Bridesmaids proposal boxes (on a budget)

hi my name is Abby and today I'm just

going to be talking about my bridesmaids

boxes and what I did to surprise or to

ask my bridesmaids to be right so um the

boxes that I made they're all

personalized to each individual

bridesmaid and I'm not gonna be posting

this video until after I've given them

the boxes just because obviously I want

them to be surprised

um and so I'll just go ahead and start

to show you what's inside the box


I'm going to talk about each individual

items that I got to put into the box

and where I got the boxes and how much I


overall I actually have six bridesmaids

so I wanted it to be cost-effective

because I didn't want to spend that much

money on them but because I also want to

get something to them getting closer to

the wedding so um this is just to show

you guys what I did I can get some

examples and then I'll put where I got

everything down in the description box

below the video so you guys can see

where I got everything from so I'm going

to show you the actual box I'm in these

ones I actually got them at Target for I

think it was like five dollars and

they're very cute because they're white

and then they have a little gold rim

around their names I actually had a

friend who she writes calligraphy so she

make it she wrote him out for me which

was kind of cool so I have five of the

gold with the white and then my maid of


I actually got hers a little bit

different just because I wanted it to

stand out from the rest

and it's a little bit of a pink color

same with us with the gold rim and

they're squared which is good because

you can fit a lot of more things mom

inside so uh this is the one for my maid

of honor so let me start to show you

what I put inside

so inside you can see I put a few things

that I kind of found an Amazon or that I

looked online I went on Pinterest of

course trying to get some ideas from

there and so let's start with these so I

got them robes for the wedding day to

wear as for getting dressed

so the robe was about 15 dollars and I

got six of them off of Amazon and I was

looking for a cute robe but that wasn't

so expensive and this one is the

cheapest that I found with the quality

that I was looking for I wrapped it with

like a little bit of a red cord and

these ones they're like little


I got these from Michaels and they were

actually cards so I cut them in half and

then I circles my wedding date and then

I put it inside with the little before

in here the next thing is I got all of


a little wine bottle just because I love

wine this is a Rosie so it's sweet wine

which is kind of good I really really

like it it's it's really good with

chocolate so I got them a few of the

Ghirardelli raspberry dark chocolate a

little bit of bitter with sweet it

tastes really good

I was looking on Amazon and I found

these cute bath bombs and it was a set

of six which was perfect it was about

$35 and it brought these other little

they're like rubbers that you put

underneath your eye kind of helps women

look back so like to moisturize

underneath your eye which is kind of

nice so I came like this and there were

six of them and they're all they all

smell differently very very very sweet

and if you've ever taken a bath with one

of those it's perfect just the sense

makes it all better

I went on and I bought these little

handles I went with this gold honey



candle and I've got these off world

markets for 399 each and they smell very

very good when I went into the store the

lady actually told me oh my gosh those

are my favorite so I was like score and

lastly I added a face mask all of them

have a different face mask and these

ones I got off target for I think it was

two masks for five dollars and that's

basically all that I have for my wedding

bridesmaids boxes and they're all

basically the same

Oh before I forget I actually also did

I made these little cards which I'm

gonna put inside each box I bought the

paper at Michael's for about ten cents

and then I printed it on here and you

can see that it looks really nice

because the paper is fake and I label

them with the wedding giving them

information of when the wedding's gonna

be what time and then when the reception

is gonna happen and we're so behind that


I have my girls in and I'll show you

here how that's loose this one basically

just says that I'm blessed to have six

amazing girls to stand beside me as I

say I do and then their names are listed

and then the next card talks about their

role and it's just cute little messages

that I have on there and just saying

that for me the most important thing is

their pressing

hoping that they'll feel beautiful the

day of the wedding you know holding them

nice bouquet of flowers and then

understanding that I love them so much

and then I'm so thankful for them and to

lastly to dance their butt off on the

dance floor the day of the wedding

the last card talks about their dresses

because I know that's a huge part of

this whole thing so for me it was very

important that they felt beautiful and I

know every single one of them have

different styles different likes so I

want them to integrate that into their

their bridesmaid dress so I have given

them three options and they're all

listed on the card which one of them is

that I will pick a dress out for them

and now that I like and then they can

either go with that or they can find

their own dress and I'm gonna add a

little swatch in the back with the color

and they can find their own dress with

the same color I just told them that you

know they have to be lost

but whatever they want are a style it's

okay with me

and then the last option is that I'm

giving them the option to rent the dress

because I know around where I live here

in Orange County we have a few places

where you can rent out a dress and it

costs about $50 and that's just because

I know that they probably won't wear the

dress again so they don't have to spend

over $100 for a dress that they're only

going to wear once so that's basically

with this card set and that's basically


you know the boxes they all have their

own name on this and it was very nice

for one of my co-workers to write these

out for me she did it companies for free

so if you have good handwriting and you

know willing to kind of go for it this

is what it could look like and I'm sure

that it's just an option if you just

want to write their names make it a

little more personalized for each

individual girls so now I want to show

you what we did for the groomsmen and

you'd probably see this off at seabeds e

sells a lot of these but we decided to

just do them ourselves just because it

would be cheaper for us to just buy the

materials and put them together I mean

it takes more time by your shady you


money these little boxes we got from

Michael and I believe they were a dollar

50 around there I'll get dollar twenty

each box they were very expensive and

then we used we used their cigars by the

way we use the paper looks like a bunch

of brown paper let me see if I take the

cigar so inside you can see the name of

the grooves men and then it says time to

suit up and then on the bottom

acceptable you'd be my groomsmen and

it's just the date of the wedding on the

bottom so my fiance got these cigars

we're Catholic so for us it's super

important to have a little bit of our

faith integrated and everything that we

do so these cigars were purchased from

Regina cigars and they came in a pack of

ten cigars we have six groomsmen so we

needed a lot of them and then obviously

we'd be cool to have some for him these

ones we bought the paper we cut them we

folded them and then we just stuck them

on to the box

very easy it took us about maybe two

three hours two hours how are they and

they look really nice they came out

really cute

and to add on to the word the cigars

they actually the cigar seemed

matrimonial on them which makes them so

cool because obviously we're getting

married so it brought a little card that

I can actually read it it says from the

beginning of creation God made them

female and and male

for this reason a man shall leave his

father and mother and be joined to his

wife and the two shall become one flesh

so they are no longer two but one flesh

therefore what God has joined together

no human being must separate and it says

faith plus fidelity plus purity equals

joy and courage this very cute little

card we're gonna have add on to those

little boxes so that's basically it for

the boxes I really hope you guys enjoyed

watching what I made I'm not super DIY

like I said so I wanted something that

was easy to make I think the most I did

was just stick on inside the box but I

did what there

and yeah my fianc is actually here very

exciting that we're getting married so

ok so that's basically it and I really

hope that you guys were able to get some

ideas for your bridesmaids boxes because

obviously we don't want to be you know

overspending because the wedding's

already expensive but we also still want

to have them feel super special and so

that's basically it thank you for

watching and hope to see you later on

ah yes