How to write a job application email that gets results!


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today's video we're going to talk about

how to write a job application email

that actually gets results

first of all unless asked don't bother

with a cover letter the error of emails

I have long taken over unless you are

all specifically for a cover letter

don't bother

so tip number one let's start with ten

tips that I'm going to give you for

those job application emails okay tip

number one your email address should be

first name dot surname or something like


tip number two be personal don't put

dear sir slash madam and the only thing

that you're going to achieve by doing

that is that someone's going to think oh

it's probably a mass email

it's not even personal tip number three

address your letter to the line manager

not to HR if you do not find the name of

the line manager address it to a real

person in HR not a generic email you

know those generic emails they are

things like HR at company comm or you

know apply at company don't do that

don't bother it just find real people in

today's world it's easy

you've got LinkedIn you've got it's this

tons of tools okay tip number four be

professional and straight forward look

don't beat around the bush I lost count

on how many applications are received

that begin with dear sir I hope you and

your family are in good health

or dear sir how are you

it has nothing to do with anything just

tell me what you want okay so tip number

five make sure your email has no mistake

error free and is properly formatted

looks great with bullet points you know

them skip lines and different and the

use of space and make sure you use the

appropriate grammar this is the first

impression guides is very very important

tip number six your subject should be

your full name dance - sorry the job

title you're applying - don't sweat it

that's it okay tip number seven keep

your focus through out the email on the

employers needs and present yourself in

light of what he wants for the role this

is called a compelling email find out

what's really important for the job from

your research and the job description

and include them in your email as your

skills so tip number eight show the

employer how you can help the company

note that you're looking for a job that

he doesn't care or that you're currently

on a visit visa no one cares

honestly he just show the employer how

you can help it happen okay tip number

nine talk about your availability to

meet for face-to-face and /or

a phone call okay and tip number ten

finish by you know finish by always

always showing them how you can be

reached okay just make sure you put your

mobile number when so I'm just going to

give you an example here I recently

coached a nursery manager on how to

write a compelling job application email

so she's a nursery manager and after

asking her she told me that the most

important tasks for nursery manager or

director was to make sure that nursery

had full occupancy that the customer

service towards parents and children was

outstanding and that the team was

motivated and the best of them always

came out and that's the education team

so the teacher is the teacher's

assistant so we wrote an email the

subject line guess what was her full

name - nursery director position or

nursery director oh and we address it of

course directly to the nursery owner or

to the line manager so in this case

we're just going to use the example we

can say her name is Sarah okay and the

nursery manager that supplying is Aurora

so dear Sarah my name is Aurora and I

have come across your job at birth for

the nursery director role at NBC Company

I was wondering if you'd be interested

in meeting with a young and ambitious

nursery manager / director that

considers the following as the most

important objectives of a nursery

director number one achieve and maintain

full occupancy which I can testify

throughout my career number two so try

for nothing less than outstanding parent

and children satisfaction every day and

number three bring out my team's best

potential and develop each individual to

excellence I've attached my CV where you

will find my achievements in these areas

throughout my six years of experience in

the education sector in Dubai mainly

working for two of the large largest

nurseries in Dubai namely ABC children's

and XYZ private school if you feel these

achievements are in line with your

expectations and would be eager to meet

you to discuss how I could add value to

ABC company

in the meantime please feel free to call

me should you have any questions of

course my mobile number is or my mobile

number is below as a matter

thank you very revenge for the time you

will dedicate to my application best

regards Aurora zero five zero blah blah

blah the same email can be written for

any job out there just change the

compelling message accordingly for

example if you're in sales you might

want to put this kind of compelling

message so bla bla bla I was wondering

if you'd be interested in meeting with a

young and ambitious business development

professional that considers and can

testify of the following as the most

important keys to my success relentless

number one relentless I've exceeding my

targets in every role at hand

number two non-stop cold calling

attitude and weekly client meetings

number three effective at increasing

repeat business for my customers I've

attached my CV where you will find my

achievements in these areas blah blah

blah and the rest of the email that's it

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