Draw Write Now: Book One: On The Farm: Lesson 1 the Hen


so today breath while we're doing a

break from hard work and we're doing

something fun we're going to do a unit

on farm animals the first one we're

going to study is the hen remember so I

just do this all by myself super quick

and I did it with this book so I put

this in our Amazon cart like a year ago

and we put it in the by now you know by

later section and then Dustin went

through and refined set for many days

birthday and he thought that is Aspray

birthday knows like no this is for the

kids cool so what we're going to do is

we're going to use this this is our farm

unit that we're doing we're going to do

a hen a pig sheep cow course what is

that we turn Turkey bomb our stock up to

Jim tractors okay so that's what we're

going to do it even look at this it also

is used for so here's our on the farm

handwriting and it's handwriting is art

we're going to practice our handwriting

carefully raise it up straight hold our

pencil correctly use the pencil the

paper guidelines board each letter

carefully okay so this is the him so we

learned pins live on maybe even on a

seat and lay egg and half maybe but then

it says how does a chick grow inside an

egg and we come over to here and look it

says a check starts as tiny cells the

cells grow and divide until they form a

chick and we can learn more in the book

egg to check and it's the harpercollins

buckets from the seventies

yeah so it's got to be good the older

the buck said behind it so we can get a

book about it at the library if you're

interested in it learning worry about

chicks the next one we're going to do is

do you know a semi pig story so they

have a pig story that we can read when

we do the next one well by doing kids

hide touches the pig I know hey here we


today we're going to draw yes and I did

it with these six easy steps are you

guys excited you may get to put it in

our art book yeah when you could sketch

it in your art book but I need to come

up with like didn't do the code a

separate piece of papers and like like

let's catch the hen in our sketch book

but then we'll do this final one on a

piece of paper

cool oh look at Anna and let me see it

yeah oh look at that

okay yeah oh it's working good so what's

your next step

so I love for right there right you good

for now you're on five so that shows you

to turn this is know you don't have to

fill it in but let's worry about the red

lines at the bed line one two three four

five okay now I'll add the Google uh-huh

and now add the beat


hey living at your own step 6

just add this up a young pup 6 eternal

detour add the wing I love it yeah you

can add as much detail as you would like

right now you see you're seeing none let

me see of them see it