Resume Hobbies - Best Hobbies in Resume (in 2020)

In this video we're going to answer a few questions that a lot of my clients

have asked me. Should I include hobbies in my resume?

What are good hobbies to put on a resume?

What are the six areas of interest that I can include in my resume?

So in this video are going to answer them all.

And I'm going to give you very very relevant hobbies and interests examples that

you can choose whether or not you want to include in your resume.

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Should I include hobbies in my resume.

There are two things you need to ask yourself in order to decide this.

Number one, the number of years of experience that you have.

Remember the purpose of anything that you put on your resume is to make sure

that HR see you as the ideal candidate for this job.

So anything you add should help you achieve that.

So if you have many years of experience and you have highly relevant experiences

for that specific job adding a hobby might not be the best thing because you

could include something else in that space that shows the HR that you are the

right candidate for the job. However,

if you are a fresher or you have very few years of experience or you're making a

career change and you do not have enough years of experience in the new field

that you are entering a hobby,

a relevant hobby might be a good way for you to show some soft skills,

to the new field that you're entering in your career.

It could also be a way of connecting with the interviewer.

If you do not have a lot of your years of experience,

it lets them know you as a person and it gives them a full picture of who you

are and if you will be a good fit for the organization.

So you need to ask yourself, how many years of experience do I have?

Do I have all the relevant skills and qualifications?

And is this the best use of space on my resume?

The second criteria that you need to ask yourself is how relevant is this hobby

to my career and to the job that I am applying for?

Which is why we're going to look at six areas of interest,

examples of hobbies,

in that area of interest and what I post a job or a career these hobbies are

best suited for. I've seen this happen to a lot of my clients as well.

What they put

in one line as a hobby is what impresses their super-bosses a lot.

When it's relevant, when it's, you know very,

very good fit for the job that they are applying for.

So please do not lie about what your hobbies are,

and this goes for everything on your resume.

If the interviewer or the HR asks you questions about it,

you need to be able to answer authentically and truthfully.

So let's get started with the six areas of interest and what are the six types

of hobbies you can include in your resume to be seen as the perfect candidate

for your dream job. Let's get started.

The first area of interest are collection, hobbies,

which is where you collect stamps,

you collect rare coins or you collect rare books or any sort of collection.

Now these are also called very conventional hobbies.

Now the skills that these hobbies demonstrate are attention to detail,

patience and the ability to look at large amount of data and make meaning out of


So the best jobs and careers that these type of hobbies,

suit are anything that requires attention to detail.

So this would be accountants,

this would be coders because they need to have a lot of patients and make sure

they are coding through the right way.

These are the jobs that it would be good to have a collection hobby because the

skills that you use for the hobbies are very relevant to the skills required for

the job that you are going to be applying for.

The second area of interest are investigative hobbies.

These include things like puzzles or games that are,

that have a lot of problem solving skills. Now these show,

like I said, problem solving skills.

The ability to think outside the box,

the patience to not get bogged down when you face an obstacle,

but be able to think around the obstacle and find a solution and keep moving

forward. Yeah,

so what are some of the jobs that problem solving Hobbies are best suited for?

This would be your in soft skills, sorry, software industries,

this would be the testers.

This would be people are like analysts,

these are some of the jobs that would be a good fit for problem solving skills.

The third area of interest is social,

so essentially these are things where you are part of different clubs.

You're part of different social events.

And by doing all of this in demonstrate your ability to maintain relationships

with a large number of people.

Now can you guess what type of jobs that this would be a lot relevant for?

You guessed it.

So any organization of any career at any job that requires you to deal with

quite high number of people, this is good for. So that would be HR,

it would be sales, it would be customer service,

any job that you have to deal with a lot of people.

These hobbies are a really, really good fit. Before we move onto the fourth one,

leave a comment below and let me know what is your job and your career.

And let me know what your hobby that fits this job or career are.

If you get stuck somewhere,

leave a comment and let me know as well and I would be happy to help.

The fourth area of interest is artistic.

