DIY Message in a Bottle | by Michele Baratta

hi it's Michelle pirata today's DIY is

little message in the bottle it's so


look I'm cute this it's a super teeny

tiny bottle and what I'm going to teach

you to do is how to put the little note

in the bottle so let's get started what

you'll need for this project is a little

glass vial this one's about an inch and

a half tall a needle and thread scissors

and tiny little notes to put inside your

bottles first thing you need to decide

what words you want in your bottle here

are some ideas you can do it by hand but

I'd say just do it on your computer and

gauge the width of your bottle right

here as to what size your font and

everything is and my font I use here is

about a six months stupid super teeny

teeny and it's about three quarters of

an inch across right here and about an

inch tall

now you're gonna want to cut out your

little note and you don't want the lines

and then you're going to gauge that with

your bottle and you want it to be just

like that now you're going to take your

bottle you take the cork out put it

upside down and then I'm going to get a

needle and thread and you want the

needle and you don't want to double the

thread you just want it like this you're

going to take your little note and

you're going to write at the top and put

your needle right through don't put it

too close to the top because it'll rip

and this you do very slowly because you

don't you can rip it it's just a piece

of paper

okay so I'm going to go like this and

then I'm going to tie it in about

now you're going to take your cork and

remember the cork goes this way so we're

going to go from the bottom up so you're

going to find the center of the bottom

of the cork and you need to put it like

this down like that and then you're

going to push gently down and you can

use something like like a nail file or

something to push when you feel it

coming out the other side and you're

going to kind of flip it back over

push push like that see the needle comes

through and then you just pull it

through like that

until it's just about

that much from the bottom I'm going to

take your bottle and you're going to

gently put the note in there like that

and push this down and you're going to

see it hanging there and if that's the

way you like it then that's the perfect

place to end it if you want it up a

little higher just pull that and it's up

a little higher okay now you just take

your needle off and you're just going to

tie this shorten it makes it easier to

tie this in a little bow right here I

mean not a bow tie it in a knot slide

the knot down right there just see how

I'm going to slide it slide it right


and you're done you can double not it if

you want and I'll double note it for


there you go and that's it look how cute

that is

like I can't that turned out one little

tip is you may want to glue it shut and

what you would do is before you put the

cork in you just put a little glue on

the outside like a little bit of Elmer's

glue and then push it down and no kind

of secure it there and you can also put

a little dab of glue right on the top of

the nut I hope you loved this project it

was super fun for you guys these are

just awesome

they're super popular on my website I do

sell them there and people just love

them because when they get them they

just think they're the cutest little

thing and it's just adorable even my son

because I have these in the studio he

made me want to put it on top of my

computer and it says I love you so much

mom and hugs and kisses

so I hope you guys love this be sure to

tell me what you guys do what you're

going to write in your little bottles I

love comments I always get back to you

and subscribe and until next time bye