how to write or print on letterhead

hello today I'm going to show you how to

write on a letterhead or print on a

letterhead yeah because a lot of people

have been asking me as a designer can

how do I write on this letterhead that

hasn't really been designed for me oh I

have a print aha printed copies of my

letterhead but I want to write and print

on them how do I go about it so today

I'm going to show you how you can do

that okay first of all I'm going to show

you how to write on them on Microsoft

Word using Microsoft Word when the file

has been emailed to you in a picture

form okay so first of all you create

your document the name it's letter

so then I open it okay before you go

ahead you know the exact size of your

letterhead and I used a for size to

create this letterhead that I'm going to

use so to make sure that my document to

have the same size so I'll click EA now

make sure that the paper size is before

then I set all my margins too though I

go to layout and set my header from edge

and footer from egg to zero so you see

that my cursor is blinking and at point

zero I mean where the document begins

okay now I can import my letterhead I'll

go to well have my letterhead then I

will import it sake I see that you have

to let

egg in the document so you can zoom out

a little bit to make sure that I have a

full view of your document you can go to

instead click on text box your text box

then you draw the EVR you want to write

a letter you can adjust it if you want

okay now that you have this you want to

go here and select the flow of the ships

no fill and also outline to no outline

then you can zoom back to hundred

percent you can start typing okay

becomes formatted the way you want

pressing tab just like you would do in a

normal document you can Center this okay

so this is how you can write on a

letterhead here when I go to print you

have the print preview here so when I

point it is what I'm going to get and in

case if already printed copies of your

letterhead all what to do is to pick one

copy and measure from top to where you

want to start writing from bottom to

where you want to start writing from

left to weigh one style writing and you

keep the numbers down you come to page

layout it you open the letter document

games you can see page layout then you

quickly then talk to in putting babies

two inch maybe whatever figure you got

when you measure


did I so calmly so just I write you

money and when you print it you are

going to get your letter fixed on your

late I thank you very much for listening

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thank you very much