50 Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas! | The ULTIMATE Guide

- [Amanda] Hey guys, it's Amanda,

welcome back to my channel.

And today's video is going to be a little ambitious.

I'm gonna be showing you guys

over 50 different bullet journal doodle ideas.

We have a lot to get through,

so let's just get right into it.

First up, we have the leaf category.

So the leafs that I'm drawing right now have rounder leaves,

you can switch it up and do kind of more of a pointed leaf,

you can also change up the spacing of the leaf,

so this one right here that I'm drawing,

the leaves are closer together, gives it a different look.

And then we're going into some branches.

So these branches that I drew,

I just kind of did sticks with dots on the end of them,

and it kinda looks like berries,

you can also do the same thing but with like actual leaves.

It's pretty self-explanatory if you guys watch me do it.

These ones are pretty easy, let me know

if you guys ever wanna see more

in-depth tutorials and stuff.

Oh yeah, this branch

that I'm drawing kind of had more scattered dots

that I wanted to do, kinda like baby's breath, the flower.

Next up, we have some tropical palm leaves.

Again, you can change up the pointedness

and the curvature of the leaves

and it gives it a different look as well.

Next up, we have some more kinda like banana leaves.

I got this idea from inkbyjeng on Instagram,

I will link her down below,

she has a bunch of different leaf tutorials

and I loved the look of this,

so I thought I would share it with you guys.

The next one is sort of more of an elongated version,

which is like a, I think these are called banana leaves.

I really don't know my like leaf name,

nomenclature, that's the word.

But I like the way that it looks when you fill it in

with the lines, gives it kind of like

a cool different appearance than the other ones.

Next up, we're gonna be drawing some houseplants,

so plants in some pots.

You can again change up the leaves

that are inside these ones,

I did sort of more like a pointed leaf,

like an aloe vera plant.

You can also do some branches,

similar to the ones that we did before,

another cool thing to do is have the leaves hanging down,

kinda more like a droopy leaf effect,

I always do this when I think it looks really pretty.

And then of course, you can also mix and match all

of these different types of leaves

and create kinda like a custom plant

because every single plant is different

so you really can't mess this up.

Next up, I wanted to show you guys my simplified way

of drawing a rose.

You kind of just do a spiral but with an irregular circle.

Make sure it's not like completely perfectly circle,

I mean you could if you want but,

I also wanted to include the more complicated version

of drawing a rose.

I did this using a tutorial from Instagram,

from bonjournal, I will also leave

that tutorial linked down below

if you want more in-depth static version of this tutorial

but you can kinda see the different vibes going on.

Personally, I like the simplified version,

just 'cause it's a lot quicker

and typically when I doodle in my bullet journal,

I want it to be quick and easy and fun

but of course this complex one looks amazing when you do it,

just takes a little bit more effort

but you can add some leaves onto it or not

or you can even add a stem if you wanted to.

Next up, we have some daisies,

this one requires longer petals and a smaller flower center.

And then for sunflower, which is the next one,

you should draw a larger center with some dots in the center

and then the petals are a lot smaller

and they almost have like a pointed shape to them

and you can like layer the petals like I've done here

if you want but, yeah these ones turned out cute,

there's so many different types of flowers,

so I only did a couple but of course,

if you look up reference pictures,

you can totally find out different flowers.

Another idea is to do singular leaves,

I think these are a good idea to sort of fill in spaces,

so maybe you could have flowers alongside these leaves,

that would be pretty cute as well.

Next up, you guys have heard me talk

about GraphicStock before, I absolutely love this website

so I partnered up with them again to remind you guys

that you can use their huge library

of graphics, photos and vectors in your bullet journal.

They have over 300,000 images.

Some of my favorites are these floral designs,

they also have some wreaths.

I also really, really love to use the Mason jars,

which you'll see soon,

I use those all the time in my bullet journal.

So if you guys want to try out GraphicStock,

you can click the link in the description box

for a seven day free trial.

You can explore their massive image library

and hopefully incorporate them into your bullet journal.

What I like to do is download the images that I wanna use

and then edit them on Illustrator,

you can change up the colors and everything.

They're editable, which is awesome.

So I print them out onto cream paper

to match my Leuchtturm1917 journal paper

and then I cut them out and use this glue tape

to stick it into my journal

and what's awesome about this is

that since you just use regular paper,

you're able to actually doodle on top

of the stickers unlike other stickers

which have a glossy finish that makes it harder

to draw on it with pen.

So I like to insert different like leaves

and floral arrangements into these Mason jars,

which I think is super cute.

If you use the wreath images from GraphicStock,

you can also put writing inside.

Oh the next one, this one that I'm doing right now is,

kinda cute, I wanted to add like fireflies in a jar,

which I thought was kinda different.

All right, we're on number 21,

almost halfway through this video.

This is the star and space category of the doodles,

so there's different types of stars

that you can obviously draw.

There's shooting stars, regular stars,

you can also do four-pointed stars,

which are my personal favorite,

they kinda look like sparkles instead of stars.

I also tend to add little dots and circles around it,

to give it more of a speckled stardust appearance.

Another idea is of course to do constellations,

this is similar to what I did in my April plan with me,

which I love doing this, I think it looks so pretty

and constellations are like my favorite thing in the world.

