DIY Military Appreciation Cards To Thank A Service Member or Veteran

hi it's me JD and welcome back to my

channel this video is going to be about

something very close to my heart

it's about our nation's military there

are a lot of holidays honoring our

military including but not limited to

Veterans Day Memorial Day Armed Forces

Day Military Appreciation Month while

that may seem like a lot I feel like we

should use every opportunity we can get

to honor our nation's armed forces

servicemembers and their families

just sacrifice so much to protect this

country so any form of gratitude or

appreciation we can show to them I think

we should take every opportunity to do

that so if you know a service member

either active duty or retired or veteran

and you want to send them a token of

your appreciation then keep watching

this video for some card-making

inspiration before you leave be sure to

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thumbs up this first video is going to

be a very patriotic red white and blue

card by blending this red ink onto this

card with this stencil I'm pretty sure

you're thinking lady that looks like a

circus card well I can assure you that

the only circus around here is the one

going on in my house it's what I get for

making a card after watching the

greatest showmen that movie just had to

have some of the catchiest songs I'm a

sucker for musicals anyway I'm going to

add some die cuts and it still looks

like a circus car doesn't it you know

what it's my channel the final verdict

is that it is a patriotic fourth of July

military appreciation card that's all

case closed

after the ambiguity of that last card

I'm going to shoot for an on the nose

military card I've got this really cool

stamp set that stamps the most realistic

set of military boots I've ever seen or

combat boots whatever you call them and

my first aid sample is splotchy because

this is the first time I'm using them

but they even out with each layer and

also each layer just adds to the

dimension of this of this image I mean

look at that

holy moly that looks so real looks like

it was printed and then I added my

sentiment and you know this one layer

card is cool but I'm you know it needs a

little something extra there's a lot of

whitespace going on so I'm gonna smush

some distress inks onto my my mat spray

with some water pick it up with some

pick it up with my watercolor brush and

then kind of flick it on my card front

using an acrylic block just so I control

where the flick äj-- goes I set this

aside to dry and the flick egde was a

good idea it adds a perfect amount of

grunge to my card next I wanted a car

that incorporates all of the military

branches sorry Coast Guard this stamp

set well I guess the stamp sets plural

has each military branch it has little

images to go along with it and I colored

these a while back I tend to color

off-screen and in my off time just

because that's when I have time to color

since they're all ready to go all I have

to do is just kind of lay them out on my

card front and place them where I think

they should be and I'm not putting them

in any particular order I'm just putting

them really in terms of like color so

Air Force and Navy people I don't want

you to feel slighted that I'm sticking

you guys in the back it's it's really

all about the color placement I put all

of the branches on this card because I'm

going to be sending this card to one of

the organizations that send out holiday

cards or just appreciation cards to the

military so I didn't want it to be

branch specific if anybody needs a word

of encouragement I'm sure it's got to be

these men and women in uniform and you

certainly don't have to use specialty

stamps and stencils like I'm using here

it's really any kind of thank-you card

or appreciation card would work just

fine I purchased these supplies because

I knew that my kids would like to color

these images as well and I had fun

coloring them too especially if you

color a service member just like the

person that the card is for

okay let's recap all of our cards first

we have a very patriotic red white and

blue thank-you card then we have this

amazing stamp with military boots and

then I added the card front to another

dark blue card panel just to help ground

the card some more and those are the

cards thank you guys so much for

watching and a big big big thank you to

all of our service members past and

present for your sacrifice for your hard

work it might not be much but I hope a

handmade card like this will at least

show you a snippet of the appreciation

that we have thanks again for your