Writing Meta Title & Meta Description: SEO for Beginners Tutorial

hey this is Sasha and in today's video

what I'd like to do is share with you

how to properly write your title and

description at least for the metadata so

that way you can rank higher in the

search engines or at least better

optimize so if you're looking to write a

good title with SEO in mind and a good

description with thinking about search

engine optimization in that case this is

what I want to share with you in this

video so if we take a quick moment and

just look at Google and look through the

microphones here and I just put in a

keyword search for wireless a microphone

lavalier right at the top so as we start

scrolling down you'll see that there's

different types of links out there so

this right here anything in blue this is

your main title and typically right

under it is the description okay that's

kind of how the title and description

works and you get a chance to write

those titles and descriptions now Google

and certain search engines don't always

use your full title or your full

description for example they might

modify that description a little bit

they'll tweak it depending on what's

inside your body text so also if it's a

little bit too long

like let's take for example this one

from B&H photo you can see that this the

San Heiser iew 112 and you can see

there's the three dots which means the

description is a little bit too long or

lengthy but basically you want to write

this title in a nice way so that way it

has your appropriate keywords and it's

related to what it is that you're

offering on that page and then you also

need to write that description right

under it as well and that just kind of

helps optimize it so that way when

people are reading it they're more

likely to click it or when search

engines are scanning it they're more

likely to rank you higher for those

search terms so those are the two main

things that you need to focus on when

writing the metadata which is the meta

title and the meta description there

used to be a meta keywords but Google

and other search engines have found that

to be a little spammy so nowadays you

don't really have to worry about that as

much so in either case what I want to do

is share with you how to really write

this at least any

away and keep it simple at least within

a wordpress-based website and you'll see

that it's not too difficult just takes a

little bit of planning and once you get

the hang of it you'll be able to knock

these out fairly quickly and optimize

your pages so in order to illustrate

this example what I'm going to do is

just use one of the pages from my

website and you can see here's the

countryman v3 lav microphone it's a

review and test of that microphone in

them there's the video for it so what

I'm going to do is I can click through

it and just edit the post and here is my

edit post within my backend of the

website now normally at the beginning

especially with WordPress it's going to

kind of give you this title right there

whatever you put it in so if I scroll

down and the plug-in that I'm using is

Yoast SEO you'll see that what it does

is create that as the title okay

now there's no Meta Description that

I've inputted right there because you

can see it's empty okay so that is

actually empty right there but you could

tweak it to make it even better okay so

the more you tweak it and play with it

you can constantly update it and check

your rankings and you can really be on

top of these things if you really want

to be for me personally I usually just

write it once and kind of set it and

forget and just make another post or

article you could go back once every six

months and tweak some of these things to

fine tune things and it might give you a

little bit of extra value or boost in

the rankings but overall is it worth

that time two results value maybe it

really depends on you what industry

you're in and how much time you're

willing to put into it so this plug-in

right here the Yoast SEO if you search

for this what it does is really it just

puts the metadata right into your

website so if I go into my website right

here and you can see this is just the

website I right click and I can go to

view page source okay right on the

browser what it's going to do is

populate the metadata now back in the

day you used to be able to do this

manually or you used to just do it

manually and you still can

but these plugins what they allow you to

do is they input these snippets right


this into the website so as I look into

this and you can see the title right

here here's our title tag and that's

what Yoast SEO really does okay so you

can see Yoast SEO plug-in it comes in

right there so there's our title that's

written at least for the home page and

then there's the description right there

now every page itself has one of these

so if I go into the countryman lab and I

view the source and then let me just

find the title okay so let's just go to

it and there it is okay so you can see

this is the blog archives maybe I was

not on the right one let's click through

it and go to the page directly so here

it is the countryman b-3 laughs okay so

this is the actual page post so again

I'll right click view source

let's do find the title and you can see

right here Countryman b3 lav mic review

and test backstage income but there's no

description right this page doesn't show

a meta because it doesn't have one

either right it for this page or go to

the into the SEO and set up a template

so that's what we ultimately want to do

is we want to write a description for

this so let me zoom back out and if we

go ahead and we write one how do you

really write one well you think about

your keywords in mind typically the more

important the keyword the more you want

it towards the front so in my case if

you're new to this and you want to

brainstorm here's a little example that

you could do is you could search for

let's see what other websites or related

topics are writing it'll kind of give

you some ideas of things people are

searching for so in our case here you

could see this omnidirectional lavalier

microphone countryman v3 are very good

keywords okay so you can see these

keywords right there are fairly good to

get in there okay so those are a few

good ones and now what I'm doing is I'm

just scanning for a few other major

keywords that people have searched for

and if you don't see any of those

