no lottery no Valentine's Day is coming

up what is up guys this is kimchi and

Tulsa's yeah oh we did at the same time

this time whoa that was like after 99

tastes the only thing that could ever

come between us okay our remote remote

control in the beginning when we're

watching movies we'll hunt like this

you're like ah let's watch it together

very nicely cuddly alright this is the

beginning honeymoon stage of that being

right now even if I read oh my god

you're like breathing so loud I cannot

even hear like a very intense part

Korean drama I love you even when you

fight in your city I'm glad that we have

the kind of relationship where we don't

have to pretend to like each other's

hobbies I like movies love hitting

things with you this must be a sadistic

love-hate a lot of things yeah what do I

hate you hate soggy rice oh god I can't

eat soggy rice era dare dare I love you

because you know the difference yeah

okay yeah okay do you know the

difference okay what's there

the first thing that's that person

there's no yeah there it's not Derek

there no that's T that's here like there

look at the

GRE that's how much you remember here is

like here and there so that's how this

is another card for us every day I

bought more in love with you except one

of those days you really pissed me off

all of these cards are perfect yeah I

think the day that you pissed me off

afterwards I love you more

yeah so you love you more every time I

pissed you off today yeah that's exactly

if you piss mail me more that's not

funny that's the making up part and you

being a better better person yeah you

pissing me off just to piss me off

that's not that's fun yeah that is fun

I live for that funny we can't do

together that's one thing you never have

my back one me game I do too

when I'm shooting you're plenty of

fashion show okay you're picking clothes

out when I'm shooting I'm ready getting

bad thinking about it I'm supposed to

back to you when you're changing so when

we see another prisoner shooting and

we're supposed to be changing clothes a

life-and-death situation oh my god I

love is the best and not just because

you're always the one to take out the


oh I like this I do the dishes and I

take out the trash

hey watch me move yes they call me the

trash taker

you're such a weirdo but you're my

weirdo yep that's I think that answers

it yep

I'll kiss you even when there are bread

comes hey what did you get bread you not

read I don't know I don't know beard

bread this is so not true matter of fact

this happened yesterday well there's a

difference between sriracha and ketchup

in your beard

I don't want to be eating food on to you

I love you though I liked you better on

a full stomach

angry angry you don't really get mad

when you're hungry I get no you don't

you don't really but my true love oh I

get it

forget it true love ain't you yeah I get


I'm not really good with puns love you

enough to give you my Netflix password

you gave it to me yeah you did and

crunchyroll - we always check what your

role yep

thinking about you is like remembering I

have ice cream in the freezer

that is so the card you would give me

there's nothing better in this world

than an ice cream in the freezer oh I

love ice if I were to describe the

perfect man I would be describing either

you or Ryan Gosling right cosmic

if you have to pick another actor would

it be besides writing constant perfect

yeah of course you do i yeah or pretty

stinking great happy Valentine's Day

that's the card I'll get you something

like this you know something that's just

quick simple funny and then I'll write

all the messages in the back I don't

know we'll see let's see what's in

7-eleven oh my god

I know what you're gonna do you'll

probably look at the card you're gonna

speak assembly lemon you're gonna run

this honey love it you're gonna look for

the card of this day right I'm not gonna

do that

geez the gas station over there has

better cars no there's all the gas

station is there 276 or the Shell gas

station the apple cart oh you went to

the shelter

how many years have you been going to

get this is to go pick up a Valentine's

card it's what's inside that counts

okay so what the insight that's no


that's 40 Valentine's Day is coming up

papi if you guys have a Valentine's Day

hope you guys have a wonderful great

romantic Valentine's Day if you don't

have a Valentine's Day now is the time

to to say it tell them don't tell them

if you have a crush on them tongue now

is the time I have a crush on you yeah

just tell them okay cuz if anything if

the worst case in that they say no they

don't like you you have money to save

and use that money we buy a video game

or something and that's what the whole

two hours do at least if you to put that

thought in their head that you like them

yeah yeah so yeah if you do like him

just tell them I'll let them think about

it plant that seed in their brain

planted in their brain and then once

they do realize I think I like you I

think everyone should have a great

Valentine's Day I think Valentine's Day

is not just for only lovers but

Valentine's Day is off it also can be

towards the best friend you best

Oh any family members you know it's I

think just a holiday to make money I

think it's a holiday to just at least

show appreciation that you love them I

think that's what it is and you get to

eat chocolates a lot of chocolate yes

Baba appreciation yeah you care

yeah so alright thank you guys for

watching once again if you're new to

this channel we are kimchi and yeah yeah

let's get some ice cream okay