How To Write Wedding Invitations With Bride's Stepfather As Host

how to word wedding invitations when the

bride's stepfather is hosting

hello and welcome to videojug more often

than not weddings are about tradition

etiquette and formality there are rules

for everything including writing your

wedding invitations you will need the

date and time of your wedding ceremony

the full names of the bride's parents

and of course the full names of the

bride and groom step 1 who is hosting

everything in the wording of a wedding

invitation starts with who's hosting the

hosts of course is the person or persons

who pay for the wedding

it's the host who officially invites the

wedding guests step 2

wording the invitation okay the bride's

stepfather and mother are footing the

bill for the big day

the groom's parents are hosting the

rehearsal dinner but that's not included

in a formal wedding ceremony invitation

so if Sheryl Walker is marrying Tim

Jones the invitation would look like

this mr. and mrs. James Walker requests

the honor of your presence at the

marriage of her daughter Cheryl ray

Walker - mr. Timothy Earl Jones

now if the bride's stepmother were

hosting with the bride's father at the

marriage of her daughter would be

changed - at the marriage of his

daughter keep in mind this is

traditional etiquette there are no

wedding police some couples do alter the

wording to suit their preferences step 3

off to the printer once you've finished

the proper wording for your invitation

all that's left is to send that specific

wording to your stationer via email

snail mail or telephone from there the

invitations go to the printer now it's

official you're on your way to wedded