What to write in your Christmas cards

christmas is coming and I have just

posted my Christmas cards as one gets

older the feeling at this particular

time of year when you said your cards is

a little different from when you are

younger I suppose when you were younger

you just threw your address book and

just sent them but as you get older you

will have accumulated a lots of address

book said that obviously you know fall

apart and anybody who wants to replace

them and some of the addresses you may

carry over and others you may not

something you may miss out and because

you haven't carried them over and they

still remember you and and then you know

over the years you think well shall I

send it to this person I you know I'm

not really in touch with them at all or

you know don't fall out with them on

Facebook or and then you think you have

and then they send you one so you know

hurriedly you you send them back back

one or you know some of them have

suffered a a family tragedy and you

don't think it's quite the thing to have

a chirpy round robin message of your new

achievements that year and then you're

not sure well this is it isn't it you're

not sure if that's still alive and

sometimes you you might send people a

card thinking well this is where you're

finding up but you know if I said

the cart and alive you would know if

their next of kin sends you a message of

you know saying you know mom or dad is

is no longer alive and blah blah blah

and and I guess I'm increasingly si I

get older you I do then it's like well

then I better go put my my dress on the

back and you know in order for this to

be done so you do this and then and you

know you you think you know what's on

certain ones like well well what shall I

do do I really think they might be dead

or not and and and that kind of thing so

so I guess you know I'm just sharing

that with you about the you know kind of

roundabout where you're finding out if

people are still alive you know when you

get to a certain age and um I think we

all know that you know people are

setting fewer and fewer Christmas cards

because stamps are going up and we are

feeling poorer but I think this is a

tradition that that should be encouraged

deeply we should you know in some way

keep the post office in in service and

and obviously the fewer calls we send

the more expensive it becomes for them

to to keep you know all this sort of

thing going so we should send it and

even with Eve even for people who are

not particularly informative about what

their be doing so you know they just

sort of say you know the usual Christmas

greetings and nobody even oh no -

round-robin letter boasting about their

children's achievements and whatnot so

you can complain about them of course

you because it's annoying to - to have

this kind of cheering boastfulness

foisted upon you if you're not feeling

particularly successful but but you know

the people you know you've been

exchanging Christmas card for four years

and and it's like they just signed off

with their name about them really you

can't be bothered to ask but you quite

like to know what do you think come on

just just write something just one

sentence to sum up your year you know do

that but they don't so so so this is

what I don't really want people to do

that sending me a Christmas card just

just personalize it with something more

than been signing off your name all of

them the date of your family members

just just what sentence will do it I

don't even care - - just give me you

know just to personalize it

so this is my pre-christmas thoughts I

wish you all a happy Christmas and that

you enjoy the preparations leading up to

it thank you for listening