10 Business English Phrases - Positive Performance Evaluations

ten business English phrases for

positive performance evaluations from

espresso English net a performance

evaluation is an evaluation of an

employee's work skills and attitude on

the job it can also be called a

performance review or performance

appraisal during a performance

evaluation an employee may hear both

positive and negative feedback comments

about his or her work the employees

manager will often praise the employees

strong points and identify some areas

for improvement positive phrases stays

up-to-date with developments in the

field up-to-date means current so this

phrase means that the employee keeps his

or her knowledge about the field area of

work or study current is conscientious

and detail-oriented someone who is

conscientious is very careful in their

work carefully checks to make sure their

work is correct and is of good quality

and detail oriented means pays attention

to the details

is proactive and resourceful a proactive

person takes action to make things


they don't just react to events the

opposite of proactive is passive someone

who is resourceful is able to use

resources well and in creative ways

especially in difficult situations has a

positive outlook the word outlook means

attitude or point of view is disciplined

and punctual

if you describe a person as disciplined

it doesn't mean that they were punished

instead it means that they have

self-discipline the ability to control

their own behavior and follow the rules

someone who is punctual consistently

arrives on time is an excellent team

player someone who is a team player

works well with other people this

employee is good at collaborating with

his or her coworkers

shows a lot of initiative and takes the

lead on projects the word initiative

means the power to begin things and work

on them energetically it is similar to

the word proactive a person who is

proactive has a lot of initiative is a

seasoned professional with versatile

expertise a seasoned professional is

someone who has been working for a long

time and has a lot of experience and is

therefore good at their job the word

expertise means skill or knowledge in a

particular area and if someone's

expertise is versatile it means the

person is capable of doing many

different things well is driven to

succeed and strives for maximum

effectiveness describing a person as

driven means they are extremely

motivated and ambitious to strive means

to try very hard with lots of effort

never fails to capitalize on

opportunities to capitalize on something

means to use it for your advantage

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