How To Draw A Teddy Bear Holding A Heart

that's what are we drawn today it's

teddy bear holding no hi yes we hope

you're gonna follow along with us you

need a marker and actually we're gonna

use a pencil today also you ready to

start yeah all right

now the reason why we're using the

pencil first is because we're going to

draw a heart with the pencil and then

we're gonna draw the bear holding the

heart and we're gonna erase those lines

at the end so let's draw heart right in

the middle of our paper and we're gonna

drop kind of a medium size so we're

going to start right here and we're

gonna draw and we want to press real

lightly so we're gonna draw one side of

the heart and then we'll draw the other

side of the heart and the cool thing

about drawing with pencils is you can

erase it or you can draw a couple lines

until you get it just right so see how I

drew another line I wanted this bump to

be a little bigger you want to draw your


perfect now see we are able to draw

another line so that that sides it comes

out a little further

cool yeah okay now let's put our pencils

up to the side and we're gonna use their

eraser later but let's get our markers

okay first thing we're gonna draw with

the marker is we're gonna draw our Bears

face we're gonna start with his nose

let's draw a little circle right above

the heart right in the middle good and

we can color that in

good now right below that we're gonna

draw a little line that comes out from

the nose good and then we're gonna draw

his mouth right under it you want to

make sure that your mouth doesn't go

over the heart

so start over here and then you can stop

so that the heart is in front of his

mouth okay yes good job

okay now let's draw the circle that goes

around his mouth or around his nose and

his mouth so I'm going to draw a circle

but I'm gonna draw some zigzags to see

how I'm adding zigzags when I go around

and this will make his mouth look for it

make his face look furry okay are you

Beth I really like that buzzing noise

you made okay now let's draw his eyes

and I'm gonna draw a big circle right

here right next to his nose and another

big circle over here on the other side

of his nose yes good job now let's draw

those smaller circles inside of his eyes

so that his eyes look shiny and we're

gonna draw a smaller circle at the

bottom of his eye and then let's color

in the big circle

okay heads now let's draw the outside of

his head so we're gonna draw another zig

zag just like we did for his nose and

we're gonna go all the way around right


oh he's got kind of a weird shaped head


I'll go all the way around from one side

of the heart over to the other like so

yeah yeah okay that let's draws ears

we're gonna do the same thing with this

exact we're gonna go all the way around

and draw a little zigzag line that goes

all the way all right got looking like a

koala bear

oh yeah he's missing an ear so let's try

another ear over here

he's really fuzzy isn't he

man those are big ears he looks like a

bunny rabbit


all right let's inside of his ear it

looks like a koala bear doesn't it okay

now we're gonna draw him hanging on to

the heart so let's draw his hand over

here now we're gonna do the same thing

as we did with his with his ear but this

is for his hand so we're gonna draw a

circle with zigzag so it looks furry and

we're gonna do another one over here so

you can go ahead start drawing your your

hands but you want to make sure that you

overlap this time in front of the heart

yes just like that

perfect all right now we're gonna draw

his feet we're gonna do the same thing

but we want to make them a little bigger

okay so we're gonna start in front of

the heart I'm going to draw a big circle

it goes around that is one furry-foot

and then I'm going to draw another one

over here and then one on this side

right here yes okay now inside of his

feet let's draw his paw so we're gonna

draw another circles with zigzags on

each foot okay hands now we're gonna

finish the heart so when we do this we

want to make sure that we use our marker

on the line that we want to keep this

one we're gonna race so let's just gonna

start here go around that key down here

we wanna make sure we don't use a marker

on his hands right because that line is

behind his hands but let's come up here

finish this one and I'm gonna come down

here and finish in between his legs

there we go

good job now let's put our markers down

for a sec and we're going to use the

eraser and erase the pencil lines

all right heads we finished erasing all

of the pencil marks right yeah it looks

a lot better now we can put the eraser

off to this side and what should we do

next yeah let's get our colored pencils

and we're gonna fast forward this part

you ready yeah all right let's do


Headly good job if you finished coloring

your bear and your heart did you have

fun you promise it's okay that her bears

look a little different right because

what's the most important dude did you

have fun

wait if you guys had a lot of fun

following along with us and drawing your

own bears and remember it's okay if you

try to don't look exactly like ours

because the most important thing is to


we'll see you later our friends go back