How To Write A Conclusion For A Research Paper: A Structure For A Conclusion In A PhD Journal Paper

hello this is dr. Dave Maass like

talking to you about reciprocity calm

the e is with written with a three and

in this particular video I really wanted

to talk to you but how do you actually

write a conclusion for a research paper

I don't think I've talked about this

just yet I've talked about many

different other topics with the research

paper but not about how to actually

write a conclusion for a research paper

and sort of thinking about a simple

structure for a conclusion I've done

this with a lotta different papers now

it sort of fits and it sort of seems to

make a lot of sense and I think this is

and I've read a ton of papers now and

they all kind of have all of this sort

of structure and some are professor of

innovation strategy and entrepreneurship

and we do a lot of writing in academia

if you don't know that we're always

doing writing and all that kind of stuff

so this is what I do or this is what

I've tended to do this but especially in

the last couple of years and it seems to

work really well and it really revolves

around your research question so if you

haven't done that yet go and check out

the video about when I was talking about

with my research questions and as well

is go make sure that you actually have a

research question before you actually do

any particular research or anything like


so again this video would be helpful for

people that are in an undergrad or doing

graduate work as well that are thinking

about doing a research paper so state

your research question question whatever

it is and sort of have a good idea of

what the research question is right at

the beginning of the the the first

sentence of the conclusion just have you

know maybe restate it in some sort of

way then you want to state the

particular theory so you you say in this

particular paper I sought to find the

reasons why the Sun is yellow and then

you would state after that the second

sort of part of a state you know what is

the theory that you're using so

using the particular theory about

sunshine my I was I investigated the x

y&z of why the sunshine is actually

yellow or why the Sun is actually yellow

then once you have that so once you

start the state the theory and so I have

a basic framework then you go in and say

well based on this particular research

method or based on the findings in this

particular paper we were able to resolve

XY and Z so we were able to sort of

solve the particular issue and this is

what the findings were so the third part

is stating what your particular findings

were this are really broad overview then

you want to go in the next sort of

sentence is to go in and give a big

picture of where you think future

researchers can take this particular

thing so using using this particular

theory and these particular results of

identifying that the the Sun is yellow

because of XY and Z I believe future

research should be able to take this in

this particular direction it can be

these particular findings are very very

useful for X for these kind of

researchers that are using this kind of

methodology and they should pursue this

then at the end the sort of last

sentence of the structure of the

conclusion is just state a big idea

something really big and broad and it

could be really kind of loose and not

like you know it's not really all that

scientific and and say something this

this results in there being many

different these findings indicate that

there are still many loose ends to to

study to further study in to develop in

and get a better sense of why the the

Sun is yellow so getting into much more

in depth or or getting in kind of a

really broad overview but also

indicating that there's lots of


routes of research left for people to

build on the particular study that

you're doing so remember what you're

trying to do with any particular

research study is not only sort of

investigate this particular finding or

investigate what's going on but then as

well have other peoples are built on the

research that you did and by sort of

indicating that there's lots of

different things that you can study that

opens up many more avenues for people to

pursue and sort of deep dig deep a

little bit further so really if you sort

of follow those five different steps you

know first one is stating your research

questions second one is stating the

particular theory to investigate that

research question the third thing is

stating your findings the fourth thing

is stating this sort of big picture of

where you think researchers should go

with the particular findings and then

the last one is ending with a really big

picture of what's going on and stating

that there's lots of different loose

ends to sort of investigate if you have

this structure for a research paper

conclusion or the conclusion of a

research paper you can really go a long

ways and it's a really simple structure

but it is quite effective and I've seen

this done hundreds if not thousands of

times this particular structure and

again every paper is different but

they're loosely kind of along this lines

in terms of developing a particular

research paper conclusion so that's it

hopefully you like this this video for

Monday writes and I'm looking forward to

seeing you on the next video bye