Wedding Thank You cards wording - What do I say?

hey awesome i'm glad you found me this

is leanne with go big with leann and

today we're going to talk about wedding

thank you cards wording because i don't

know it's been a long time since i've

been married but I know the wording on

any kind of thank you card can be kind

of challenging so today I'm going to

discuss just a simple little format you

can follow and then some sample wording

hopefully this will help you get your

wedding cards thank you cards knocked

out in a timely manner which also is

important like to say within 30 days if

possible or sooner first of all you need

to know who you need to send them to so

hopefully you have that list already

prepared and that someone kept really

good track for you or maybe that someone

was you and then there's going to be

certain parts to the thank you card the

words that you're going to use so I'm

just going to cover these and then I'm

going to give you some samples that you

can kind of steal borrow um you can cop

them directly obviously you have to

change the gift title but so obviously

um you're gonna greet the people i

recommend that you that all these notes

be handwritten on a nice paper or some

nice thank-you cards that you bought you

know from anywhere and a lot of times

when you do your wedding package you get

thank you cards so just address the

individuals that as you would normally

address them but make sure you include

if it was a husband wife put both their

names on there make sure you spell them

correctly and then the next part of

course we're going to just tell them you

know thank you and then you're going to

add details about how you plan to use

the gift how you plan to use the money

where you're going to display it and

different things like that and then of

course you're going to end it with your

regards which you know sincerely is

always a safe one but if it's a close

personal relationship i encourage you to

to make it more personal you know think

about the different ways that you sign

off on your emails and things to certain

people just think in that same aspect

because i know card writing is kind of a

lost art my mother taught me when I was

very young to make sure that I send

thank you cards and be grateful and so I

really appreciate that but still

sometimes I struggle for the words to

say in them so we've already talked

about the time frame you want to send it

within 30 days if possible I know after

the big day there's the honeymoon and

there's maybe moving into a new house

but just do the best you can to get

those out

but makes because the longer they stay

the more time that goes by the less

likely you are to do them so let's get

them out as quick as you can all right

so here's some of the samples so a thank

you card to a close friend or relative

and it just just kind of gives you an

idea of what it should include you're

going to address them dear aunt and an

uncle joe thank you so much for the

gorgeous tablecloth it was beautiful and

we're both incredibly touched by that

you gave us this family heirloom it was

wonderful as always to see you both at

the wedding I especially love doing the

chicken dance with Uncle Joe I can't

wait to catch up on your news and tell

you all about the honeymoon and newly

married life with love and then sign

both your names so that that might be a

little more worthy than you'd want to do

but just gives you an example of what a

really really good thank you card would

include all right the next one is for a

thank you card when you receive cash or

a gift certificate which is really

popular these days and so just address

them how you normally would Clayton I

wanted to thank you greatly for the

check you sent for our wedding gift

we're saving to buy a new bedroom set

and your gift will help us reach our

goal we can't wait to finally get rid of

our college furniture best wishes and

then you sign the names again alright

and then the last one is that may be the

toughest one a thank you card when you

don't like the gift and I know that

happens to everybody but you still need

to well no need you can do whatever you

want I highly encourage you send a thank

you card so just address them as you

normally would this obviously isn't

someone that's real close to you because

you call you're calling them mrs. Jones

thank you for the wedding present of the

velvet painting of elephants in the

jungle is a very unique gift you're

always so thoughtful and generous it was

so nice of you to join us at the wedding

and Christian I hope to see you soon

with love so those are just some samples

hopefully that's helpful to see the

wording you may have to put my video on

full screen if you want to really be

able to read the words and so just

listen to me talk about them but

hopefully this format and these little

brief ideas that I gave you is helpful

on the wording for your wedding thank

you cards and I appreciate you popping

hit in here and watching my video and

like I said hopefully it was helpful my

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