ZOLA Wedding Website and Wedding Registry Tutorial

hi my name is edit and I'm a wedding

photographer and I wanted to make this

tutorial for you to help you set up your

zola wedding registry and wedding

website so let's get it started when you

go on zola come you gonna see a window

pop up and asking you a question if you

are getting married if your guests or

just shopping so I'm going to select

that I'm getting married and it's gonna

ask my wedding date or if you don't have

it yet then you can just select haven't

decided yet

you can put your email and password in

and you are good to go

so here I am in my zola dashboard and

the first thing I'm gonna do is go to

edit my wedding info just so I can see

if there is anything that I can fill out

right now so here is my name as a bride

and this is my husband's name Adam as a

Chrome we are already married but I'm

gonna use ourselves as an example in

this tutorial so I added our wedding

date and that's pretty much it for now

so let's go back to our dashboard and

start working on the website I'm going

to select a website here and I have

already chosen a design it's called

Stevens gray but if you want something

else I'm going to show you here there

are a bunch of really really pretty

designs that you can choose from and you

can also change colors if you would like

to so I'm gonna go back to edit my page

here on the right side you can see how

the website is going to look like and on

the left you can start filling up all

the information that you want to so I'm

gonna start with the wedding summary so

the title is edit and Adam and that's

going to show up up here for you

and I'm gonna leave that because that's

perfect and the wedding date shows here

and then you can add a city I'm gonna

say Gilbert because we live in Arizona

right now then you can choose a hashtag

for us it's Adam and edit oops

it is and then when I'm when I save that

you can see on the right side that it's

updated and it's all here nicely so the

guests if they want to use our hashtag

for social media or something they can

easily find it next we're gonna fill out

the page header and footer so here the

page title I like to change this to home

because that's more obvious than page

title and the welcome message since we

are a multicultural couple

if we would have a wedding now it would

probably be in English and Hungarian so

I would want my website to welcome

guests from both countries and in both

languages I pre brought a title already

that I'd like to use and it says we are

getting married

ooh - Kaveri or the lung cone and I'm

just gonna paste it right here to the

welcome message that you see popping up

right here on the top of your page and

that means we are getting married

welcome to our wedding website so I'm

gonna hit save and then you see that now

the home got changed here to the

navigation bar so now I'm going to put a

picture behind this welcome message and

this is a great place for you to put

some pictures from your professional

engagement photo shoot if you have that

done if not just anything that it shows

the two of you would be really cute for

your viewers to see and as as you can

see I cropped the image and I would

suggest you to try make sure that the

heads are not covered when you put the

text on so if you need a crop again or

modify it you can always do that and I

also would suggest you to choose an

image that's a little bit darker so

people can read it easier we also have

an option to choose an image for the

bottom of our website so I'm going to

find something that shows a little bit

more of who we are and what we like to

do as you can see it's taking a long

time to download this image and that's

probably because the file is too big so

I always suggest you to find an image

that is not too big because that's not

really necessary for the website

so I'm going to crop this image so we're

nice in the middle and another reason I

like this photo is because it's shows

that we like to travel this was taken in

Croatia that we go to Europe a lot and I

also love it because it's more like a

landscape photo and it's always nice to

have a balance to have a photo of the

close-up of you guys and then one of

landscape or maybe like a detail shot or

something and if you don't have

professional pictures taken that's fine

if this was taken with the phone and it

looks perfect on on a page and then one

more thing

here are our initials that you can

choose to take it out so I'm gonna hide

that because I don't like it this looks

much better to me and that's it for our

homepage and now we can go and check it

out ok so this looks great and let's

just say that I don't like the great

color so I want to change it and then I

can just go back here go view my design

find the layout and just switch maybe to

the black one and select and now if you

refresh it and look at it you can see

that everything that was great turn to

black and I actually don't like this so

I'm just gonna go and change it back to

the grey one again cuz I like that


okay now let's go back to our editing

page another great option you can do if

you are trying to mix languages is to

change some of these navigation buttons

so for example travel if I wanna change

the title I can say butas ash which

means travel in Hungarian and when I

save that it changed here so

so if there are some menus that you

don't need right now you can just take

them out for example let's say you don't

have a schedule done yet you can just

hide that from your menu and it's gone

so I'm gonna go back to my home page and

add some stories for my yours to see I