sometimes which you can even do is

towards the bottom here there's related

searches so you can see they have

related searches that are again lavalier

a microphone sound professionals you

know then they also compare it be three

versus the B six

so there's a few different variations

here but lavalier would be good or a lav

and microphone omnidirectional so you

can see on my post there's no

omnidirectional and lavalier is not

mentioned so what I can do is let me

just go ahead and take this one it has a

lot of those good keywords I'll just put

it in the description for now so that

way I can kind of see some of those

keywords so now what I'll do is maybe

I'll start writing my title so how do

you write the title well you could just

type it in in this box right here okay

so what I could do is okay let me take

my old one again just so I don't lose

that one okay let's see here copy this

over there so now I'll create one so I

could say country and you can see how

it's editing or changing these right at

the top as I type in this SEO title

right here it's changing it all the way

up here okay so that's what I'm actually

doing okay so here I could say

countrymen be three Omni directional

Omni directional lavalier microphone

review and test and you could you could

add a couple of an exclamation point if

you want you could change it up

sometimes I'll use brackets to get those

things going or to just kind of give a

little bit of a difference because

remember it's not just about the robots

or the search engine crawlers it's also

about the user caching things so if they

see review and test maybe that's exactly

what they're looking for because that's

what I have you know you double check

your spelling

so again

omnidirectional if things aren't looking

good there then just double check your

spelling or make the adjustment right

there okay let me just see

omni-directional looks okay but let's

just see yep looks good omnidirectional

so once you have this set up right there

now you write the description right so

you can see the Yoast SEO plug-in is

really good because if I kept writing

here learn more about this plug-in you

can see how it creates this green bar

for the title where green is good that's

that's all I really need for the title

if you go too far you've already

extended the character with too much


the Meta Description is the next thing

that I want to write now for many people

as I look through this you can see the

countryman Wireless round lavalier

microphone is all-purpose rug I'll

update the review as soon as I get a

resolution you can see some of the

descriptions they put up but it's

basically two to three lines it's not

too big in terms of the description goes

but two to three lines is all you want

you can see that Google will even trim

some of these right here okay so you see

with the three dots they kind of trimmed

some of those to match because of the

keywords so what you can do is as you're

looking for setting up this description

you know you want to think about this

process but here let me just take a

moment and write something out and then

I'll show you exactly what I've came up

with okay so here's what I've came up

with so learn about the countryman b3

omnidirectional lav mic now one of the

reasons I've used lav mic instead of

lavalier is just to get a different

keyword within the description rather

than the title okay so that's one of the

things and the same thing with the

microphone versus the mic so you can see

I've done just a slight little

difference there in terms of my keyword

usage then I also just wrote a little

bit about the microphone so I said it is

incredibly tiny has crisp audio and

durable and I use the ampersand sign

instead of and because because of just

the lengths you'll notice here with the

length as we expanded it might get a

little bit tight you will love this

microphone and then again I emphasized

microphone right there to use the key

words and I could add b3 microphone now

as I continue typing over here you can

see that now it gets red which means

it's a little bit too long so using just

one to two lines is all you need but if

you can squeeze a few other key words in

there without getting too too spammy

that's what you want to do you want to

make sure that it's not spammy it's

focused on the user because that's what

search engines want but it still

includes your keywords and it makes

sense now here I've used it is

incredibly tiny has crisp audio and

durable simply because it explains what

the mic is it gives a description of the

mic and here again you can see the +

sign versus the ampersand saves me right

there into squeezing those things in now

once I'm all set and if I'm happy with

this I feel good about it then I'll go

ahead and just hit the update the post

button or just update my page and then

what I can do is you can see going back

to my view source you can see there's no

description here but if I hit f5 and

refresh okay you can see there is our

description so you can see how it works

out really nicely for we have our title

we also have our description right there

works out great and now we are good for

search engines ultimately the more

important the keyword the more you want

it towards the front as you track your

rankings time and time again probably

check it once a month once every three

months or once every six months

you can make slight little adjustments

because you might get ranked for

something like you know as people do

searches they might look for a tiny

crisp microphone okay and that listing

might show up and if you're seeing that

these things are coming up and you're

getting a lot of traffic you might want

to make these words a little more

important and move them towards the

front okay so you'll start

playing with those things with time but

that's ultimately how you write a really

nice title and a fairly nice description

for your web page and you're going to do

it differently for each page because

every page is different focuses on

different keywords has a different

purpose so your main home page is going

to be different from your sub pages the

about page you're going to have to write

them be a little more custom about them

and that's what will help you get higher

rankings in the search engines because

your being more specific on what that

page has to offer thanks for joining me

in this video I hope you really found it

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