How to Make a Great Yearbook at Shutterfly

from the first day two class parties fun

school activities happen throughout the

year it's great to be able to look back

at the end of the year and even years


Shutterfly yearbooks are a fun and

simple way to organize school memories

for everyone to enjoy anytime you can

create a rich and colorful yearbook for

as low as just six dollars it's an easy

fun and affordable way to capture the

highlights from the school year or teen

season here's a tip to get started

set up a free Shutterfly classroom share

site and invite teachers coaches and the

other parents to join and add their own

photos throughout the year you can start

a yearbook at any time just choose from

our bright and bold elementary school

templates and add photos you can also

choose from any of our other styles and

customize your book cover to cover

adding photos is easy whether from the

share site your computer or your phone

be sure to include pictures of teachers

coaches parents art projects as well as

the classroom and playground another

time-saving tip our idea pages offer

lots of fun suggestions for great

layouts for everything from class photos

to field trips you could then add

captions and embellishments to tell the

full story when you're done be sure to

print out a PDF to proofread you will

want to finish your book and place your

order two weeks before the end of the

year so that you can distribute them in

time for everyone to enjoy that last

week want to learn more about Shutterfly

yearbooks go to Shutterfly comm slash