well um and I

actually bought myself a bride clutch

they didn't have this one in the

envelope style when I went in they only

had it in this style which is fine I

really like it it looks really pretty I

think so I'm excited to have this at the

hens party and I might even have some of

my stuff at the wedding in this as well

it'll almost be like a little emergency

kit for me on the day because I'm gonna

try to not have my phone on me so it'll

just feel like lipstick safety pins some

of that Hollywood tape stuff all of

those little things that might come in

handy I'll just keep them in here so

next up in the bridesmaids gift boxes is

a lipstick that I bought them I wanted

to give them their own lipstick so that

they could touch it up throughout the

day so when I went shopping with my

sister recently we went into Mecca and

we tried on a bunch of shades and the

one that really stood out for the girls

was twig by Mac it looks quite dark on

the packaging but it's quite movie and I

felt like it's going to suit all their

skin tones it looked really good on my

sister so I'm sure that will be great

for all of them and then I actually

bought myself one as well except I got

mine in the shade velvet teddy which is

my favorite matte lipstick color I

haven't had this in ages I lost my last

one ages ago so I kind of really just

wanted to buy another one and now I have

one it's my wedding lipstick next up in

the bridesmaid gift boxes we have some

chocolates so everybody loves chocolate

I actually didn't get any for myself

which is really disappointing I can't

believe I did that to myself but that's

okay I got these munches because they're

cold and that was kind of like pink and

gold is to kind of like the color scheme

so yeah so one thing I really wanted was

to get them like a nice glass so that we

could do some cute little champagne

photos while we're getting ready in the

morning and I wasn't really sure what I

wanted to get exactly but then I saw

these glasses at TK Maxx and I was like

okay they're perfect they are so

different I have never seen anything

like this they're quite like abstract

shaped I don't know if that's the word

you'd use to describe it but the base of

them is kind of just pointy and we'd

really good at describing things and

what I really like about it is that it

does have that gold trim so it kind of

ties in with the theme as well and they

only had four of these out on the shelf

and I have not seen any more of these at

any of the other stores around here so

it's very lucky to get these four and

I'm really happy with them so next up I

really don't want to take this out of

the box because it took a lot of time to

get it sitting nicely in there so I'm

just going to show a photo of it but I

bought them some bridesmaid robes these

bridesmaid robes

I got from a website called bride tribe

I can't remember how much she's where

exactly but I know they weren't very

expensive I thought this was a really

good website for buying bridesmaid robes

because they can get quite pricey I've

seen them for like 80 bucks and that's

just that's just a lot of money to spend

on one robe I was tossing up between

doing the robes or doing like pajama

sets I decided to go with the robes

because I thought the sizing would be

more forgiving if I was wrong so I

really can't like in the morning when

we're all gonna be sitting around in our

bridesmaid robes a bridal robe drinking

out champagne from our fancy glasses

eating that chocolates and just living

our best lives

next up in the Box it was something that

was just a bit of a random addition that

I thought suited the theme and I just

went with it it's this pink clay face

mask I just got these cheaply from Kmart

I got one for all four of us with the

idea being that maybe the night before

who knew a face mask and chill who knows

and then within their boxes is another

box tada and this has all their

accessories so the first thing is just

this pair of earrings that I got from

Louisa I'm hoping these are okay for the

girls because they are hypoallergenic

and I just thought

but they will look cute I really like

the pearls on there and the sparkle to

them yeah so the next thing I got for

them is this little knot bracelet that

also has their initial on it and on the

back I've actually just made up a little

card that says I couldn't tie the knot

without you because I love cheesy things

and that's really cheesy and then each

girl has a different variation of a hair

clip so this is one of them I have a

couple of other ones these are really

good though because they are moldable so

you can kind of mold them into the style

which is cute so that's everything

that's in my bridesmaids gift boxes I

hope you guys enjoyed watching this

video if you did give it a thumbs up and

leave me a comment down below letting me

know what you put in your own bridesmaid

gift boxes or what you've received as

the bridesmaid before I am honestly so

appreciative of my girls and everything

that they have done for me during this

process like I was really stressed out

at one point in this whole wedding

planning thing and they were all very

supportive and very they were basically

just there for me and I can't thank them

enough and I know my sister has put a

lot of work into the hands party

and I'm just excited for it to all

happen and experience and share this day

with them I mean it's gonna be so much

fun okay if you guys enjoyed this video

make sure you give it a thumbs up I

already said that okay I'll see you guys

next week yes there will be a video next

week so even though I'm getting married

on Saturday I am planning on uploading

another video on Sunday I'm going to

have a pre-scheduled it's going to be

like a honeymoon clothing haul so that

will be coming soon and obviously after

the wedding after honeymoon we will

share with you guys our wedding video I

still haven't decided if I'm posting it

on this channel or I'll be posting

another Jessica Soros recs channel I

think I'm leaning towards Jessica Soros

right because it's about both of us and

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guys next time bye bye