How to Draw Best Mom Bubble Letters and Heart

hi there when you hear Frost activities

for your rajadi best mom are cooking so

let's get started with this drying we're

going to first start by drawing our

heart so right here I'm going to give

myself a point I'm going to start right

here and this is going to be the center

of my heart and I'm going to go up nice

and round at the top right here and


around a nice big curve and let's come

down now go all the way down straight

down so the how big you want your heart

to be give yourself another point so it

comes straight down to about right there

but how big I want my heart and I'm

going to aim to come to this point right

here with this curve so we're going to

come down all the way and come to this

point right here


like that so I got one shape in so

that's the easy part now they try to

match the other side so so some tips go

how to make it a little bit easier it's

not going to be perfect or exactly the

same or anything like that but we're

going to try our best and it was an easy

way to do it this is just come over so

we know we want to go up up this time so

just come over about right there so

let's go over here and just kind of give

yourself points up all right here is

where your highest point is going to be

to match this side so let's go up from

there and we're just going to go up to

that point right there


and then we're going to come around so

just kind of eyeball and see how about

how why they need to go so all right

keep going nice and brown and big and so

once again there comes down to this

point we're going to keep coming down

and then right here you can come over

here it's a little bit easier to see so

they can match this part right here

smudge try much that angle like that and

then connect it always easier to see

when you're closer together

connect your hearts so they're our

beautiful heart right there and so then

from there let's start to draw are our

flowers so the way I'm drawing these

flowers is a really easy swirl kind of

like mimicking the icing how they were

piped flowers on cookies so about right

here I'm going to draw three flowers

about right on this corner I'm going to

start by swirling so I'm going to start

here go around and so there is no exact

way you have to do this just when I go

around and around just have fun with

this so make it a little bit bigger this

one and then just tuck it in

that's one flower and then where you

come about right here and do the same

thing go around and around and stop

right there and say bring this over

around here and curve so then one more a

little bit smaller down here we're just

going to go around again same thing and


for them to add some leaves right here

we're just going to curve the row line

in the center take the young right here

so wherever your flowers meet just add a

little leaf to decorate it like that and

so then now to draw that big real banner

right here a big curve that's going to

go across so go right here I'm gonna

start on our Center and I'm going to go

all the way across so here nice big

curve all the way over so then let's

come about let's see how thick we wanted

to say about right there and basically

going to follow this curve that I

created so I'll make sure but how six

I'm going to come about right here just

get myself 20 mix it a little bit easier

so I'm going to go and follow my up my

top curve and come to that point right

there so now it's got this nice arc

right here for me to write my fist Mambo

letters but before we do that let's some

finish off and draw the other flowers so

down here I'm going to draw two more

flowers right here in this little corner

can you go world once again same thing

like I said just have fun with this part

no right or wrong way to do it if you

want to big or just keep going everyone

slowly just stop then so then I'll right

here put a delete and that's have one

right here going out there so I got my

five flowers in now too right

oh now before we do that because this is

a cookie if you like but just as a heart

just leave it like this but if you want

to make it a cookie like I'm doing come

in here and we're basically going to

just draw what we just did smaller so to

give us our cookie edge and this would

be our icing part so there you go all

the way around just give yourself a nice

little so I'm going to stop right

there and I'm going to continue over

here stop and then go around and keep

going for the same thing just go around

and stop right there

so I'm having a banner kind of all the

way through so now we can draw our best

moms of the letters so right here I'm

going to start right towards the edge so

I give myself a lot of room I'm going to

start with a bean a capital B and I'm

basically going to follow all these

curves that I've created so go right

here towards the center just draw your

cellphone nice little line and we're

going to start to draw the be luke

come in here and just give yourself that

no inside part for B so our goal as we

draw the use bubble letters is to follow

this curve and to try to make it the

same size as we keep going so right here

I'm going to continue imagine there's

another line so right here would be my

team and I'm going to bring it down at

the same angle so once again is the same

continuing and trying to make it all the

same width all the way around so that's

my goal Thanks look at my team now the

test so the same thing up around to the

stopping go right there and just follow

and down now the cheat once again

following the angle following this curve

so if you're feeling more comfortable

you can go ahead and lightly with a

pencil just give yourself a nice little

curve right there so you have something

to follow if you like come in here with

a top part of my key and once again to

follow the same angle down right there

and connect it

so now I have my best in so I know I

have all this room practically half of

this banner and the reason just for

three loads because I'm going to make it

a lot fatter so this parts a little bit

trickier now because you need to fit it

in here so right here I'm going to start

my M same angles I'm going to make my M

nice and fat come down curve it up come

down and connect it so I'm going to kind

of gauge of another row right here

so my Oh can not be too fast if you have

a lot more room can make your own nice

around but I don't have that much room

so my oh is going to be a little bit

squashed she'll be like an oval right

there nice oval right there and in the

center I'm going it for the heart of

course right for the best mom so now I'm

going to draw bit other goods and I come

down here I notice it's a dangling as I

can check this edge right here and come

down so I'm going to go all the way up

and come following this curve so you

notice this M is a little bit thinner

because the amount of space I have left

so that's what you're going to have to

play with as you're drawing your bubble

letters see how much room you have left

and it doesn't matter it still looks

pretty good right so that's about it for

this some best mom you can come in here

just give yourself a little line just to

add some dimension to this cookie so

they're my best mom heart cookie

I hope this inspired you to draw

something very sweet for your mom today

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