really like this option so I can talk a

little bit about how we met or how we

got engaged so I have some pre-written

text here that I I'm just gonna copy and

paste how we met that is our title and

then this little section is going to be

the tagline and the description is the

story about how we met it's pretty long

you don't need to write that much but I

just copied this from my blog and if you

want to read about it you can check out

my blog but I really like how long it is

because I think people who visit our

website they're gonna want to know our

story and then the other section I

wanted to add is the how we got engaged

so same title and then tagline I think

this might be are too long for tagline

but let me just okay yeah it's too long

so I'm gonna just cut it like this and

then add a description to it which is

also a long story

get save now let's go to our page and

see how it looks I already changed the

color back so that's gonna be light gray

okay so here is our story it looks great

it doesn't even look that long actually

so I like how it looks let's check out

the things to do page this is very

useful if you have a destination wedding

or guests coming out of the town or out

of country and they would like to travel

around or see some fun things in the

location where you gonna have your

wedding so things to do maybe you can

change the title to activities or you

can add some description here is all the

fun you can have here okay smiley face

save it and then you can add a photo on

the top if you want to so maybe I'm just

gonna add this one of Grand Canyon

because we live in Arizona and then here

you can start adding recommendations

here you can choose if you want the map

to be visible which I think it's very

useful let's check out the demo page I

love to see and get some ideas and

inspiration okay so here this is how the

map would look like selected all the

locations that you want to add to the

page like a bar pizzeria and then you

can just have like a little text and an

address which I think it's very very


on your photos page you can add some

photos from your engagement session if

you have that already done or just

random pictures of you guys if if you

like that better here you can also

change the title to engagement or

whatever would fit better for you too

you can add a photo to the top so maybe

I will select this one of us just

traveling and now you can see that it

was added to the top of my page so now

when I start adding photos here those

are gonna be the ones that actually fall

into the gallery so I'm gonna select

this one

I can choose a crop and I can add a

description to it and this is when we

met in Milan because that's where we met

so I'm just going to add some photos

from our history or so this is going to

be our proposal I can crop this again

I'm just gonna say proposal and then one

more maybe of our hobbies so we love to

renovate our house and work on it

together so I'm going to add the love to

work on our home okay let's go see how

this looks on our website you can see it

on the top there in this image and then

we have our gallery on the bottom and

then if you click on each you can see

the title on the bottom so I love this

but I don't like this picture on the top

I think it's a little bit confusing so

I'm going to take that one out perfect

for now this is all I wanted to do on my

website I have our welcoming text the

images are done a little bit about us

and I think we can start working on a


as you can see you have a registry

navigation right here but to set up your

gifts we're gonna go to the this

dashboard here and it will take us to a

completely different page where you have

your own profile picture that you can

set up if you haven't selected this yet

it's going to be a blank photo area so

I'm gonna show you how to put a picture

there that I already did so just select

that circle and upload a photo it's nice

to have a photo for the guests when they

come to shop around and see what they

can by you as a gift

so I picked this one off the two of us

you can also change the background of

this page right here I think I'm going

to choose a a pretty album photo because

that's what I would like to focus on

mainly you can crop that and select here

you can change the title which is our

name I like it that way and also the

date of our wedding under our profile

picture you can select some greeting or

a welcoming message that you would like

to leave for your guests and that's it

for the registry page now you can start

adding your gifts which is the fun part

you can shop by category or by brand so

I'm just gonna go a little quick and

select something fast just so we can

have a product in our page let's go with

appliances and I'm gonna choose this

cool mixer and all you have to do you

can change colors if you don't like this

blue one but I do or turquoise color and

I'm just gonna add it to my registry and

that's it it's really this

z but my very favorite is this funds

option and if you click on it it's going

to give you a bunch of ideas that you

can fund money for such as your

honeymoon getaway dinners if you want to

do some kind of classes or lessons you

and your partner or you want to purchase

tickets or tours go to somewhere or

travel this is also very cool fund

option if you want to give it to a

charity your guests can also contribute

for some kind of training membership

subscription you would like to have or

maybe purchase a ticket for a movie or


you can seriously have anything you can

think of home renovation house down


I love these ideas Oh house cleaning

service I think this is going to be my

