How to Write Your First Blog Post - Ideas & Tips

so chances are if you're watching this

video you have already started your blog

and if you haven't I will leave a link

down below to a special tutorial that I

have but once you actually have that

domain and you have your hosting and

you're sitting there I'm hooking up this

baby blog and you don't know what comes


you might think okay great now I need

blog posts okay great what blog posts

should I be writing in this video I will

be giving you a very important tip on

exactly what kind of blog posts you

should be writing first on your brand

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of the biggest mistakes I see people

make about the first blog posts that

they publish on their brand-new baby

blog is simply the fact that they forget

that the blog that they're writing is

not actually about them it's about the

readers so a lot of times we will kind

of gravitate towards writing a blog post

about you know why I started this blog

or how I got here or kind of all about

the author themselves and by the time

people land on your blog especially if

you're new I hate to sound mean but they

don't love you yet they don't really

know you they don't know your brand and

the only person who is going to become

an instant dedicated fan is let's be

honest your mother so what you want to

do is you want your very first blog post

to be all about your read

you want to inspire them and guide them

and help them so here's my advice for

you grab a pen and paper you're not

gonna want to miss any of these steps

first things first you're going to want

to write down your niche you never want

to forget what it is you are writing

about and who it is you are targeting

trust me that sounds very simple but

it's very easy to get distracted and to

kind of start to write about other

things that don't totally work in with

our brand or don't totally have you know

everything a hundred thousand percent to

do with our niche so make sure that you

are very clear in defining who it is

you're targeting and what it is you want

to teach the second thing you're going

to want to do is write down three things

that everyone who is in that niche

should know so if you are writing about

knitting and somebody comes to you and

says I don't know anything about

knitting I'm a beginner I don't know how

to make a stitch I don't know what size

knitting needles I should buy there are

different sizes right what should I do

and that's what you're going to want to

write that list for write a list of

three things that every knitter should

know every single person and then you'll

write blog posts about those things

the third thing you're going to want to

do is make sure that every single one of

the three blog posts that you're writing

create a very comfortable and safe

learning environment when you think

about it most bloggers not all of them

but most successful vloggers are less

journalists and more teachers what we're

doing is we're taking a category or

taking a niche that we're really

passionate about and we're creating this

safe learning environment for you to

learn how to master whatever that

category is so if you're writing about

how to knit XYZ or how to do this stitch

or how to knit a scarf you want to make

sure that you use a tone and you use

vocabulary that makes the reader feel

like this is a safe place where they're

not gonna get laughed on you want them

to feel like this is a place they want

to go to because you're enthusiastic

about teaching them and you're never

gonna make them feel like not knowing

all the answers is really just a

shortcoming of theirs so be very clear

and be very defined and

everything's step by step especially if

you're in that sort of niche the fourth

thing that you're going to want to do is

really focus on establishing your

authority and that really just means you

want to show them you know what you're

talking about

so this kind of ties in with step number

three in the sense that you want to be

very clear and you want to give them

very actionable steps so kind of break

things down for them very easily that's

kind of step number three but this step

number four is be very clear and don't

leave anything out so you want to break

things down but you also want to make

sure that you don't make the project

feel so overwhelming that they're not

able to complete it you have one goal

and that is to make readers leave your

site feeling like they have accomplished

something or feeling the inspiration to

accomplish it later at a different time

that's your entire goal as a blogger if

you want to be successful if you want to

grow business you're not going to be

doing it by only taking the best photos

or only having the best social media

strategy it is truly all about how you

make your readers feel so let me give a

quick example here of how you would take

all these different tips and how you

would write your first blog post so

let's pretend that we're in the Knitting

category and our niche is all about

knitting baby stuff because let's be

honest knitting baby stuff is like the

cutest thing on the planet alright so

maybe the first blog post that you would

write about is all about the different

types of yarns there are out there and

then what's really safe or what's gentle

enough for baby skin I don't know

anything about that so I can't really

give examples but I know that there are

different types of yarns and that some

are probably best for babies so if your

niche is all about knitting stuff for

babies and you want to teach somebody

who's desperately trying to create a cue

project for a newborn but doesn't know

the first thing about it you need to

explain to them you know all about the

different types of yarns and what yarns

are going to be best for the baby soft


the second plug post I would probably

write would be something like the five

most basic knitting stitches that you

need to know I would hazard a guess

there's a lot of different stitches out

there I have no idea but I'm assuming

that if you're going to make a hat or if

you're going to make a blanket they're

going to

different stitches that you use for

those two different things so that would

be the second blog post I would probably

write the third blog post I would

probably write would be something about

how to knit a baby burp cloth or how to

knit a small baby blanket or something

like that so obviously those are

projects and projects are hard but I

would hazard a guess that a blanket is

probably a lot easier than baby booties

or a baby dress so that's gonna wrap it

up for this video don't forget if you

are interested in joining my blogging to

win course check the link in the

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blogging to win calm I am so excited

that we have opened this for the summer

school is getting out we're gonna be

heading down to the pool this is just an

exciting time for me and I feel like

even if you're gonna be having your kids

at home and they're on summer vacation

now is the best time to focus on you

know beginning to work on that framework

to building that blog for the fall and

Beyond so even though your kids are at

home right now now's the perfect time to

kind of do that homework late at night

or whenever you have just a little bit

of me time 10 or 15 minutes you can

watch a lesson a day or so that by that

way by the time they get to the fall and

they head back to school

you are already mentally prepared and

you already kind of have an idea of what

you really want to work on in the fall

to build your own blogging business so

if you have any questions leave them in

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