Writing & Education : How to Write Wedding Thank You Notes

hi my name is Laura and today I'm going

to talk with you about how to write

wedding thank-you notes so

congratulations you finally got married

and now it's time for you to write your

thank you notes what is gonna be your

first step well your first step is going

to be to refer to your handy-dandy list

of addresses of people who you invited

to your wedding

and of course written out to the side or

typed into your word document or

whatever you're gonna have the actual

present that they gave you so you're

going to want to have that handy and I

have an example here you can either take

a word document write this out or you

can also put it on a spreadsheet to make

it easier so you're gonna say gee I just

received this wonderful cake plate from

my aunt Alan and you're gonna say what

am i what am I going to say in my

thank-you note to her for this cake

plate so you will start off by saying

addressing the envelope of course to the

person who are your friend of mail this

to and then you're gonna say you know

dear and Eileen thank you so much for

the gift and then you want to make a

comment that is going to be personal you

know you're so excited about seeing them

after the wedding at some other function

and you know you you're just so thankful

for their all of their appreciating that

they've shown toward you so you're gonna

want to make it personal okay

you're going to also want to make it

short and sweet you're not going to want

to take this opportunity to just go on

and on about things because you're

probably not going to have much more to

say than that and they really just want

to know that you've got the present than

you acknowledged it so first of all get

your addresses in order make sure the

address corresponds with the name which

corresponds with the present make that

thank-you note out to them make it short

and sweet and make it personal and then

you'll have a really great thank-you