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hey guys it's Noel in my last few videos

I've been showing you the ins and outs

of bullet journaling from what notebooks

are the best to journal into what

doodles artistically challenged people

like myself can use to decorate their

pages but we mustn't forget that bullet

journals aren't just meant to look

pretty they're meant to get your life in

order and one of the best ways to do

that is to use a collection a collection

is essentially a page in your bullet

journal where all the notes and tasks

revolve around a specific theme so from

tracking what books you want to read to

your favorite matte liquid lipsticks I

wanted to walk you through some awesome

collections that you might want to try

in your bullet journal but before I get

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alright let's get into it

so the first collection that I want to

show you is a new words collection I

didn't think that it needed to be very

special or decorated so I just wrote the

title info calligraphy I thought of this

when I was reading career of evil by

Robert Galbraith which is actually JK


she has like a pen name but she has a

ton of words in there that I've never

heard of so I thought it would be

awesome to track new words that I

learned while reading books and then

under it I put the words that I'm

defining in block letters in different

colors and then put the definition under

them the next collection is books to

read for this spread I wrote books to

read in block letters over a bookshelf

and drew books around it so that you

know it looks like an actual bookshelf

and then under it

I put the books that I want to read in

little books and what's nice about this

is that after you do read them you can

indicate that you read them by giving it

like a rating so since I read career of

evil I gave it four little orange stars

only their circles but I know

means so my next bread is movies to

watch it's pretty much the same concept

as books to read only its movies for


I wrote movies to watch in a little like

filmstrip even though all movies are

shown digitally these days but you know

it's fine and then under the title I

thought it was like cute to put the

titles of the movies that I want to

watch in popcorn so I drew out popcorn

and put the movies that I want to watch

in it and then I outlined it in orange

to replicate all the butter that I like

to put on my popcorn and you should

leave space in your popcorn to give it a

rating or a checkmark in the future when

you finally do get to see those movies

my next friend is countries to visit for

the title I just made a banner over the

top and put countries to visit in it and

then I drew what looks like a trail

around the title and then I thought it

would be a little crazy to try to draw

out an actual map of the world so I

printed out a printable of a map and

taped it into the journal after I tape

the map I highlighted the places that

I've traveled which currently is just

America and Canada but I intend to

travel a lot more places in the future

hopefully and I will highlight them as I

go what's really cool about this is that

you can go back in the future and see

all the places that you've gone my next

spread is a dream log all you have to do

is write dream log out as a title and

then I drew a little divider under it

with stars and moons and light bulbs

night lights under it and then I would

write my dreams in clouds under

so my next bread is a lyric blog have

you ever been listening to a song and

you hear a particularly like and you're

like Danny that is an awesome lyric and

I never want to forget it that's what

the spread is for what I did was I drew

lyrics log and funk calligraphy and then

I drew a music staff behind it with

notes all over the place and then under

it I wrote my favorite lyrics in fun

calligraphy and writing and what's fun

about this is that you can kind of do

your own thing with the lyrics like for

Taylor Swift I wrote your name on an

actual blank signature line my next

bread is a daily doodle log so I am

artistically challenged completely but

ever since I started bullet journaling

I've wanted to learn more doodles and be

able to make my pages look pretty so I

thought this collection would be a great

way to practice my doodles and I kept it

really simple because I feel like the

doodles will make the page really pretty

all I did was put the title in block

letters daily doodle and then under it I

just draw doodles every day in different



as you can see my doodles are like cute

AF my next bread is a quote spread and

it's the same idea so lyrics spread only

for quotes for this I kept things simple

I just wrote quotes in cute calligraphy

and outlined it with black pen and then

I wrote a quote underneath it I wrote I

solemnly swear I'm up to no good which

is a fave from Harry Potter

so my next bread is a gratitude log even

though some days at school you could be

frustrated and you feel like your

teacher gave you too much homework and

you have way too many assignments to do

every day has a little bit of

Awesomeness that you might want to track

so I put gratitude log in pursuit at the

top and then I just wrote down the date

on the left side that I'm tracking

something that I'm grateful for and

wrote I'm grateful and it could be

something as small as your best friend

covering your coffee for you when you go

to Starbucks together or it could be

that you got an a-plus on your essay

whatever just made your day a little bit

nicer my next bread is a wish list

obviously everybody has things that they

wish they could have but there are some

things that you want and some things

that you need so what I did for my wish


I wrote wish list in big bold letters at

the top and then put some stars around

it you know like you're wishing a star

and then I put one section on the left

with want at the top and then a section

on the right with need at the top and

that way you can track some of the

things that you really want and some of

the things that you really need for me I

really wish that I could have the Fenty

beauty collection but it's a little

pricey and I don't really need it so

that one on the left but some things

that I really do need our bookshelf

because books are like taking over my

from and new earbuds as I lose every

pair my next spread is a birthdays

spread all I did for this spread was put

birthdays in a banner at the top and

then all you have to do is write the

months of the year in fun calligraphy

and then to fill up some of that space

and put little balloons on each side and

then under each month I put the day of

each of my friends birthdays and wrote

their name next to it so the next

collection is my fav lip colors

collection so for the title I just put

fav lip colors and bold calligraphy and

then drew a doodle of a lipstick

cartridge on the right what's fun about

this spread is that instead of just like

writing down your favorite lip colors

you can kiss the page and then I'm gonna

kiss my journal


and under the lip mark you write the

brand and color of the lipstick that is

your fave so the next spread is a TV

show spread and this comes in handy if

you like watching a ton of TV and you

have shows that you want to keep track

of that you're watching right now and

shows that you want to watch in the

future so for this I drew a little

doodle of a TV with a smiley face inside

of it and then put TV shows and block

letters next to it and then under it

I wrote the shows that I want to track

watching and that was this is us and

Riverdale and then I made little boxes

to track each one of the seasons so this

is a season one I watched the whole

season so I highlighted it all but for

the second season I've only watched two

episodes so I highlighted two episodes

and then Riverdale just premiered last

week so I was able to watch the premiere

a main thing so I highlighted that

so my last bread is a bucket list spread

the bucket list is just a big picture

list of goals that you want to achieve

in your lifetime I kept things simple I

just wrote a bucket list in calligraphy

and put a little drop shadow behind it

and then wrote in big letters my three

goals which are one to visit Turkey I

want to meet Harry Styles that one is

like a big one three is I want to travel

outside the US I know earlier I said

I've been to Canada but I it's it's kind

of half true

I only went to the Canada side of

Niagara Falls so I didn't really explore

and like visit the country so I still

don't consider myself someone who's

traveled outside the US so that's what I

want to do that's it I hope these

collection ideas gave you a better idea

of how you're gonna fill up your bullet

journal are there any collections that I

didn't mention in this video that you

love if so drop them in the comments


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Trix bye