Writing a Holiday Card

hello my name is Allison Baird and i'm

the senior speech language pathologists

that speech works inc in winnipeg

manitoba and today i have todd armstrong

with me Todd had a stroke several years

ago and now he has aphasia so Todd pants

tell me a little bit about how aphasia

affects your life um difficult some

words just do stress stress yes yes it's

stressful just a community yes yes and

so one thing that we did this year in

therapy was we wrote annual letters or

Christmas letters with their clients and

Todd and I are going to show you how we

did that so I'm going to type when I

talk and that's to assure that i'm

getting information correctly from todd

and translating it correctly into a

letter because Todd is going to give me

the ideas and i'm going to write the

letter okay so Todd how do you want to

start your letter oh okay let's do that

and I'm okay and if you can't if you

don't have a screen to work on then you

need to have paper and pencil or a

whiteboard is another option okay so

here we go ho ho ho okay then what

how about this is this is my annual

Christmas letter yes yes this is my

annual Christmas letter for friends and

family now what we want to do is we want

to we want the body of the letter and in

the body you're going to tell people

what you're up to this year right okay

so what were you up to this year okay so

this year okay do you want to talk about

coming for storytelling which is kind of

like a speech therapy this year I

attended a storytelling route okay then

also in these letters we want to have an

invitation to our reader so what would

you like to invite from your reader

would you like to is there some people

that you'd like to reconnect with 0 or

what is there some people that you you'd

like to have a phone conversation or an

email or work well there's people runs

your work that you'd like to reconnect

with this okay so maybe we'll say if you

have a chance give me a call I would

love to hear from you

bit nervous I have yeah I have trouble

talking that's really important to tell

people because the thing about the

letters people might say holy smokes

Todd's back to normal right so oh so we

want to make sure people know that

you're having trouble talking but with a

little patience so this is the tip part

um I can get my i can get my message

across I still have my sense of humor so

that's a nice invitation you're telling

people a little bit about what you need

in conversation so there's no surprises

okay okay let's close it then that's

your tip them off okay how do you want

to pose it Merry Christmas ok man

Christmas looking forward here you

coming you know what i would put i don't

know are you asking your phone at all

occasionally so you want to put your

phone number in there yeah yeah ok so

call me at put your phone number in

there and leave a message I'll get back

to you well then you have to sign the

letter and lots of people after the

stroke feel like they can't write

anymore but everybody can sign their

name was a little bit of practice and

you're pretty good with signing your

name because we're always asking you

this on your name but if you haven't

signed your name for a while just get

someone to help you out they can write

it out for you and you can copy it and

practice it I can tell you that that

signing your name is very very automatic

it's just a matter of getting a little

bit of practice and then this air for

you ok so if you have any questions

about doing this letter feel free to

call it that speech works we'd be happy

to help or if you have any suggestions

and other things that we could do

related to the letter we're open to

suggestions so our number is 20 for two

three one two

165 or you can find us at WWDC beach

wear pink dot CA okay thanks so much

I've I