favorite and as you can see there are

also some options to fund your wedding

expenses contribute to some of your

vendor payments or services that you use

on your wedding day so let's set up a

few funds and see what our options are

and I'm gonna select the wedding

photographer fund because I'm also

wedding photographer and I think this is

an amazing option for those couples who

really value photography and all the

pictures that they're gonna get after

the wedding so let's say this fund card

is for your wedding photography services

and here you can set up a cash amount

let's say your photographers package is

three thousand dollars and since it's

less likely that one guests would pay

this much on your registry it's better

if you set an any amount and this way

when people come to the registry they

can just select any any amount they want

to contribute to your expenses you have

an option to hide it from your guests if

you don't want them to see what your

total amount is and you can also leave a

little note for them which is a really

good way to tell them why is this gift

important for you so I'm going to select

actor registry and continue adding my

other favorite option is if you scroll

all the way up that you can create your

own cash fund if you can't find anything

that will fit fit to what you need or

what you would like to have and


since we're talking about wedding

photography I'm going to set up a fund

for let's say you want to purchase some

wedding albums and prints after your

wedding I can also find a cute photo to

go with it here I have a picture of some

of the albums and prints on a wall you

add this and for the sake of this

tutorial and to show you all the

different options you can choose I'm

gonna do a fixed amount and I'm gonna

say for example that you want to buy

three wedding albums and each album cost

$500 maybe you want one album for

yourself and your partner and then one

for each parent and then here I think I

have a note that I wrote okay here it is

and maybe you can leave a cute note that

says we would love to decorate our home

with pictures from our wedding day and

then you just say add this to the

registry okay let's go and check out our

registry and see how it looks so here we

are we can see that three gifts that we

set up and I'm gonna actually go preview

the page where to see what our guests

are actually gonna see when they go to

the register page so it looks a little

bit different than your website but it's

all connected and it's all under the

same name so when your guest comes to

your registry page they're gonna see all

the products listed and they all they

have to do is just pick one so let's say

somebody wants to buy this mixer they

see how much it cost they see that you

requested only one and then they just

have to select buy now and then they

bought that for you here is the can

tribute option which it says it's a

group gift and the amount is not

selected so you don't know what the

total so the guests actually the guests

they don't know how much the total is so

I'm gonna select contribute and then the

guests can just put any amount they

would want to pay and then when they hit

contribute you're just gonna get that

money and then put towards your wedding

photographer or let's say they are

interested in buying you a wedding album

as a gift and you can see there's a

little cold sign if you just go over it

then you they can read your little

message and then here they are also able

to see that you requested three albums

and you still need three so if somebody

already bought one then it's gonna say

you still need to so let's say I want to

buy one so I go here and the amount is

fixed so I can't change that and then

all I have to do is check out now one of

the little tips I would like to give you

if you don't go directly to buy now you

just select the product you're gonna see

this little note popping up here and the

option to buy you can leave a little

note to your guests if they want to buy

the album or if they want to buy a

specific print that they can contact

your photographer and then just put

their email address or phone number so

they can directly buy a specific product

that they wanted instead of just giving

a cash so let's go back to our register

page where we can let's say we want to

modify some of our products and all you

have to do is just select the title and

then you have your whole gift pop up and

you can make the changes that you need

or you want so let's say that I don't

want to hide the amount from our guests

just so we can see what happens and save

and close so let's go back to the

registry when

updated okay let's see now we can see

that you still need $3,000 so if

somebody goes here to contribute and

let's say they pay $200 and they

contribute and then they're gonna see

how much you still need for this

particular gift okay and I think we have

everything set up let's go back to our

website again so this is going to be

your URL if you want to change it if you

want to personalize it you always have

the option to buy your own domain and

it's about twelve or fifteen dollars for

a year so it's not that bad but you can

also just use this address send it to

your guests or put it somewhere on your

invitation or save-the-dates card and

they can reach your registry through

your website if they just select this

menu thank you so much for watching my

tutorial and I hope this was helpful and

if you have any more questions just

leave a comment or you can send me an

email if you have any questions about

wedding photography you can also reach

out to me and hope to talk to you soon