Profession vs. Occupation - What is the difference?


what is the difference between

profession and occupation in English a

profession requires a degree or

completed studies at university or other

institution of higher education it

involves extensive training and special

knowledge examples of professions are

accountant architect doctor engineer

lawyer and teacher notice how you need a

degree or higher education to be able to

work in these professions to have the

profession of doctor you first need to

study it for many years

occupation is the job you are paid to do

it is the way you earn a living think of

it as the activity that occupies your

time and from which you receive money

for doing it

occupation is a formal word for job in a

perfect world your profession and

occupation or job are the same thing

unfortunately there are people that have

a profession but work in something

completely different

compare the difference

I studied teaching at University and I

am a teacher right now my profession and

my occupation are the same I studied

teaching at University but now I am an

actor my profession is teacher though my

occupation or my job right now is actor

do you

fashion is your profession the same as

your occupation

what is your occupation or what is your


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