So these hobbies include painting, drawing,

sketching of even cooking.

Anything that in that requires artistic skills.

Now this showcases your ability to think creatively and create,

uh, systems and things out of nothing.

So what are the careers that are suitable for this particular hobby?

That would be any career that involves designing of any sorts.

So architects, it would be, uh, designers,

graphic artists or anybody who has an application of design in their job or

career. This is a good fit.

The fifth type of hobbies,

the fifth area of interest is natural and physical hobbies.

Now these include your hiking and mountain climbing and experts and any type of

physical hobbies. Now this show that one,

you're physically very,

very active for any job that requires you to be physically fit and physically

active. You are a good fit for.

This also shows that you're very high energy and you're very practical and

therefore you are suited for jobs that requires you to be outdoors a lot and a

job and careers that are, that this is well suited for is one.

If you are into field recruitment or if you're into field sales or you have to

call on different clients, or you're in,

you're into civil engineering or any job that requires you to work with your

hands, be physical in retail sales,

all of this sports and other hobbies that are really good thing to include

because the HR then knows that this person would be a good fit for a field role.

Remember HR,

especially when they're recruiting for field roles like field sales and fields,

HR, recruitment, field recruitment, they're very anxious.

The candidate be comfortable with doing that.

So if you include these bullets and these hobbies,

they know already that you're comfortable doing physical activity.

So that will instantly put you as the ideal candidate for this job.

The sixth type of hobby or area of interest is enterprise.

Now, enterprise is nothing but a planning, a project,

planning an event or planning something in a slightly larger scale. In fact,

in one of the interviews that I attended, or to be a trader,

I think it was fidelity. Uh,

the question they asked me was how would you handle an impossible situation?

I'm doesn't know the answer to this.

I told them about how at my sister's wedding,

at the end of the wedding, I had food, people that I need to pay for.

I had to pay the musician, I had to pay the caterer,

I had to pay the decorator and I had to pay for the groceries for the wedding

and I did not have any money with me because I had spent everything we had on

the wedding. Now at the end of the reception or forward,

standing there in front of me asking me for money and asking to be paid now,

I told them that this again is an impossible situation.

I handled it and I told them how I handled it and this gave them confidence that

any impossible situation like that in the job as well,

I'm going to be able to handle it. How did I handle it?

That's a long story and we'll get to that at the end of the video.

So now you know what are the,

what are the hobbies that you can include in your resume,

but remember that hobbies are just one part of the entire resume formula and

your objective always should be not just to get the interview,

but to make sure that the HR things you want the best candidate for the job even

before the interview even starts. What happens then is the HR likes you,

they recommend you to the interviewer any highly and the interview world is

already favorable towards you when you enter the interview,

which means he wants to be impressed.

He's not going to be trying to reject you,

but he's going to be trying to understand why you are the best candidates for

the job.

So this is going to be make it a lot easier for you to answer questions in that

interview as well.

So make sure you're applying this exact formula in your resume to make sure your

seat as ideal candidate.

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And don't forget to leave a comment below and let me know bitch resume hobby

you're going to be including in your resume. Next,

let me know so I can get to know you a little bit better and I will see you in

the next video. So how would I handle the financial position that I was in,

that I took out all the gift money that we had received and I paid the cuter

with that.

I told the decorator that we would dub do a bank transfer so I wouldn't,

I wouldn't be giving him cash right now. So he left and then, uh,

the groom's side are they actually really supposed to split the cost with us.

So they took one of the payments and the other payment I was able to make with,

uh, the gift amount that we had received as well.

So well it was a tough situation at first.

I was able to handle it.

I told them because I remained calm and I did not get stressed.

So I told the interviewers that even at work,

I know that no matter what the situation,

as long as they remain calm and collected,

and I think through my decisions,

I will be able to find the solution that's acceptable for everybody involved and

available that I am not able to do.

So I would take responsibility for that and I work to ensure that we do not find

ourselves in such an impossible situation. Again, that was my answer.

All right, so I'll see you all. Thank you for watching to the end,

and I will see you all next week.