Affordable/Easy/DIY Thank You Cards: Poshmark, Vinted, Etsy

hey guys it's Monica and today I'm gonna

do a video all about thank-you notes

and thank-you cards I'm gonna share why

it's super important to add them into

every single one of your packages

whether it's for a new customer or an

old customer returning customer whatever

it may be it's just so important to add

a handwritten note and I mean not only

is it great customer service but it's

now an opportunity for you to share your

business card with all your social media

your blog your YouTube whatever it may

be now it's a marketing tool for

yourself so your customers will continue

to follow you continue to buy from your

business and they're just gonna remember

your brand and remember your name and

that is what you want to do to grow and

build a successful business and in this

video I'm just gonna share what I use

for my thank-you cards what I write

where I get them how to make them how to

make them your own and everything is

just gonna be super easy super

affordable and it's not gonna take a lot

of time because those are all things

that you want to keep in mind when

you're an entrepreneur so I just hope

you guys find this super helpful and

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two to my three-step process about what

I do to once I get an order and my next

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anyways this is mr. Teddy gray Valentine

I obviously got him for Valentine's Day

and I don't know I just wanted him to be

in my video because yeah he's super cute

and yeah so I am

going to stop talking now and I'm going

to get to the good stuff but let me know

if you guys have any questions okay all

right all right guys there are so many

different patterns and colors that you

can choose from for your thank-you cards

but just make sure that you want to keep

in mind the style of your brand DIY is

so fun I mean this is easy I just use a

heart shaped stamp you can have a stamp

with your logo your colors you can just

do so much to it and it's just super

easy and affordable I like to switch it

up and I sometimes add stickers to my

envelopes as well these are my

inspirational bro stickers you know

believe you can and that's just

something I personally like to add for

my thank-you cards now you don't have to

be super crafty you actually just use a

hole puncher for these shapes and it's

just a different alternative and fun

creative way to make your thank-you


you can also use postcards actually got

these last year from posh fest so I like

to add these to all my Poshmark

purchases but I have run out of these so

I just stick to my own thank-you cards

okay you guys know I obviously love

polka dots so these were perfect for my

business and I actually got these for a

dollar at the target dollar section

there's eight of them for a dollar it's

such a good deal next you could also

purchase these in bulk at Target but

actually gothy is a quiet a while ago

and this is before I did any research so

these were actually pretty expensive so

I would suggest just sticking to the

dollar section you're gonna save so much

more money that way and I got this hole

puncher at Michael's you could always

get coupons for Michaels so I basically

use this one for my circle theme Thank

You cards now this is super easy I just

use some cardstock paper that actually

also got at Michaels and I like using

this paper rather than the regular

printer type paper because it's a little

bit thicker and it's just a little extra

quality to it because quality also ties

into your business if you're gonna make

your own thank-you card

next I'm just gonna take a sheet of the

paper and my hole puncher you can

actually make about six of these and I

love this shape and design because I not

only use it for thank-you cards I also

use it for other things for my business

like promotional items or gift cards or

discount coupons so I would definitely

recommend investing a little bit into a

hole puncher like this

okay shout out to Lauren because this is

her thank-you card now inside you always

want to include their name and

personalize it thank them for their

business and what they specifically

bought you always want to make it short

and sweet and personal and don't forget

to sign your name as well be aware if

you have a returning customer you want

to switch up the words a bit thanks

again for your purchase I hope all is


and always make sure it's professional I

like to use the Sharpie black fine point

pen because I've always had super super

sloppy handwriting and this one just

makes it nice and clean and professional

always always add your business card new

customers business card returning

customer business card these have my

local my social media and I got these

from Pasha so they're the ones I'm using

right now but it's just so important to

always put your name out there because

you never know who will have your card

next something optional is you could add

small gifts for returning customers new

customers or if you're having a

promotional sale I've been adding these

rows hairpin since I first started my

business it's kind of my signature look

but you can find something that works

for you you can also throw in pencils or

pens with your business name on them

it's just another promotional item for

you to use if you do choose the attic

gift just make sure it's something your

business can afford

to get that returning customer you can

add a discount coupon for their next

purchase don't forget to add an

expiration date that way it's fresh in

their mind and they're more likely to

purchase something right away rather

than waiting and losing their coupon

I wouldn't recommend sending candy or

chocolate even though it seems fun a lot

of people have allergies and sometimes

they can get all over the clothing and I

wouldn't send lotion or nail polish

because there's a whole postal service

law behind this and you just want to

make your life a little bit more easier

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and

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when I look right there okay