How to Draw a Best Dad Heart ❤️ | Father's Day Art

hydrosec baby's waiting here today we're

gonna draw a heart for best dad so let's

get started to draw this heart for your

best dad let's first start by drawing

the top of the heart so I'm just going

to start right here which is right in

the center of the top of my heart and

from this point I'm gonna go up and draw

curve high some Brown and bring it down

so that's the first curve now the other

side so just come right here because

this is the center you're just going to

mimic this side just try your best to

follow and just gauge this curve that

curve so no it's a lot easier because

it's clearly closed now it's gonna get

harder as we go further apart so to help

out just take this point right here and

just bring it out but right here

approximate and then using that as your

guide that's the top of your other side

now I'm gonna start to round it in round

it down a me just like the other side so

just step back take a look and just

slowly bring this curve down so we're

just gonna bring it down to

approximately the same area like the

other size above that right there

little bit more okay so now we're pretty

even so always go in there you can mix

any adjustments if you're using a pencil

okay so now that we're pretty even I'm

gonna bring this down just a tiny bit

more and this side as well just start to

come in a little bit now we have this

banner we need to draw so I'm gonna come

right here and aim for this area and I'm

gonna draw a curve that comes right

across so remembering that this is my

Center that's gonna be my highest point

so I'm just gonna bring this curve right

there it's my highest point and now I'm

going to start to come down

right back down and bring this out a

tiny bit just like the other side from

there let's bring in an angle line kind

of following this curve and same thing

here and we're gonna follow this curve

now the top right there highest point

and then start to come down I'm just

gonna come in here and brown off my

banner a little bit more okay so now we

have this banner in let's continue our

heart so I'm gonna bring using this as

my guy come straight down from the

center point right here just bring it

straight down say about however long you

want your heart to be I'm gonna say

about right here just gave myself a

tenth at that point and from there I'm

gonna Majan this being overlapped so

it's going to come out like I write here

I'm just going to go ahead and draw a

curve to that point so it's because I'm

drawing pretty big using these points as

guides and makes it a lot easier to get

a little bit more even so right there

just like the other side and bring it in


now we have our heart a okay so then

from there let's finish off this banner

we're going to come right here just give

it a little curve to tuck in the banner

now we're gonna draw the tail of our

banner so I'm gonna come out bar right

here following this curve then come out

come in with two angles and tuck it

right back in here so we're going to do

the same thing on the other side so

proximate that much is that but right

here we're gonna start and once again

following that curve

approximate about that much and we just

know we're gonna aim back to here so


come in out and buy right here their got

the other banners other tail in then

from there let's I'm at some details for

this heart for your dad so come right

here and I'm just gonna draw in a collar

and a tie so write this as a center kind

of like his neck we're going to come

right here with two angle lines because

I was trying to figure out how can I

make a heart for dad so hopefully you

guys love this ID I thought it's pretty

good it wouldn't be awesome I find the

one only one that's come up with this


hopefully okay so we have to tie this

top part and then we're gonna draw the

bottom part of the tie because I imagine

this bank overlaps that's kind of yeah

but right here that same thing it's all

right in the center right here right in

center say about right here I'll just

get myself a point and oops I overshot

my point that's okay and couldn't yeah

we would tie in so on your tie you can

decorate however you like for your dad

but I'm just gonna leave my blanks just

to make it a little bit simpler and then

you can write best dad right here so

once again I'm just going to come right

here and all caps I'm basically

following the curve of this banner so I

know I have to write best and then Dad

so best is gonna cover more of the space

so I'm just coming right here on my

being so this is very much like the best

mom that I did recently

so I definitely have something to follow

so be a so I'm just gonna go ahead and

write there's so V and then s and G okay

so half best now dad so I'm gonna skip a

little bit space and D now we have to

make my a lobe is skinnier so just see

how much space you have a left that's

how you determined how fat or skinny

your letters need to be in the end okay

there it did it so now I'm just going to

go in here and thick and everything up

and you can always make any adjustments

you need at this point so let's say if

your he was too far from here then you

can just come in this area I'm picking

that side up if it was thicker I mean it

was wider this I think you were picking

up the other side so it just makes it a

little bit easier to make adjustments

once you're all and done just putting it

in place

okay and okay and that is my best at

heart and hopefully you guys love this

as much as my best mom heart and that it

was by you to try for your dad this

Father's Day thanks so much for watching

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