Demonstration of employee performance evaluation

in this video I'm gonna show a practical

demonstration of an employee performance

evaluation using my KSS method keep

doing stop doing and start doing hello

i'm stephen goldberg of Optimas

performance and every week I bring you

practical tips and ideas on leadership

team development and performance

management in the workplace in a

previous video I cover how to conduct

employee performance evaluations and I

incorporated the form

KSS or the approach KSS along with the

form keep doing stop doing and start

doing and this method incorporates five

core competencies that every employer

wants employees to be good at so I've

combined the previous form where I

incorporate now the five competencies

with a measuring system and a way to set

improvement objectives and this is what

this video is about it's with my

assistant Sonja so it's an actual

performance evaluation it's not just a

role play I'm actually going through the

performance evaluation with her based on

her performance so you'll get to see

that and it's a longer video that I

normally publish but I wanted you to get

a good sense of this process and watch

it to the end or if you have to skip to

the end where she actually sets a goal

and there's a follow-up that we discuss

so that's really important that you turn

this into something that you can follow

up on so I asked you to complete this

form and so we can compare notes and

then come up with maybe see if there's

things that you can improve on or I can

help you with so let's look at the five

competencies here productivity how did

you score

level of importance oh I put major

importance major yeah yeah and what

about how did you buy so I put between

majoring critical so I checked mark both

so it's about a nine we agree on that

yes and what did you say your level of

achievement I gave myself a seven so in

between good and our good and great so

I've written great okay

what I gave you an eight yeah I I think

I'm just in general hard on myself

probably because I want to accomplish

more and you know with time constraints

but the intention is always there to

accomplish more so I think that's why I

gave myself between six and eight okay

so if we were to incorporate the other

worksheet do we have it here yeah so in

terms of keep doing what what would you

say keep doing as far as productivity as

well in terms of meeting the cost of

requirements because that's one of the

competencies is to be productive and

effective and within a certain budget

and cost required so I think I'm really

good at doing that what I should stop

doing is maybe focusing a little bit too

much on on details because that could be

affecting my productivity I'm extremely

detail-oriented and I might

need to do one less check on my

checklists so avoid redundancies right

and then start doing I don't know maybe

start being a little more confident

because I think my work is okay and

maybe that might be hindering my

performance right so I agree that and

it'll reflect in the next one the

quality of the work you tend to be very

careful about making mistakes which is

great yeah especially for accounting but

it's not always required for everything

I mean so you need to maybe work on you

know being more confident taking a

little bit more risk where it's not that

it's not that critical firm so yeah

right the outcome yeah okay so the in

terms of important for quality of work

my importance I put between major and

critical as well because I think it's

it's very important that we maintain a

high quality yeah yeah because of media

counties yeah so that's where I feel my

performance is better yeah so would you

give yourself

an 8-3 yes I gave you a 10 there uh-huh

no I'm seriously I mean your quality

your work is exceptional you care about

your work you're you know the accounting

is flawless and you worry about it

which worries me a bit that you put too

much into it sometimes and that goes

back to maybe the fear of making a

mistake again that's my confidence in

there and that's why my productivity is

probably then I may affect your

productivity so I would just say keep

keeping keep the high quality yeah

maybe stop what would you say stop doing

stop stressing stop worrying about

making mistakes yeah I got an order that

you want to write that yep

I think it's important that you write

because when you're you put it in

writing it makes it more like a


and stop doing okay so that's yes start

doing how could you to overcome or to

counter the stressing being too

stressing about it what can you do -

what can I stop doing start doing o

start doing to overcome that stressor oh

um no it's just focusing on the

positives like I'm work I mean we

haven't come across a mistake already

you must be something right something

they don't like cross your eye tie your

eyes too much you cross your T's like

don't try and catch yourself if you feel

you're going overboard to double check

because that's takes up more time and

maybe also wondering how long I'm taking

to complete so that's kind of a

combination of productivity and cotton

quality of work is made me monitor how

long I'm actually taking in on a task

and realizing okay maybe I am taking a

little too long on a task right so the

next one initiative what did you well

initiative I put because my work is

fairly routine there's only a few places

that I can take initiative I that's what

I feel so that's why I put that it was

important not mutually important

critically important but that it was

important and that's probably that's

also where I feel that I'm struggling

because sometimes it's not clear on what

I should be taking initiative on so

