Email Subject for Sending Resume | 5 Interview Getting Email Subject Tips

What's the best email subject for sending your resume? In today's lesson

you'll learn five tips that will help you write a powerful subject line plus

if you watch to the end I'll tell you how to get an email template that you

can swipe to help you write your very own job getting email!

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know when i post another video the first tip for your email subject for sending a

resume is to keep the subject line short preferably less than 60 characters any

longer than that and you risk it getting cut off second if there are specific

instructions in the job posting about what to include in the subject line such

as the title of the position or the job ID be sure to follow those two the

letter third if you have been referred by someone who knows the hiring decision

maker or who the hiring decision maker knows you have an automatic connection

be sure to take advantage of that by including their name in the subject line

for example if you are a friend or co-worker of the person referring you be

sure to say so, like this, friend of Val Barnes interested in social media

director if it is a more formal referral or the company that you're applying to

is a more formal company in terms of their culture you can simply say

referral by val barnes : robert jones for social media director before i share

the next powerful email subject for sending resume i'd love to get your

feedback what is most challenging to you about finding a better job I'd love to

read your answer in the comments below if there is no referral to include and

this would be number tip number four I recommend you be bold and direct my

favorite example is this top five reasons to hire me as social media

director now you could list top three reasons or top two reasons or top four

reasons I probably would never go more than five but this subject line creates

interest because the reader is going to automatically want to open your email

and see what are the reasons you're claiming are good enough for the

to hire you in that position so it captures their attention now of course

the body of your email has got to be congruent with that and I'll talk a

little bit more about that in a minute but if you find this heading just a

little bit too bold for you and your personality again it's important that

you stay congruent with your personality then you can do something like this

social media professional with ten plus years experience and then a dash

followed by your name that can also be very powerful

number five is this make sure that the inside body of your email is congruent

with whatever your subject line is so for example if you're going to start

with a referral in the subject line then the first sentence of your email should

really probably describe your relationship to the refer if you're

going to go with the other example I gave the top five reasons to hire you as

the social media director then you need to be absolutely certain that inside

that email you've listed those five reasons out of the three reasons however

many you're going to do and that the listing of those reasons links your

experience your expertise your qualifications with criteria that are

important to the job or to the company I have two videos that can help you do

this what to write in an email when sending a resume goes into a lot of

detail including how to choose a professional email address and how to

write a strong call-to-action in your email message my email body for sending

a resume video takes an in-depth look at how to make sure that main body of your

email is persuasive I've dropped links to both of those in the description so

be sure to check those out and finally there is one more thing I'm super

excited to be able to offer The Magic Interview Getting Email template which

you can download for free it includes a Quick Start email cover letter template

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