hello friends how are you all thank you

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topic for you today in this class we are

going to learn how to write an

invitation beautifully what is an

invitation first of all an invitation is

a written request for someone's presence

or participation in some special

occasion or functions why do we invite

people we invite people to enjoy

community support or to celebrate

special events so when we take the case

of the school functions we come across

annual Day celebrations price

distributions forcemeat Independence Day

and Republic the celebrations and

sometimes during some competitions we

send invitations to the people and if

you take the case of the home we have

birthday parties wedding anniversaries

or family get-together functions or

sometimes house ceremonies and we do

gather together during the festival

occasions for all these purposes we send

invitations to the people and coming to

the types of writing invitations there

are two types of writing invitations one

is a formal way of writing and other one

is an informal way of writing the

invitation just take the example of

formal way of writing an invitation if

you write an invitation in a formal way

it is sent the people are not always

known to you mostly we write this

invitation to the unknown people during

the time of formal occasions and if you

take the case of informal invitations we

send these to whom we know very

personally and sometimes

closely related people now let us

discuss how the styles of being written

so we have

those tiles of writing and invitation

the first one is the card style this

card mostly it includes the

presentations in a single line and

exactly in the third-person narration

and when you write the items when you

write the line after the line they

should be written in a separate line

with I mean changing the font sizes

along with the fonts with the different

sizes of the letters and if you take the

case of a letter style let us hire a

person an individual writes a letter in

the form of an invitation to another

person in singular I mean only as to an

individual it is written but it's not

written in a group mostly it takes the

style of a formal letter how we write

the formal letter and if you take the

case of a card style it is written on a

card where a single person or group of

persons will send an invitation to an

individual or a group of persons and

coming to the contents I have mentioned

in the school or in the home whatever

the functions we will celebrate either

in the school or the home we can write

both in formal and informal styles so

the only difference is it where is in

the slight difference the way we write

the style we write different differs but

we can write all the contents all the

varying anniversaries or all the school

functions in both styles 3 we are going

to learn in detail how a card style

invitation is written along with its

format coming to the format of the

invitation these are all the important

points to be noted when you draft an

invitation in an effective manner first

of all open a 3 sided box and later the

word invitation to the power center of

the box has to be written my dear

friends let me be clear with this point

few students they do not write the

heading invitation

and of course it is not mandatory to

write the word invitation as a heading

because an invitation does it contain

any kind of heading if you want to write

you can write as invitation birthday

invitation or wedding invitation can be

written in your own convenient style or

the way it's not just ohm at that point

coming to the next one the first point

to remember is the name of the inviter

or inviters sometimes only a single

person will be giving the invitation

sometimes a group of people if it is a

case of a school the staff and the

students and the management have to be

written as that that comes under in

white or has to be written now the next

point is the formal phrase of invitation

we might have come across so many types

of phrases in the invitation card so it

they can be we solicit or this whole is

it is the gracious presence or we

cordially invite you on the occasion of

or your presence we request the pleasure

of your company on the occasion of these

are the formal way of writing the

phrases in the invitation and coming to

the next point you need to write the

name of the occasion when it is a school

function you need to write either it is

the annual Day function or the Founders

Day function or the prize distribution

ceremony if it is a function which is

held at home you have to write in

capital letters or ins

the name of the occasion in the bigger

font sizes and coming to the next you

need to write the time date and the

venue of the occasion very clearly and

the first point we know that is the name

of the chief guest the name of the chief

guest should always be to the center of

the box and how we to write in the

capital letters or any other fonts so

it's up to you but you need to highlight

you need to highlight the name of the


as lust you need to highlight the name

of the cheap gas sometimes we we invite

two two three chief gifts so at that

time what you're supposed to do is

according to the priority of the person

you have to arrange the persons one

after the other in separate lines and

designations of the persons if it is a

smaller designation you can keep a comma

after the name of the person and you can

write the designation you are itself

suppose if it doesn't fit there you have

to open a bracket under the name of the

person and you have to write in detail

the designation of the person and coming

to RSVP this happens this RSVP has to be

written only when you are writing the

formal invitation when you are writing

an informal style you are not supposed

to use the word RSVP RSVP is a French

abbreviation is respondus respondus

filled woes plate it means in English

please respond or please reply and this

RSVP you can write towards your left

hand side margin of the box either here

or you can write you can put it to the

bottom of the box even so when you write

RSVP you are supposed to write the name

of the person to whom they have to

respond contact number or sometimes you

need to go with the address of the

person who's this person he is the

sponsor ur or the host or the organizer

of the entire occasion entire function

so in case of school for schools cards

school invitation cards you need to

mention the principal or the office

along with the contact number of the

school and as soon as it is done make

so that you close the box this box is

mandatory for an invitation to be

written this is a minor discourse which

carries five marks and the rules to be

followed are you no need to write an I

mean heading is not mandatory heading is

an optional it is not mandatory and no

wait I have used the salutation like

dear sir

dear mom such kind of salutations are

not used anywhere and later on coming to

the next thing we didn't give the

signature of the host the sign of the

host is not required and at last few

children they come across you see of the

students we come across writing the

complimentary close complimentary

clauses are not required for invitations

they are seen only in the formal or the

informal letters like thanking you or

awaiting your reply here it is not


it's not at all required so the thing is

see you soon in the party or writing

your presence in the party or thank you

so much for seeing this when such kind

of complimentary closes should not be

present in the invitation on the whole

this complete invitation has to be

written in simple present tense

okay so but for this invitation so I

feel this class gave you good

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