Write Better Emails in English: Sending Attachments - English with Jennifer

We often use email to send short documents and other file types.

How do you let someone know that your message has an attachment?

Let's look.

To: Martin Meyers

Subject: Instructions for the agreement

Caitlyn's message is short and clear.

Look at her language.

In a more formal message, this wording is common.

Attached you will (you'll) find...

Or you may see a variation.

In any case, Caitlyn is ready to send off this message.

One mistake we've all likely made

is to refer to an attachment in the message

and then forget to attach the file before sending the message off.

Or sometimes we might have sent the wrong file by mistake.

Here are some useful expressions to cover a range of situations.

More than one verb form works, especially in informal email.

Here are some final tips about attached files.

Remember to identify any attachments you're sending.

Don't assume your reader will know that files have been sent.

Remember to clarify between attachments

and other file sharing alternatives.

Let's look at one more model that does that.

Note how Dave included a hyperlink.

Instead of copying and pasting a long URL,

he inserted a link.

This helps the message look more concise.

That's all for now.

Thanks for watching and happy studies!