Open When Letters + boxes for Boyfriend | diy open when letters

hi guys welcome back to my channel in

today's video I'm gonna do open when

free mostly your boyfriend you can do

this for your friend or anyone else but

I'm gonna be showing you the letters and

boxes I did I did this for his 21st

birthday and he really loved it he's

actually still going through it he

didn't finish it yet so I'm secretly

doing it behind his back showing you got

who so what all I did for him first I

literally got a piece of paper and wrote

down all the open when ideas I'm gonna

do such as open when it's Christmas open

when it's on one-year anniversary so I

literally laid it all out next thing I

did was I put all the list of things I

was gonna I knew I was gonna write a

personal letter in each of the boxes I

also put pictures of things in some of

them and in four of the letters I put a

little colorful sticky that correlates

to the box so one of them I put a pink

sticker in the letter and then you he

would look into the box and see which

box had the pink sticker so I personally

did that because I thought

it would be better and cuter way to kind

of scavenger and find which box belongs

to which card and then all it took was

time I planned it like weeks to do it I

really just wanted to see his reaction

when he saw because he had no idea I was

making I don't think he knew I was

making a crafty gift but extreme the

boxes look like this they were just

regular cardboard boxes and I put I cut

out wrapping paper so I did 13 cards and

four boxes the first car I did was open

when you first got this are the rules

how to play I told you that I did for

all of them the next card I did was open

when you want to surprise this came with

a little letter

a guy's sticker it's blue so when I said

you when he would find a blue sticker

any color he would look on the box and

see where another blue sticker was and

that's what he would also get in for a

surprise and this is the box that

correlates with the open when you want

to surprise letter I got him at Walmart

the next one is open when you miss me I

also cut out paper that I kissed on with

lip gloss or lipstick I thought that was

really cute and then I did a paper that

I cut out and I sprayed my perfume on

cause it'll remind him of me with my

perfume my next one is open when it is

Christmas also cut out pictures of

quotes I said

also forgot to include in this video

that I did actually get in a Christmas

present so don't think I don't want to

give him my boyfriend a Christmas

present I got him a gingerbread house

that me and him can make but we already

did it

so the box isn't in here anymore my next

one is open when your anxiety I also cut

out pictures of dogs and cats and also

this card includes a sticker a gold

sticker so it correlates with the gold

box I think I'll just really help them

seeing dogs and cats that he wants in

the future and I think it would lower

his anxiety and stress level this is the

box that correlates when he has anxiety

I got him old stressful fool or these

that you can just squeeze whenever he's

stressed I thought that was a cute idea

it's places to go see throughout our

life my next one is open when it's

Valentine's Day it looks like cut out

little hurts a bunch of songs that we

love to listen to but things were all

cute since I'm going to make my

Valentines Day gift or buy one so I

thought I would be a little crafty on

Valentine's Day and make them all of

these here's one open when you're

imagining our future I also cut out

pictures of dogs in the future and then

I also cut out houses we always talk

about getting dogs and having a nice

comfortable house so I thought this

would be a really nice touch Todd I also

cut out baby names that me and him

like we want our family to be all start

with an age so I thought this would be

really cute to do the next one is open

when you're sick and it also came with a

colorful pink to correspond with the box

that goes like that and this is the box

that came with when you're sick

I put hand sanitizer in tissues in here

for him the next one is open when you

can't sleep really cute to have some

date ideas when you can sleep so open

one I'm moving to Wyoming if you guys

didn't know this I go to the same and

here are like homing stickers that I

goes we go to like home in college next

one is open when we're having a bite and

call him a letter

and I also did a list of why I like last

one is open when you're hungry a list of

foods I want to meet him someday and

this letter did have a sticker I don't

know where this sticker went but it

included a sticker so it correlated with

the box and this was the box that

correlated with open when you want food

but obviously he whose folder with

cheez-its chips and candy for him

I hope you enjoyed my video of my

tutorial of opening with my cards and

boxes any other ideas for me to do

I'm coming back to all of you guys and

like all your comments cuz I love

getting some likes it just makes me so

much happier inside when I make videos

so do you want any more tutorials just

let me know