Write a Birthday Invitation

how to write a birthday invitation

birthday parties are fun for kids and

adults of all ages and creating an

invitation as an important step in the

party planning process because

invitations ensure people know to attend

but if you aren't familiar with the

birthday invitation format it can be

intimidating to write your own for the

first time especially if you're working

with blank invitations or making your

own from scratch the main thing is

telling all your guests the most

important information such as when and

where the party will be held so you need

to include all of this on the invitation

once you get the basic format of an

invitation and collect all the relevant

information you can start experimenting

with fun and creative writing for your

invitations including important


tell invitees about the guest of honor

in the host there are five main elements

to any invitation and they are who what

when and where the first element to

include on an invitation is who because

people want to know who they'll be

celebrating when they attend the party

to open the invitation name the person

celebrating a birthday you can say

something as simple as it's Karen's

birthday most of the time the people

invited to a birthday party will be

close friends and family so you don't

need more than a first name to introduce

the guest of honor when the host of the

party isn't the guest of honor

you need to introduce the host as well

in case the host isn't known to all the

guests you can include more information

such as a last name or the host

relationship to the guest of honor for

example you can say Karen's sister Mary

would like you to join her in


explain what the invitation is for after

you tell guests who is celebrating you

must explain what kind of celebration

they're invited to in most cases it will

be a birthday party don't be afraid to

include specifics such as what age the

guest of honor will be turning

especially if it's a milestone birthday

for example you can say Karen is turning


tell guests when the party will be this

is an important element so you must be

specific and detailed you can't just say

Saturday because then your guests won't

know which Saturday you mean include the

time and specific date for the party if

the party is only scheduled to go for a

certain amount of hours put that

timeframe on the invitation for instance

you can say the party is on Sunday

February 29th from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

remember to tell your guests where to go

regardless of whether the party is being

held at someone's house at a restaurant

at a clubhouse or elsewhere you need to

provide the name and address of the


never assume guests know where the hosts

house is or where a particular

restaurant is located if the party is at

Karen's house say the party will be held

at Karen's at 123 pine Lane in town

request at guests RSVP in case you need

to know who will be coming and how many

guests there will be the final line of

the invitation should be a call to

action for guests asking that they let

the hosts know if they will be attending

our SVP s were traditionally done by

mail but today people often prefer

responding by phone or email

be sure to tell guests how you want them

to RSVP a call to RSVP can be as simple

as please RSVP to Mary

202 555 1 1 1 1