The Top 5 Things To Write In Your Planner

welcome back everybody it's Annie and if

you're new to my channel I do want to

welcome you I mostly do planner videos

on this channel but I will occasionally

do a homeschool one as well because I am

the mother of five kids I'm two are in

elementary school one is just about

preschool age I mean she's four so I

guess that's preschool and my other two

are well two went under so I am a busy

mom and that is why I carry a paper

planner and it's not enough for me to

just have a calendar because a calendar

can only keep track of what I have to do

but a planner is going to help me

organize prioritize make a plan of

attack and actually get things done so

what I want to do today is walk you

through my probably top five or first

five things that I mark in my planner

and show you how I do that so what I'll

do is this is actually very much a plan

with me kind of style and as I go

through the five different things and

I'll try to be sure to mark where I got

my planner from where I got my notebooks

from where I got this pen from for

instance all in the description box

below so you can get a link I always

include a referral link or a coupon code

if I have it that way I can help you

save money and know where I get things

so my style of planning is in a blank

book like this here let me zoom in a

little bit so I get these blank books I

love the paper which is why I get this

brand again I'll have it marked down

below and I create my own spread

sometimes I'll use an entire page for

one day sometimes I'll put a couple of

days on one page it's whatever I feel

like I need either in the moment or like

I did this week on Monday I went ahead

and set up kind of the

space or the framework for the entire

week so we are on Thursday but what I

want to do is go through my five things

and to do that I am going to get planned

for tomorrow so I do want to remove this

clip so I don't write on it and I do

want to take out this card which I'll be

referring to in a minute

whoops so the first thing that I do is I

do have to start with my schedule

it only makes sense I won't know how

much time I have to do things tomorrow I

won't know when I can do things unless I

check my schedule so tomorrow is Friday

and a co-op is a homeschool group and it

is prep date tomorrow so I will be one

of the teachers we call them tutors in

the upcoming it's it's the winter

semester it's ten weeks long and I need

to go and make all my photocopies and do

things like that tomorrow and that is a

scheduled thing I can only do it in fact

it's not 1 to 2 it's 2 to 4 so I want to

put that at the top of my planner I'm

gonna use hang on let me get this so

that way the pages don't cover up what

I'm doing here you just kind of like

this little arrow and I'm gonna write

co-op prep day and I'm going to write 2

to 4 but not but I don't know why I said

but so I have that written down and I

know that's what I have to do now we do

not do school on a Friday Plus this is

the week of New Year's so we are still

on winter break or Christmas break or

whatever you want to call it for

homeschool so we will not be doing any

school tomorrow oh my goodness this is

the second time I've had to film this

video and the first time I got

interrupted so many times by my kids

bickering and fighting downstairs while

they were supposed to be playing and I

hear them going off once again I really

hope I get this video filmed today I'm

gonna do my best so that's really um the

only thing that I have on my schedule

for tomorrow so the important reason to

have this first is now I know how much

time I have and what all I can try to

fit in for tomorrow so number one is

schedule the second thing that I put in

is I don't want to forget this stuff I

don't want to get it to get lost

it might to do's and stuff and I need to

check my menu

so I actually menu plan using the plan

to eat website it's a website it's an

app that syncs on my phone so oftentimes

I'll plan on my computer and what's

great is you can import recipes from

wherever you want with a click of a

button so I don't have to type anything

and then I can drag and drop my recipes

on a monthly type calendar and you can

do breakfast lunch dinner snacks and

everything so you can plan as many meals

as you need to for a day and as soon as

I plug the meal for in my case I've

really only planned dinners when I plan

the plug the dinner into my day it

automatically puts all the ingredients

on my shopping list so when I take my

phone with me grocery shopping I can

pull up whatever day or day is that I'm

looking at and I can see all the

ingredients that I need and I can also

refer to the recipe and what day have it

planned on in all of that so I highly

recommend that even though I'm a paper

planner girl I feel like that's the best

way to organize my recipes because I get

most of my recipes from Pinterest in the

internet anyways so I've got that

referral link down below to try to save

you money

they usually have a free trial period

anyway so you can try it for free with

no risk but that doesn't help me when

I'm paper planning because I need to be

able to see when I'm looking at this do

I need to start the meal you know

prepping do I need to get something out

of the freezer like I need to see it

here in my day to day but I use the app

for planning and grocery shopping

purposes so I am this week instead of

writing it individually like maybe I

would write it here I have it written

down on the back of this menu card again

I'll link it down below it's also from

the same place I get these books designs

by planner perfect and tomorrow is

Friday and we are going to have chicken

and veggies and I know that this chicken

that I have planned is actually I'm

going to grab one of the pre-made

rotisserie chickens from my local market

and any veggies if I need it

so I'm trying to like shop what I have

in my house right now and use up a lot

of stuff but I think I'm out of

vegetables as well so and what I want to

do I have it written there but I need to

write it like a task and that is for me

all I need is by dinner because I want

to remember that what I'm hoping to do

is do this from whoops I totally just

smeared my pen by writing my air running

my finger over it

it's actually a quick drying pen but

that was like literally when I wrote it

um while I'm out doing this on my way

back I want to buy dinner so I don't

have to make another trip out so I want

to do it all at once so I have by dinner

oops oh boy oh boy that looks terrible

which side note this is the instance

like this is real planner life and now I

have a pen smear on my finger this is

real life

okay um I have five kids this happens

because I get interrupted in the middle

of writing stuff down you can use

whiteout I could get some of this washi

tape and put it over top I could do all

sorts of things I could leave it

whatever makes you happy and can help

you fix this like honestly if I had to

you could just kind of like take these

pages together and I could start over so

excuse me I don't know where that came


so don't let mistakes bother you um it's

gonna kind of bother me for the rest of