Of course, you can also do the classic moon shape,

which adds to the whole vibe.

Some other things that you can do are suns.

There's two different

or at least two different ones that I did.

Sort of like the more simple sun

and then the one with the triangles all the way around it.

You can also do planets.

Alrighty, so we're on to the cloud section.

I just wanted to show you guys a couple different clouds

that I drew, some of them have like a flat bottom

and some of them have the bumpy thing all the way around,

just kinda depends what you're going for.

Next up, we have feathers.

This one, I'm sorry my hand is kinda blocking how to do it,

but it's kinda similar to the banana leaf actually,

it's just a little bit more fluid.

Okay, number 29 or 30 actually, I guess.

This is probably one of my favorites,

I think these are really pretty,

different crystals and gemstones.

They're also super easy to draw,

just kind of do straight lines

and connect all of the little diamond shapes.

What's great about these is that you can color them in

with any color you want and they pretty much go

with the whole gemstone theme

'cause there's so many different colors of crystals.

Of course, any of these doodles,

you can fill it with whatever color you want

but especially these ones, they are just very flexible

with your theme.

So now we're on the food, fruit section of the doodles.

Course, gotta draw the pineapple, really cute.

Another idea is to do strawberries

which are my favorite fruit.

Oh actually JK, maybe watermelon is my favorite.

I just kinda drew my favorite fruits.

Number 34 is the bug category,

which is admittedly not my favorite thing in the world,

but I thought bees would be pretty cute,

especially if you draw the trail

in which they are traveling.

I also had butterflies.

There's kinda two different ways you can go

about butterflies, there's like the side view

or the top view which I showcase here.

But these are relatively easy to draw,

it could be a fun addition to add,

if you wanted to do flowers and bees together,

that'd be kinda cool.

Next up, we have waves which is my current theme

for the month of May,

if you haven't checked out my May bullet journal plan

with me video, you can check it out here

and you can see how I incorporate these different waves

but I of course had to include it in this video.

There's a couple different styles of waves going on.

We have the simple waves, we also have more complex ones.

And then to go along with it,

someone suggested seashells in the comments of that video,

so here you go, I'm drawing some seashells.

Of course, there's so many different types of seashells,

so I did the spirally ones and I also did sort of more

of the oyster shell ones,

I don't know if that's the specific term.

Okay so here you can see me drawing some cacti.

There's so many different types of cacti,

I keep wanting to say cactuses, but that's incorrect.

If you look up reference photos, of different cacti,

you can definitely see all of the different types,

so I kinda just drew a couple of my favorites.

You don't have to do the little spiky things

but I kind of liked the effect that it gave

but certain ones, I just went with the line effect.

Like this one that you're seeing me draw right here.

And then after this, I thought to go along with the cacti,

we would draw some succulents, which are my favorite plant.

They're so pretty.

This one actually turned out kind

of looking like an artichoke.

Which is my bad.

The next one, I kinda fixed it up.

How I drew this one is kinda drawing

tiny little hot dog shapes layered on top of each other,

as you can see here.

And it kinda turned out looking like a succulent, I think.

Oh yeah, if you are a fan of succulents,

you can also draw them from an overhead view,

which is kind of like the classic Tumblr kinda thing.

I just drew a bunch of different versions,

'cause there's different types of succulents,

ones with more pointy leaves

and then ones with more round leaves,

like the one you just saw me draw.

So have fun with it, play around with it

but I definitely think succulents are really pretty

to add into your bullet journal.

All right, 46.

These are kinda seasonal,

but I thought I would throw it in here,

just in case someone is watching

in a place where it is winter

or if you're watching in the December months.

Snowflakes could be really pretty.

I think, obviously, definitely when winter comes,

I will be doing a snowflake theme.

And there's so many different types of snowflakes,

so really I could do a whole video,

just on different snowflake doodles

but I just did a couple for you guys here.

The key is just to keep it simple.

I find that when you try to add too many lines and stuff,

it just gets a little too cluttered,

so I try to keep it simple with the lines

and turns out really cute.

All right, so we have some fireworks here.

Someone suggested this in the comments of my last video

for July, for the Fourth of July but I'm Canadian

so we don't celebrate Fourth of July

but I thought I would incorporate it in here.

Especially since they're easy to draw.

For number 48, we have some archery type arrows.

Kind of tribal looking.

And then I also drew a couple of mountains.

I'm going to leave the link to a girl on Instagram

that I found, she does mountains way better than I do

so I will link that down below

if you're looking for mountain inspiration.

You could also draw some stationary, which I've done here,

pencils and pens and that kinda stuff.

I know all of you guys are stationary junkies,

just like me, so it's perfect for you guys who love it,

as much as I do.

And then this one's kinda just like

a random geometric doodle,

you can just kind of add little triangles

and connect them all together and it makes a cool effect.

I don't know, I thought it looked pretty cool.

And then finally, this is number 52,

I wanted to do an even, flat 50

but I kind of went overboard and got a little carried away

so we have a bird as well as a paper boat

to finish everything off.

All right guys, that's it, we made it

through 50 plus different bullet journal doodle ideas.

I hope you guys found some sort of inspiration from this,

I mean if this doesn't help you out,

I don't know what will.

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Bye guys.