Holiday Card Sending Do's & Don'ts for Business

good morning my name is Lisa Horst and

I'd like to extend a big thank you to

Lynn for planting the seed about this

video it's the first time I've used

video to stand in for me when my

schedule didn't allow me to attend an

event and make a presentation so many

thanks Lynn first a bit about me I'm an

entrepreneur times for since 2001 my

husband John and I have founded three

businesses that continue to thrive in

2009 I saw the send out cards business

opportunity as a chance to combine

keeping in touch with residual income

keeping in touch has become an ingrained

habit in both my business and personal

world to the tune of 7090 9 cards yes

since November 2009 I've sent seven

thousand and 99 greeting cards so let's

get started with the do's and don'ts of

sending holiday cards now when I use the

term holiday I'm speaking about the end

of October through mid-february this is

prime card sending season and it starts

with Halloween and includes Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Hanukkah Kwanzaa Ramadan

Christmas New Year's presidents day and

ends with Valentine's Day these are huge

card sending opportunities that help you

stay in touch in top of mind with your

prospects customers and clients holiday

cards are sent as an act of friendship

and gratitude and are the perfect

opportunity to build relationships the

following do's and don'ts of holiday

card sending spring from the philosophy

of relationship marketing and that's

where the general rule of thumb is

eighty percent of client touches should

be about the relationship and twenty

percent about marketing let's start with

holiday card sending don'ts because

there's only a few domes don't send a

digital holiday card while digital cards

may be cute musical they're easily

deleted and they disappoint the receiver

receivers of digital cards often think

she didn't care enough to send the very

best which is a real paper greeting card

don't number two

don't forget to put your return address

on the envelope the receiver might want

to send you a holiday card and can

easily get your mailing address from the

envelope plus the United States postage

service needs that information to send

the card back to you if it can't be

delivered return two envelopes help us

to update mailing list they're very

practical and number three the final

don't is a big one in fact it's that big

I want everybody to take a note grab a

piece of paper and a pen and jot this

down it's important never ever ever put

your business card inside a holiday card

in addition to being tacky it

automatically turns your relationship

business building card into a marketing

card now I'm going to say this again

because it's that important never ever

ever put your business card inside a

holiday card in addition to being tacky

it automatically turns your relationship

building card into a marketing card

besides it's just wasteful most people

keep the card and throw away the

business card because they already have

your contact information stored

somewhere else now I know someone

sitting there thinking well what about

putting my phone number or email inside

the holiday card they need to be able to

get ahold of me my answer is this if

your holiday card is a marketing card

and that's not recommended by me put

your business card inside put your phone

number inside put your email linkedin

facebook and twitter addresses inside

the card put it all inside if however

your holiday greeting card is a

relationship building card which is

recommended by me the only piece of

contact information that should go

inside the card is your name it's that

simple now I know you are all ready for

our larger list of do's here are several

things that you should and could do when

sending relationship-building holiday

cards number one do combined christmas

and new year's wishes into one card like

this paint company did here's the

outside of the card a snowy scene

and the inside of the card reads wishing

you a joyous holiday season and a new

year filled with peace and happiness

they printed the name of their company

on the inside of the card that's

acceptable and they put their contact

information on the back of the card

that's genius the back of the card is

prime real estate and used to be used

only for the names and logos of the card

companies not anymore new and easy to

use technology now allows companies to

take over this prime real estate and put

their own contact information on the

back of the card making this a

relationship building card and not a

marketing card number to do add a

picture of yourself or your staff cards

with pictures in them are saved and

displayed on refrigerators mantels and

desks cards with pictures are treasured

here's a christmas postcard from a

printer cartridge company that features

their mascot on the front black Labrador

and on the back pictures of their staff

nicely done number three do use

signatures and personal notes this is a

season's greeting card from a bank with

a snowy scene on the front and a printed

message on the inside with four

signatures nicely done number four do

send holiday cards through the mail with

a stamp not the postage meter now having

said that if you're a holiday card

sending purist be sure to send all of

your cards through the mail cards for

your clients coworkers vendors friends

and family if you're not a card sending

purists like me feel free to attach your

holiday cards to a gift and hand-deliver

both the gift and the card and the card

feel free to take your holiday cards to

work in church and play some people's

mailboxes to number five do send a New

Year's card if you miss the Christmas or

Hanukkah window

number six do send a Valentine's Day

card if you miss the New Year's windows

because customers are sweet number seven

regardless of what holiday card you're

sending the best cards express something

about you your business your family your

hobbies your passions your beliefs

here's a combination card merry

christmas and happy new year there's a

picture of the family on the front

adorable pictures of the kids on the

inside and a message on the inside as

well now here's the question should you

send this family oriented card to your

business associates well that depends on

how much of a card sending purist you

are formal card etiquette says that you

should send this type of family oriented

card only to your family and friends

since I'm not a purist every year I

create a Christmas card much like that

one and everyone on my list receives the

same card family friends customers

prospects vendors everyone now if you do

have card purist tendencies here's an

option for you this photographer who has

his own business took pictures of

Christmas wreaths on doors in downtown

Lancaster and created a gorgeous card

front the inside of the card has both a

printed message on the bottom and on the

top has a handwritten message from the

photographer and the back of the card

has his business and card spending

excuse me has his a business and contact

information on it good job all around

number eight the last holiday card

sending do is this do know that it's

never too late to send a card someone

needs to hear from you now this would

not be a true send out cards

presentation if it didn't offer two

things first of all Lynn has been kind

enough to collect business cards for a

holiday drawing one of you will win a

box of Christmas brownies from me

if you win be sure to give your name and

mailing address to Lynn good luck to

everyone and second you may send two

free cars from my website wwn doubt

cards calm forward slash Lisa Horst li

SI h 0 r st well that is the end of our

holiday do's and don'ts thanks so much

for spending time with me and here's to

a holiday season filled with good deeds

delicious cookies and lots of time spent

telling others how much they mean to you

happy holidays and Merry Christmas