Quitting Your Job? How to Write a Resignation Letter

hi guys in this video tip I'm going to

show you how you can write a

professional resignation letter anytime

you need to quit your job it doesn't

matter what type of job it is it could

be a job that is part of your career or

a survival jobs such as dishwasher or a

barista at a coffee shop or a customer

service representative at a retail store

again it doesn't matter what the job is

because you never know when you might

need to contact your previous manager to

get a reference for a future job so make

sure to always be polite and

professional also it's always

professional to resign in person which

means go tell your manager and also make

sure to bring a printed copy of your

resignation letter because many

companies will ask for that so let's get

started there are generally four parts

to an effective polite and professional

resignation letter in the first part you

should include the name of your position

the name of the company from which you

will be resigning and also the last date

of your employment it's always

professional to give two weeks notice

but that might be different in some

situations for example when you have

been working at the company for a short

time like a few weeks or a month so here

is an example of a sentence that you can

use for part 1 please accept this letter

as notification that I am resigning from

my position as marketing assistant with

marketing experts effective May 31st and

then the year in the second part of your

resignation letter

thank your manager and the company for

giving you

to work there even if you now hate the

company or if you don't have a good

relationship with your manager I'm sure

that you have learned something or

experience something useful or at the

very least they can be your reference in

the future so you can use this sentence

for part two thank you for the

opportunities you have provided me

during my time with the company nice and

short but polite and professional in

part number three you want to offer

assistance during that transition so for

part three you can use this sentence

please let me know if I can be of any

assistance during this transition and

then finally for the fourth part it's

not necessary but I like to include it

because again it is polite and

professional and that is to wish luck or

to wish the best for your manager and

the team in the future and you can use a

sentence like this I wish you and the

team continued success and that's it

that's your complete resignation letter

I hope this tip was useful for you and

as always if you have any comments or

questions please make sure to include

them below this video