Nanny Contract Overview

hi this is Nathan with my nanny contract

com this video provides an overview of

our nanny contract our premier product

and one that's being used by parents and

nannies from coast to coast you'll

receive the contract in both word and

PDF formats as you can see here the word

document is an easy to complete form a

nanny contract as you might know is

simply a type of employment agreement

but it's also much more than that it's

the core legal document between you and

your nanny for that reason you need to

put a great one in place to avoid

trouble down the road our nanny contract

is designed to improve the care of your

children which really is what matters

most at the end of the day how so a

nanny with a great employment contract

acts more professionally they have a

clear understanding of their job duties

and they don't waste time worrying about

job benefits our nanny contract is also

designed to make your life easier and to

protect you from breaking the law being

a boss is tough especially when you

don't have an HR department helping you

out our nanny contract covers all of the

important legal and administrative areas

of nanny care 20 in total for example it

covers the work schedule pay period

overtime holidays vacation sick leave

taxes immigration confidentiality and

termination lastly our nanny contract is

easy to complete yet six pages long and

as you can see it gives you check boxes

for many of the items you'll be able to

complete the nanny contract while

drinking a cup of coffee or two and

without too much trouble that concludes

our overview to purchase the contract

simply go to the bottom of our page @wwe

any contract calm / nanny

contract you'll see that we offer two

packages a basic package which includes

the nanny contract and a user guide

explaining all the terms of the nanny

contract in addition to our free nanny

starter kit and also our deluxe package

which includes the nanny contract the

user guide and some other forms to start

your nanny care off on the right foot

click the download now button on your

preferred package you'll see a paypal

page open paypal if you're not familiar

with it is one of the most secure

payment processors on the web you'll see

the logo for simply contracts which is

an innovative startup company and the

creator of my nanny contract calm if you

have a paypal account and for enter your

information here if you don't have one

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card simply click on this button you'll

receive a download with all the files

that you've purchased that concludes our

overview if you have any questions

please go to our website at WWE contract

com or email me at Nathan at my nanny

contract calm and with that best of luck

with your nanny care