Writing Sympathy Cards For Pets

hi it's Erica in the spirit of being a

little more casual I decided to do this

video with no tripod and outside and the

reason I'm doing that is because I'm

talking today about writing a sympathy

card and basically when you do this you

just have to go for it I actually have a

much harder time writing sympathy cards

for losses of humans than animals and I

think that many of us may feel the same

way I got a lot of sympathy cards when

my mom passed away and my relationship

with my mom was really complicated and

not always the greatest and so I felt

like every sympathy card that I got just

didn't quite hit the mark and as a

result when I write a sympathy card for

a person I'm so aware that there's so

much that I don't know about the

relationship but our relationships with

pets are really simpler than that and at

least from my point of view it's not so

hard to write something that rings true

for an animal many times I have people

tell me that they actually had a harder

time grieving the loss of their animal

than they did the loss of a parent and

find that surprising but I I find that

not surprising at all you know animals

don't worry about whether we let them

down they don't have really high

requirements of us they just want to

love and be loved and that is so

refreshing ly straightforward sometimes

compared to our relationships with

people so when I write a sympathy card I

start out usually by just saying I'm so

sorry for your loss

and I usually end pretty much the same

way I say thinking of you with great

sympathy and then my name or with deep

sympathy and then in between I just try

to say as much as I know about my about

the person's relationship with their

animals so if they told me any little

stories I might reference those or I

might say you know I love I know that

fuzzy really love to sit in the window

and look at the birds or I I remember

the story you told me about Joe and how

he stole the shoe that time and you know

he sure was a funny dog like just

anything that that helps the person know

that their animal was seen and known by

somebody that's not just them and the

other thing that I I do is just

reference how I'm sure the person is

missing the animal very much because we

do you know and sometimes I know that

the person is going to grieve that loss

intensely and so I might mention that I

think the house often feels strangely

empty after a pet is gone and it's not

unusual for me to mention that and in my

position as a veterinarian a lot of

people really want reassurance that they

made a good choice at a good time and so

if I have a sense that they are looking

for that I might tell them that I don't

think that's really appropriate for a

non veterinarian who wasn't you know

involved in that choice necessarily

unless maybe you were involved in that

choice maybe you helped that person

through their struggles with deciding

about euthanasia and

that case that could be totally

appropriate to put that down and if you

knew the pet at all personally you know

you can share some of your favorite

recollections of that pet or their

personality but the number one thing and

and what I always resort to when I write

a sympathy card for a human loss which I

always find so much more challenging is

that it doesn't have to be perfect or

fantastic it's so much better to write

it then not to write it and so just do

it just go for it and if it's just a few

sentences it's really fine you know

getting the card is what means the most

to people and of course it's wonderful

if it's a brilliant insightful card but

just to have a card just to know that

you care about them and that you thought

of them is the number one thing so any

comments feel free to leave them and if

you have questions or would you like to

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just give me a call 802 five five two

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