maybe that's where I would need a little

bit more guidance from you in terms of

okay when you want me to take initiative

I know what my tasks have to be done on

a monthly basis because that's part of

routine but what's out of routine maybe

what are some things that it should be

more aware of to take initiative all

right yes so we agree I gave you good

there's things that sometimes I feel you

ask me like you double-check with me

where I don't think you need news like I

think I pointed that out last week you

asked me about I forget what it was

actually a shuttle rode it yeah

yeah I remember it I remember but uh it

was like you know and I even said to you

you don't need to ask me this you know

yes just and this goes back to the

confidence you know that you don't need

to check with me on everything so that's

where taking the initiative is you know

I guess it ties back into you know the

fear of making mistake you know being

just too careful so you know you have a

lot of experience a lot of things you've

done before but you sometimes come to me

to ask me because you want you're afraid

of making a mistake and so that's where

I'm trying to turn it back and say look

you don't need to ask me okay and I'd

also if I can add on I gave myself

average because yeah there are areas

where it's not my expertise so I'll be

more reluctant to take initiative for

example the website and that's why

progress has not been made on my part

I'd have to admit in the last little

while yeah so I'm trying to remember

what it was that we were I thought last

week but I can't remember it was to make

a payment I mean is to make a payment or

send an invoice out or something like

that oh it was writing an invoice and

you were asking me should I write this

and I said I'm eight nine you've done it

will come where you know what to do it's

not a majorly critical thing just do it

you know that's you know we're taking

initiative would come in yeah so cuz I

felt it was more routine team work

what did you score yourself uh ah I said

it was important yeah um you only see

each other a little bit a time it's hard

you know

yeah working from home sometimes and

doing stuff at home for the company a

little bit challenging so I gave myself

good average I agree with you on the

level of importance because most of your

work is done on your own but when you do

need to

cooperate or work as a team I think

you're great so I don't see any okay I

think you should just keep doing what

you're doing

I don't think there's anything to stop

yeah we're started I think just keep

that up okay and then the problem

solving how did you score yourself or

what it was your level of important

important just I just felt it was

important I mean there's very little

problem-solving that we have to in Kapil

that we do encounter but actually I'm

thinking of some examples of some issues

that we had during the week some really

random things that happened and I think

yeah I think I did a few things to help

resolve some issues that we had you know

finding contacts finding well I put it

as major important yeah

okay and I score you great yeah I think

you you know you have great

problem-solving skill especially

analytical and you're not afraid to

attack problems you know when I bring

them up and ask for your help

you're always there to support and to

find the solutions so I don't see any

issue with that the only thing I think

we both agree on is the you know what

could affect your productivity and you

know kind of ties in together the

productivity quality of work in the

initiative is to be more confident

especially for the things that you've

done in the past take the initiative and

you know ask yourself am i spending too

much time on this

do I need to double check or triple

check yeah and just you know so I guess

being aware of being conscious and I'll

try and remind you if I feel you're

asking me things that you should don't

need to ask me and that you could just

go ahead and do it so what I should go

ahead and complete that form with I

guess it would be for the and you

shouldn't you should have you know yeah

so just write what you

want to keep doing stop doing actually

yeah start doing I guess start doing so

how would you Frances stop and start

because there is the behavior to modify

Mary that's wrong

so yeah so okay so stuff yeah I sort of

doing okay so stop doing would be for

initiative is second-guessing myself and

not taking taking chances and yeah

certain steps and then stop doing would

be oh start doing sorry is maybe taking

more action and and without always

consulting you and getting your feedback

before actually you know just trust my

guts maybe my intuition okay so just so

I guess that's the core competency I

need to work on there was one of the

five yes so fill it in so we can refer

back to that okay okay you don't do that

now yeah oh you don't forget

okay so we'll follow up into November



we'll see how you've improved and it

might you know alleviate some stress too

because if you fret too much and you

know if you see yourself taking that

initiative and then you see that it was

okay it'll build your confidence and

you'll have less stress because you

won't have to like worry you know cuz I

even sometimes I know you worry about

things you call me at night work and I

could see you've worried about something

which you know it's a little bit like

maybe going overboard and stressing

yourself so okay so you shouldn't have

to do that okay okay good thank you okay

so I hope you benefit from this video

and that I'll help you conduct better

employee performance evaluations you

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