Project Scope Statement: How to Create it on Example

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before we talk about project scope stay


let's review its place in project

management framework

we do need some inputs before you can

start drafting it out it all starts with

a project charter this document contains

high-level information about the project

and its boundary it might be as simple

as a web application for our corporate

clients or one-story house with a garage

then we'll find the relevant project

stakeholders who have expertise and

authority to provide specific

requirements first your clients provide

the main requirements then you collect

relevant requirements from your team and

subject matter experts within your

organization together you work to find

detailed requirements if needed to

create a requirements traceability metal

okay just to be sure we're on the same

side let's clarify the difference

between the scope of work and the

requirements a requirement is a

condition or capability that is required

to be present in a product service or

result to satisfy a contractor formally

import specifications and a project

scope is the work performed to deliver a

product service or result with the

specified features and functionality

described in a contract or are the

formal impulse specification so what

does it mean a requirement is what a

product should look like what should it

be capable of what are the

characteristics behavior performance and

so on while project scope describes what

work should be performed to meet all

those requirements so only once you know

the main requirements you can outline

the project scope that's where you start

drafting the project scope statement

project scope statement is

the description of a product and project

scope it is used as a written

confirmation of what your project is

going to produce and how what's the key

to useful projects scope statement I

believe you need to use terms and

language that any stakeholder

understands these piece of projects cool

Breslin is mainly for your customers and

clients what should be included

justification of a project project scope

acceptance criteria deliverables

projects exclusions constraints and

assumptions okay if you watched until

this moment leave me eight years in the

comments below because now we are going

into the main part of this video I will

explain how to create a project scope

statement on an example of a simple

project let's imagine I work in a web

development studio and I need to create

a project management basic site as it

looks now let's do it justification of

the project it is a short description of

business need sometimes one sentence is

enough the rest should stay in the

project chart in our case as a project

management blogger I need a platform to

host my articles on project management

and build audience of loyal readers it

is a cornerstone of my business product

scope here you put description of all

the characteristics traits and

functionality of a product or service

that you need to produce keep in mind

that you collected requirements from

different stakeholders do not assume

that all of them communicate with each

other so it is the primary place to

align the expectations of all key

stakeholders you need to show the amount

and complexity of work required to meet

different requirements put the most of

your efforts in this section in our

example we need to deliver a website

based on WordPress it's the platform

that have all the internet uses with

minimum custom software development the

site means the home page blogger curve

and article template as it was designed

and a special forum to collect emails

again keep in mind that by this moment

we need to have memory

already specified acceptance criteria

these are the conditions that must be

met before the project deliverables are

accepted you can include an acceptable

level and the number of defects here as

well we agreed that this is delivered

when I can access PM basics one on one

dot-com site on the internet and seal

the main deliverables

there should be no defects that prevent

using the main functionality or doesn't

have a simple workaround visually and

functionally the site should look and

perform as described in specifications

and designs currently provide a sign off

on the final results we are not writing

a contract here it's an agreement it

should be readable and easy to

understand don't try to cover your back

here you can do it by providing a

realistic project management plan late

deliverables it is the description of

all deliverables your project will

produce it may include the project or

service project documentation product

menus educational materials for your

product and so on so put all tangible

and intangible results that you need to

hand off to the client at the end of

your project so in our example the

client wants to get some project

management deliverables like water

breakdown structure and project schedule

and product deliverables first home page

with text images and form to collect

emails second blog archive at least 10

recent articles with sidebar thought

blog post template so that all articles

have the same feel in book all I need to

do is to fill it with content text and

images for example I also want to have

this little form at the end of each

article project exclusions here you need

to specify what is out of the project

scope quite often a part of stakeholders

want something specific the other part

of stakeholders or customers does not

support it so it's a config situation

but once the conflict is resolved and it

was decided to remove this part of scope

from the pro

you put it here in the project

exclusions it says time in the future

firstly you will not have to revisit

this project exclusions again but

stakeholders may try to include them

later during the project execution

however unless something dramatically

changes you should not waste time on the

reviewing exclusion secondly unless it's

clearly stated someone may still expect

you will deliver this part of scope

don't feed false expectations it will be

easier to handle the project at the end

in our example website will be created

on WordPress so custom software

development is beyond this project

students only area for the perfect

junior project manager program is out of

the scope of current project we need

these exclusions to ensure that even if

we have time and money we don't drift

away from reaching our main objective to

deliver website with the blog

constraints anything that limits you to

deliver the product efficiently should

be stated here so from project charter

we have project budget constraint which

is $1500 there is a deadline on August

25 in the way constrained by technology

options we can only use WordPress please

notice that this constraint might not be

mentioned in the project charter early

at the project beginning assumptions

these are the uncertainties that

couldn't be clarified at this moment you

may need to accept some of them during

planning in case an assumption proves to

be invalid you have a right to modify

the project plan so in our case our

assumption is that it's possible to

deliver a project using standard

WordPress capabilities also we should

assume that this form will integrate

with WordPress seamlessly okay here is

an important aspect a customer a client

should approve the project scope

statement in fact it's a 4:1 and mutual

agreement it states that you are

committed to delivering described

results and

they identified assumptions and with

being clear constraints on the other

hand customers agreed to accept these

specify the results but what's more

important you will continue planning

project based on the information

approved in the project's cost statement

you will break down major deliverables

to identify 100% of scope

it means you estimate cost and duration

only all the tasks required to produce

these deliverables it doesn't mean that

we cannot change the project scope no it

means that to mallika change we need to

amend the agreement however well there

is a change request from customers

during project execution and it's not

described in the initial project scope

statement it's a valid reason for you to

make adjustment to project budget

schedule and other parts of project

management plan that's why it's so

important to read project scope

statement using tools and language that

your clients understand it's a mutually

beneficial document that prevents

conflicts in the future how do you use

project scope statement without ideally

you simply take the main deliverables

and put them on the first level of

decomposition into the work breakdown

structure then you decompose them

further until you get to the level

suitable for estimation also you can use

assumptions and constraints from here as

initial input to their risk management

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before we go let me ask you a question

what do you think is the biggest benefit

of the projects called statement is it

understanding all the projects scope by

customer or your ability to refer to the

scope statement when a change request

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