How To Make A Graduation Card {Graduation Cap}

hi everyone today we're creating this

graduation card you'll need some black

paper or cardstock and you'll need to

cut an 8 and 1/2 inch by 8 and a half

inch square once you've done that fold

it in half from one corner to the other

you can use scissors to score the fold

then open it back up and we're going to

fold it in half the other direction so

from side to side

and open it up and we're going to do the

same thing but the other direction

so you should be left with this two

plain squares and then two squares with

a fold through the middle so those ones

with the fold through the middle we're

going to fold forward like this so it


then on the other side fold it forward

so you should be left with a square like


and once you've done that we're going to

go ahead and get another piece of black

paper and you're going to decide how

wide you want the bottom of the hat to

be so just kind of lay it out and decide

and then draw a line where you want it

to end

and cut it off there then fold this

piece in half then compare it with the

top of the head again and decide if it

looks how you want it to and then on one

of the sides draw a curved line and then

go ahead and fold it back up and cut on

that line so we'll cut a curved edge on

the bottom and then if it looks how you

want we can move on to the next step so

turn them over so the front side is

facing down decide where you want it


then put some glue on the bottom of the

square and glue the bottom of the hat to


so you should be left with this

then we're going to write in the year on

the bottom of the hat and class of in

the center and then I'm going over it

with a silver colored pencil but you

could use a white marker or a silver

marker or anything like that

then next I'm going to create a little

circle I'm just tracing the top of a

nail polish bottle

I have my circle and then I'm going to

cut it out

this will be the center of the hat and

now I'm going to create a tassel so I'm

taking this gold embroidery floss

and I'm just gonna take out a short

length and I'm going to test it on the

hat to see if that's how long I want the

tassel to be

then once I decide how long I want it to

be I'm going to cut it

next measure out and cut a few more

strands until the tassel is as thick as

you want it to be

then take a short length of the

embroidery floss and tie it in a double

knot towards the top of the tassel and

put the ends so they're sticking up

and trim them if so they're about even

with the top then decide where you want

to place the tassel and glue it in place

then glue the little circle we cut on

top of that

then you can even out the ends if you

want on the castle

then on the inside I'm going to write a


and going over it with my silver colored



then I'm placing this black and white

paper on the sides as an accent here so

I cut tooth wares out of this paper and

you need to fold them in half from

corner to corner

and go ahead and glue them in place with

the first side first

and in the second side


and fold it back up and if there's any

excess on the edge you can cut that off

then up here at the top I'm leaning a

blank but you could cut the square of

paper to make a pocket for money or

whatever you want and then lastly I'm

taking this little scrap of paper and

I'm folding the corner up to the top

like this that then I cut the other side

a little shorter and then fold the

corner up to the top so it forms a shape

like this this will be a pocket for the

card to go into to keep it closed and

then put glue on those two sides and

glue it in place and then to close the

card just stick those ends into the

pocket and that's it