How to Make Your Own Quince Invitations!

hey everybody welcome back to my channel

you can't see me right now but I am

behind the screen because today I'm

gonna be showing you how to make your

own quinceanera invitations I already

made a video on Kingstonian invitations

101 and I talked more about what I did

and how to make one but I never

specifically showed you how to make one

physically so that's what I'm gonna be

doing today this is my second video as I

keep Sunita calm embassadors so my first

one was a do-it-yourself party favorite

ideas and I'll have it linked down below

and they also just created an app for

quinceanera calm and that's great

because you can find all your

quinceanera advice on this app and right

now it's only available on iPhone but it

will definitely be available on Android

very soon I hope you're all doing well

so let's just go ahead and get started

it's very very simple right now what I'm

gonna be showing you is a little

template of one that I use for my Keens

too because I had a few different types

and this is the one that I created so I

went on Google and I searched a gradient

background picture and it had to be a

good size and just whichever one you

like save it to your computer and we're

gonna be using the editing software

called picmonkey.com once I have the

picture opened up on PicMonkey I'm gonna

be rotating it and then cropping out

just a little bit against us all to your

liking whatever you prefer so I'm just

taking out a little bit of the pink and

then hitting the button that says apply

next I am moving on to exposure and this

you can just mess around with the

settings and see what colors you like

better maybe you can make the picture a

little bit lighter a little bit brighter

a little bit more defying things like

that and again just find something that

you like until you are satisfied with it

next I'm moving to the butterfly button

and going down to the section that's

called coroner's the first four are free

and I'm using one of those in applying

it to one pointer and then clicking on

duplicate overlay just to create the

same image and the same size just so you

don't have to keep messing with those

settings and rotating it and putting it

at the bottom okay it's sort of coming

along now so now we're going to be

putting our name and you can use your

first name your first name and your last

name whichever one works for you I went

with my first name and I made it pretty

big this is the biggest part of

invitation I wanted it to stand out and

now we are going to be moving to the

little phrase it's again all of this is

optional you decide what you want to put

on your invitation this is just my

example of one but you can search on

Google different cute little phrases for

your quinceanera and the one that I

decided to choose was one that says

dicen que la vidas Las Vega si podemos

kultur lo que su llamo mi sueño si

compactus conmigo la noche de Mesquita

anos so that's the one that I went for

and I divided the text in four sections

so I made every little section by itself

and then I shrink it and then adjusted

it and place it on the invitation

just a thought of you gets me so hot so

justin gets me so I'm going to be moving

everything a little bit up to add more

space or everything else that we're

about to put and don't be afraid to

change anything because this is editing

and it's not finalized yet so now we're

moving on to adding our parents names so

I want to start it off by putting

boondock on my stylus comma and then I'm

going to be putting this in one specific

text and then the next text which is my

parents names I decided to do it in a

different text and you'll see what what

I'm going to be doing in a second so the

next part is again just another little

phrase basically saying you're invited

so I went with less amalaki a little

soon but I cannot a companion and with

whichever day of your team say it is so

I went with the lingo things are you

know that also and I use the same text

that I used with the hunt economist

Padres and then the place of the

quinceanera I use the same text that I

use for the name of my parents so you

want a little bit of variation but you

also want to keep it organized so I kind

of went from one text to another the

same text went like you know what I mean

I hope you can see the little pattern

that I'm going for a sort of like one

two one two and for the address of the

location of your team safe I'm also

using the same text as the other ones

but putting it a little bit bigger

because it is such important information

and I also made the Palace of dreams

location also a lot bigger because it is

important and then lastly I am adding

the timing so you want to add each items

of your team's it I'm putting in the

time for the center the time for the

person to see on any time for it be


and you are almost done now you can add

small little details you can play around

with whatever else PicMonkey has to

offer I'm adding a little hard making it

black and then shrinking it and putting

it above the eye just a small cute

little touch like that and then lastly

I'm going to the sparkle stars effects

and adding a little tiny star thing

where it says Palace and then you can

save your invitation and you are done

now you're ready to print it off and you

can test out different types of paper if

you are using a photograph paper or

cardstock paper and then where there's a

little space between the phrase and

window commis feathers you can add some

ribbon or some glitter or sparkle ribbon

or even a little bow just something that

adds that final touch I hope you guys

enjoyed this tutorial it's very simple

it can save you a lot of money and you

can customize it to what you like I hope

you guys enjoyed this video and found it

helpful have a great rest of the day and

I will talk to you guys really soon


come close