this video because I won't be able to

fix it or do anything until I'm done

excuse me so just know that anything is

fixable you can start over you can paste

something you can tied it see that look

how pretty it is so there's that so

number one I do my schedule number two I

check my menu make sure I know what I'm

having for dinner that day make sure I

don't need to do anything for dinner and


to move on to number three number three

is I have to look at my notes I knew I

would forget them in order if I didn't

look at my notes is my top priorities

for the day

some people do a top-three some people

just like have a priorities list as a

stay-at-home mom I don't always have

control over my time so if there's

something that has to get done that day

or something that's a little more

important or something like that I kind

of write it first especially if I think

about it or a market in some way so so

I'm telling myself like if nothing else

gets done today this has to get done and

actually the thing that really has to

get done is this co-op prep day and I'm

going to make a note here or write a

task to make sure to have all lessons so

when I leave the house I want to make

sure that I have all of the pieces that

I need if I need to print anything else

in order to get it photocopied while I'm

there then that's that's my priority

tomorrow so everything that kind of

encompasses that and I really don't have

a whole lot of other priorities that I

can think of now now I could also

because I'm planning this the day before

I can wake up in the morning tomorrow or

have a conversation with my husband

tonight or at the end of the night I

could see you know the state of my house

and realize that tomorrow a priority is

to vacuum or something like that so

sometimes I don't even know what a

priority might be until the day of so

this is as far as I can kind of plan now

and it will be just a simple thing for

me to add it tomorrow if I need to have

any other priorities and and then after

that so that was number three number

four is


and this is something that's worked for

me I think we all have different ways

that we do this and how much we put here

but a lot of times I will you know I

just feel like I don't do a whole lot as

a stay-at-home mom but in reality I'm

doing a lot it's like every move every

moment I'm moving and working I'm

cleaning up a mess and changing diapers

and doing another load of laundry and

cleaning up yet another meal and so on

so a lot of times if I feel like I need

it I'll write down those kinds of things

it's not even like to remind myself to

do them but it's like proof that I am in

fact doing a lot of work and my daughter

is yelling really loud okay she just

went out stairs so sometimes I'll write

them down after the fact is like a

record of what I've done to just kind of

cheer me up and to bolster my spirits

like yeah I'm doing stuff and sometimes

I will think you know what the laundry

is piling up I should do laundry

tomorrow it's not really it could be a

top priority it could be just something

that's really good to do or it could

just be you know hey if I get to it

so sometimes I'll just kind of look

around and think like hey I don't want

to forget maybe tomorrow I'll clean out

the fridge you know something that I

don't do on a regular basis but I

honestly I can't think of any of those

kinds of things that I want to add yet I

might add those tomorrow and then the

fifth thing that I always add and

throughout the day that get added to my

planner which is why it's one of the top

things are notes so

I have also

of different kinds of notes so here's an

example make sure to have all lessons

well a note that I want to make to this

is lap book because I want to make sure

that I have all the pieces of the lap

book that we're going to be doing as we

do our study for co-op and I've already

printed out some of them I need to print

out the rest and that's this is like a

note that goes along with this task or

schedule another note is I want to check

side dishes side dishes because I might

still have stuff here at home that I can

use in which case I don't want to buy

more so sorry I had to fix my foot it's

falling asleep so this again is another

way that I would do a note to myself

regarding these different things so

notes for me are not necessarily like

I'm making a phone call and in my blank

space here I write down notes about the

phone call although occasionally that

does happen it's more like I'm sitting

there watching the u2 a homeschool

YouTube video and somebody mentions a

book or something that I want to look up

or remember and I might jot something

down I do keep a note section for things

like if I want to be like remember - oh

sorry you can't quite see you know -

remember to do this sometime next week

or remember to check with my husband

about something so I do have usually a

designated notes section for things that

I want to make sure I keep track of but

this is kind of like a journal of my

life and I just really like how I just

have this like almost fluidity between

my tasks my notes my menu my journaling

my emotions my thoughts and it all can

kind of be in this section and I do keep

these you know someday I may get rid of

them but right now I can store them well

and I

and keep them tidy and I just I really

like to be able to look back on it and

and who knows you know 20 years from now

when my kids are all grown I might love

looking back and seeing what my days

were like when I was so busy and I

basically my only task each and every

day was like cooking and cleaning and

doing laundry so sorry I'm just checking

on the baby there she is she's over

there so yeah I want I want this to be a

keepsake and it's just it's so crazy to

me sometimes I feel like I have a block

a mind block where I feel like I have a

hard time explaining what I do because

on the one hand I feel like it's really

complicated because it's very specific

to my brain but on the other hand I feel

like it's just so basic and boring like

I write down laundry I write down dishes

I write down you know buy diapers but

I'm gonna miss these days and I will I

will want to look back on them and know

what it's like the things that I can't

remember so I'm I'm really happy with my

planning system right now

it helps me actually plan and get things

done and then it's also this huge like

doc Jayant diary of my life and I feel

like that's just so beautiful so those

will be my top five things that I have

in my planner and I hope they inspired

you maybe to mark something that you

don't Mark already or give you an idea

of how to mark them I hope to do this as

kind of like a miniseries throughout the

year like five more things to put in

your planner and to keep these ideas

fresh for us because I think that's what

really gets us excited as planner girls

and guys and to really just want to dig

into our planners and keep using them

just to kind of give us that motivation

when we're fizzling out a little bit so

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alright guys thank you so much for

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time bye