LinkedIn Headline Tips - How To Write A Good LinkedIn Headline

In this video, I'm gonna teach you five tips to help you create a strong, lasting

first impression using your LinkedIn headline. Hi friends. I am Heather Austin

from ProfessorAustin.com and The Career Club on Facebook and on this

channel I teach simple solutions to help you launch a career you love. If you're

new here ,consider subscribing. If you want to stand out in your industry and

get the attention you deserve, a well written LinkedIn headline is a

must. So let's jump into it. Tip number one to creating a LinkedIn headline that

gets you the attention you deserve is to customize your default headline. LinkedIn

automatically places your current job title as your headline. You don't want to

leave this the default headline. You want to make sure you customize it. Now you

have 120 characters available to make your headline shine.

Customizing your headline allows you to better sell yourself, your products and

your services. This leads me to tip number two. Use keywords throughout your

headline. This is how potential employers or clients will find you in search and

it's especially important if there is a desired position or client that you want

to reach. My recommendation is to look at what thought leaders are doing in your

industry and follow their lead. Here's an example, I could have something like

this, "community member who assists people", or I could pack up full of keywords and

have something more like this "community member who assists people with

disabilities and their continued path to life long happiness." Here's another

example, "digital marketing professional." To improve I would change it to this,

"Digital marketing professional focused on leadership team building and client

success." Now let's jump into LinkedIn headline tip number three. Incorporate

your specialty and avoid generic headlines such as "graphic designer" or

"dental office manager" rather use something like "graphic designer

specializing in logo design" or dental office manager creating high-performance

office environments." Both of these examples are packed full of keywords and

demonstrate some type of specialization. LinkedIn headline tip number four. Don't

be afraid to show some type of character or personality. Here's an example that I

recently saw that I thought was very clever. Copywriter who knows how to craft

content that goes viral. Oh and you'll never beat me at Scrabble"

My final tip, tip number five actually applies to a student, a recent graduate,

anyone that is transitioning careers or anyone that might be unemployed. Avoid

sounding desperate cheesy and boring. Phrases like seeking new opportunities

or recent graduate looking for employment will get you nowhere.

Tailor your headline for the position you would like to have and infuse it

with keywords. Avoid using up words like "best in class", "guru" or "superstar". So let's

recap. To make sure your LinkedIn headline gets the attention it deserves,

follow these five tips. Tip number one, customize your default headline. Tip

number two, use keywords throughout your headline. Tip number three, incorporate

your specialty and avoid generic headlines. Tip number four, don't be afraid

to show character and personality and then finally, tip number five, avoid

sounding desperate cheesy or boring. If you want to get the rest of your

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