20 Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend or Husband this Christmas


hey guys today it's gonna be different

this is for you girls that are looking

and thinking of what gifts you can give

to your boyfriend or to your husband if

you want to know a gift suggestion from

a guide then definitely you should watch

this video I have the girls my 20-20-20

gift suggestions give ideas that you can

give to your boyfriend or to your

husband this coming Christmas season

before that I want to thank you my


when I reckon Tina for suggest in this

video the Ghana after the visa kohonen

Christmas with Christmas video idea and

here we go to start off the list I

strongly suggest you give him a pair of

white sneakers white sneakers is stapled

to ambulance every man's wardrobe it's

stylish it's because it's so versatile

you can pair it up to any threat to any

clothes that your boyfriend is gonna

wear if you're not sure what to give

your boyfriend gave him or my sneakers

number do boxer shorts or boxer briefs

yes give him a nice boxer brief or boxer

shorts men just need you men we usually

don't give time to go out and the mall

and look for look for underwear so

that's that's a wife or a severe friend

it's good to give him except of

underwear and telling is gonna be

thankful for you

next up exfoli key plain shirt yes this

one I'm using is from H&M this is very

versatile the quality is very good

absolute in and and unlike girls we want

everything simple so if you gave him a

quality shirt what I'm investing as a

medium I suggest that you give him

conservative colors like white black

navy blue or grey para he can wear it

anytime for everywhere number four it's

a secret

to his favorite team usually in the

Philippines we love basketball buy him a

ticket to his favorite basketball team

for Tiffany leashes a concert buy him a

ticket for to a concert

nine bands or artists understand young

Paloma even a man is not always a

material thing you also give your loved

one and experience with you champagne

number five a five-star hotel

accommodation yes your man is gonna be

thankful for you sempre his hard time

it's gonna be his time to unwind and the

last without without thinking of

anything else and champagne spend the

time with you again you're giving you

giving him experience and not just

material things if your boyfriend has

almost everything in the world then this

is a good gift to give him a good cozy

place to stay for a day number six is a

quality shaver yes be men shave almost

every day so unless you say Mokpo Habana

I think Havana bulbous Natali no and

evoke emotion behind but definitely your

man needs a shaper nothing such a shaper

that you can buy around 30 to 40 pesos

to give him a quality shaver that will

last no I'm talking about months I say

this cheap shavers only lasts for days

or a week so maybe my qualities even

number seven is a trimmer yes

depending on your guy but how I need

this okay

i Malvo knocking Kyle I'm cleaning some

parts of my body having a tremor is a

useful thing for that this one from


I'm using this to maintain the length of

my hair as well

by him hmm number eight is what every

guy loves watch I mean every everyone

this is about my eye on a nice watch

so giving a nice watch for Christmas

something suits my own personality so

yeah you can you can never go wrong with

watch if your boyfriend is collecting

watches maybe you can give him a watch

box so waiting again watch that inside

the box number nine is a pair of trendy

sucks if my mother happened on a formal

pins having a trendy socks is actually a

month so give him a pair of socks

barracks on the Bama team or on top of

the Machine and Madeline give him a nice

jacket you can give him this this bomber

jacket or maybe leather jacket or maybe

denim jacket busted jacket okay every

man needs a jacket in this wardrobe so

black MIB sternum in Anjar is just that

most men don't think of buying it so you

do it for your boyfriend

number 11 shades not only it will

protect your eyes from the Sun but

having a shade will make a man's face

look symmetrical so buy your boyfriend a

nice shades number 12 skincare set I

mean if he develops a skincare routine

will make him look attractive it will

make him feel confident next and one

thing that I really really love is

fragrance if and if you don't know what

fragrance to buy for your boyfriend

chambray I got uterus covered all this

fragrance I suggest to say no are all

versatile enjoy Makaha male

99.9% that you will like this regular

self try looking for Coach form in the

original version not the Platinum the

coach for mainland for look for Versace

for ohm for David of cool water number


ice water I don't need to explain the

point none of you've seen Chris them to

look for a ring or a bracelet or any

accessory that you can give him next

next up is a flip-flops or slides number

17 make your boyfriend look more

attractive by giving him a pair of boots

how often do you see men wear books so

if your boyfriend is wearing a boot he

will definitely look sexy next up a

bluetooth headphones or speakers

depending on the thickness but for me I

love this because it's wireless I don't

need to think of the course being

tangled so if your boyfriend or your

husband majimak my manga thinking about

able eyes by okay give him eight pieces

last but not the least a nice bad

weather backpack or sling bag or duffel

bag you know your man and alimony on

type now for sibling type now that's

great girls I hope you enjoyed this

video I hope none of the low and Ohio of

thinking what gifts you can give to your

boyfriend or your husband is coming

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