How to write a Profile Summary? - CV 101

hi I'm back and today I'm going to talk

about profile summary in my last video I

discussed what a fresher should include

in his or her resume if you've not

watched that video then I'll link it

below go ahead watch it prepare your

resume a and then after this video to

watch what should you include in your

profile summary profile summary is the

thing that I write at the end so even as

a resume director profile summary is not

something that I include or I write at

the start of the resume after I complete

the entire resuming and I get a complete

idea of what this person is what his or

her personality is how the career has

grown so far where are they taking that

career when I get all these things in

context that is when I write the profile

summary and that is what I want you to

do after you complete your resume then

you start writing your profile summary a

profile summary is not you complete

resume it is a crisp two three liner

about your resume a profile summary is

not your career objective although it

may include where you want to take your

career it is not your career objective

it is not some brief qualifications it

is not a complete list of a core

competencies or the value offered once

we have all these things out of the way

now let us understand what exactly is a

profile summary and what should be there

in the profile summary profile summary

is at the top of the resume after your

name and contact information so before a

recruiter looks through your resume he

or she comes to your profile summary and

it gives them an idea of what this

particular person or personality and


is it basically is something that starts

the formation of an impression on the

recruiters might it starts forming an

impression on the recruiters mind that

is an impression before an impression

you must include to profile somebody for

that one reason now what should your

profile somebody have it should have how

many years of experience you have don't

make the recruiter count the number of

years experience you have you are going

to tell them make your resume be reading

as easy as possible for the recruiter so

you will include the number of years of

experience that you have what can you do

for the recruiter that means what can

you do for that particular organization

that you are applying for two to three

skill set with example added with 2 to 3

skills with examples if possible if all

your skills do not have examples it's ok

it's it's absolutely all right but one

example probably a quantity as suppose

their sales target you achieved you help

your company and gain profit of certain

percentage or you've modified a process

and made it more efficient any these

subtle things which could not be

included in your resume or which are not

apparent from you're assuming that goes

in a profile summary or any of the

highlights of your resume that you want

to again bring to the notice of the

recruiter that goes into your profile

summary it will include your qualities

one or two qualities of yours are

probably we have great work ethic for

which you have been

sheeted buyer seniors or you are very

efficient in your work or you're good at

time management or you're good at

organizing you're great at resource

management anything which has not been

highlighted in your resume but you want

to bring to the notice of the recruiter

because that is what forms your work

personality should be included in your

profile summary so a typical profile

summary for a fresher should be no more

than two lines maximum three because the

fresher does not have the content to

write so for the sake of writing don't

write make it short crisp easy to read

for a fresher the profile summary should

be no more than two to three lines for

an experienced person five six not more

than that not more than a paragraph

don't mean so long that the recruiter

gets tired and then just skips that part

and goes on to the next bit of your


don't do that so two to three lines for

fresher five to six lights for an

experienced person it's not a hard and

fast rule if your profile summary is

short although you're an experienced

person it's okay if I mean there's no

hard and fast rule every soomi is

written in third person so obviously a

profile summary is also written in third

person now again it is not a hard and

fast rule but almost always a resumes

written in third person if you're

assuming the format is being written in

the first person perspective then write

to profile summary also in the first

person otherwise third person is good

enough now I'll give an example of a

profile summary that I wrote for fresher

who still has MBA in finance then he was

kind of the topper of this college and

he took part in various activities extra

curricular and co-curricular so lot of

these qualities that I am

should have come through in his resuming

and service profile summary red team

leader as well as team player who has

aced his academics as well as in his

curricular activities he is looking to

make a mark in the field of Finance

let me give you another example of a

marketing professional who has one year

of experience in the field of marketing

and his profile summary reads like they

are self-starter with a versatile

skillset who has experience or failure

in sales and customer service he has

received client appreciation multiple

times and has forged long-term

partnerships with this organization and

the client that's it that is a profile

summary for a candidate with the yours

experience at the field of marketing the

next one I'm going to read it out to you

it is of a manager level person with 14

years of experience in his field and his

profile summary reads like this

innovative and result-oriented manager

the reason why I have used both these

terms is because I further in his resume

it will be justified through the

highlights that on one not just one but

two occasions he has shown his in Oita

streak and his results-oriented streak

innovative and result oriented manager

with over 14 years of experience in

combining high quality service delivery

and lean operating methods now I'm not

getting into the specific because I want

to keep this profile summary as

generated as possible so that you people

watching out there no matter the fields

that you are in you can still use this

for your profile summary if it is

applicable for you don't use it just

because it sounds good

okay so I'm going to carry forward

it reads extensive experience in

successfully building partnerships and

lysing with internal and offshore

cross-functional teams to deliver

results on time and within budget

there is one whole line

and that's it see it's just a to line up

but sentences are long but that's it

just these two long sentences third

person with 14 years of experience and

sometimes these kind of short crisp

profile summaries make a more powerful

impact than the long ones where you have

file summary the summary of

qualifications and the career objectives

and one entire page goes with

summarizing your resume me and the

recruiter will never come to your resume

is the actual crux or the content that

meet of your resume a which will help

the recruit to make the decision of

whether or not to call you for an

interview so that's it for today and

I'll see you in the next video bye