✨🍑DIY AESTHETIC SCRAPBOOK (aka me being a bad friend and making a last minute gift) 🍑✨



so it is my best friend's birthday today

and because I am a horrible horrible

horrible friend I am making her gift

today I am going to be showing you one

of the two gifts that I di wide for Li

Jun the second one will be up very soon

I am going to be making a little

scrapbook thing I have an idea in mind

it's going to be like a miniature

scrapbook thing that I think Lee Joon

would really appreciate I wanted to make

it because one it is very on brand with

me too I love collecting memories and I

think Lee Joon would thoroughly enjoy

collecting memories so let's just jump

right in because I talked too much and I

there's absolutely no need for me to

talk this much okay but actually before

we jump right in and I just want to tell

you guys that this video is sponsored by


so yes okay now we're jumping right in I

have just this big ol pack of like cards

and stuff that I bought from Michaels

a while ago I just shoved a bunch of

other cards that I have but it actually

just comes with these brown ones and the

brown envelopes so I am going to need

three cards I think

let's first staple them I have this old

cork board thingy that has broken off

and I am just going to use this to stick

the staple in this staple I got from

Amazon I will link it in the description

box down below I always link all the

products that I use in a video in the

description box down below so if you

guys are ever interested in what I am

using there you go


I'm going to use the back of this exacto

knife to push the staples down let's

just fold this baby up



so I have this instant printer and this

was generously gifted to me by famoso

thank you so much for that and thank you

too for memo for sponsoring this video I

am going to use it to print out pictures

for this memory book this is my full

memo printer right here it is an instant

thermal printer so it actually has no

ink it just prints directly onto the

thermal paper and so we're going to open

the full memo app right here as that is

opening let's turn this baby on so to

turn it on you hold on to this power

button for three seconds and then a

green light will come on there we go and

then I have already loaded the paper

into there but if you guys did it there

are markings on the side so you see that

there's like a u-shape here and in a

flat shape so the u-shape will actually

go down oh and you have to make sure

that the sticker paper is on top and not

on the bottom because if it's on the

bottom it will not print anything out I

have tried trust me so right now I am

cropping all of the photos first just to

make sure it is the right size that I

want so then that way when it prints out

it prints out nicely okay so now that we

are done cropping all of the images we

are going to go into the faux memo app

and we're going to connect our device

right here it says disconnect that you

can click that and then click on the

device name and then now it's connected

we're going to go to print images and

I'm just going to print all of these

photos out so and then you can adjust on

the app as well but I would like to just

keep it back at whatever I adjusted it

at okay so we're going to hit done right

and we're gonna watch this guy print


guys this is in real-time and print it

out so freaking fast I am actually a

little shook all right now I'm just

gonna go and finish printing all of

these other photos here so if you are

interested in purchasing a film mo

pocket printer you can use my coupon

code Susan Liu to get 10% off your

purchase and this code only lasts until

July 31st so go to the description box

click that link and snag yourself this

super cute instant printer alrighty now

I am done printing it all out I will

first rip this off what's cool about

this is that it's actually printed on

sticker paper and so you can easily just

peel the backing off and then stick it

on to whatever you're doing so I am

going to take a pair of scissors and

just cut it




already oh I want to round the corner so

I am going to be using my corner punch

to round off all of the corners and I

just like using my corner punch for

everything because why not

alrighty I have no faith in doing this

and making it look nice without a pencil

so we're going to use a pencil okay I

have 12 photos here I believe sorry I

have 11 but two of these are actually

going together so these two go together

because this one is the original photo

and this was when will and Lee Joon got

engaged and this girl was standing in my

picture and I was like so frustrated

that she was there because I feel like

it just ruined such a good photo so then

I photoshopped it and edited a brick

wall along here so no the girl is gone

so I just thought that was funny and I

would stick that in I have a big box of

washi tape right here and this is all

the washi tape that I have so I will be

using this to decorate my little

scrapbook I guess this would be a

scrapbook let's just get to work I'm

going to just maybe not talk through

this cuz I talk too much so I'm only

going to show you guys the title page

the first two pages and then the very

last page of this little scrapbook

thingy because it is thus basically the

same thing over and over and over again

and it gets a little repetitive and so

to save you guys the boredom and to save

you guys some time I will only be

showing you those four pages but I will

do a final flip through in the end so

for now enjoy some scrapbooking news and

some music




























okay so I just finished a little book

thingy that I made this little album I

can sound boom scrapbook album I don't

know what I would call it but I just

finished it and I am so happy with the

way it turned out so we're just gonna do

a final flip through of this






alright guys that's all for this video

thank you guys so much for watching and

I would like to thank faux memo once

again for sponsoring this video if you

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