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okay so i know it's been a while since

i've done a video on this channel but

we are back i'm back on schedule and i


a fancy new camera


so you can see me in hd guys so today's

video is something that i've actually

wanted to do

for quite a long time now and i know

that you guys want to see it and that is

how to collaborate with brands on


or any other platform as a small blogger

now if you follow me over on my


at alice hope then you'll know that i

only have

about 4 200 followers something like


nothing major i don't even have 5 000

followers but

in my time as a blogger i've managed to

collab with loads of really cool brands

including savage fenty dior

boohoo motel rocks the body shop

loads and loads of brands that i never

thought in a million years i would be

able to collab with

at 4 000 followers let alone before i

had four thousand followers

i always thought when i started blogging

that you had to have at least

sort of ten thousand followers before

you started getting anything and that is

just not the case these days guys

and that's something i've figured out

along the way i've got so much better at


brands and pitching to them so i really

wanted to

share my little nuggets of wisdom with

you and show you

how i go about approaching brands to get


and what works well for me so if you're

a small blogger then make sure to keep

watching and

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let's get into it so tip number one

we're gonna start very very simple here

guys the first thing

that i recommend that you do is to

change to a creator or a business

profile on instagram i personally have

the business profile i'm not too sure

about the

limitations that there are on the

creator profile but i found business

works really well for me if you haven't

done that already and you're a blogger


pause this video and go do it now it

takes actually two seconds go into your

settings and do it because

it will make the world of difference to

you you will look so much more


and people start taking more seriously

and obviously the main thing that brands

want to know is they want to know your

statistics and you can't see them

you can't see any of your metrics unless

you switch to a business profile

it gives you loads of cool features so

you can look at your audience data you

can look at

the age of people watching you you can

look at the gender of people

watching you you can also see the data

for all of your posts so you can look at


post insights and you can see shares


uh reach comments likes all that jazz

but you can see in a much more detailed


so definitely definitely do that if

you're on a

personal profile especially if you're on


they're not even going to think twice

about collaborating with you because

people need to be able to see

your profile i mean makes sense really

doesn't it

so yeah that is literally one of the

first and the easiest and the most

important things you can do

so like i said pause this video right


and do it just do it right now right now

just do it have you done it yet

okay second tip another very very simple

one but

extremely important if you want to get


and that is to engage with your


so instagram as you know is all about

engagement the more you engage the more

you get back i've said it in previous

videos instagram really is like a

full-time job sometimes

you have to really manage your time and

be able to engage with people because if

you don't

constantly engage with people then

you're just not going to get the

engagement back

a really good way of getting noticed by

brands is to follow ones that you love

on instagram so

i follow loads that i think have similar

styles to me and i really like their


so what i do is i go to their profile i

like and i comment

and i share them on my story sometimes

and this is just a good way of getting

noticed by a brand um because obviously

there's someone

behind their social media accounts so

there's somebody on the lookout all the


for people that have a similar style to

their brand again this is something just

so simple but like really important

because if you don't put yourself out

there then

you know how is anyone gonna know that

you're there if you just follow them and

you don't do anything then you're just a


you know they're not gonna recognize you

these brands have thousands of followers

so you need to be constantly engaging

and trying to

get their attention just gotta be a big

fat attention seeker

if there's a brand that you really

really want to work with this is

something i've done before

i bought something from their shop

because i love their shop

and i posted multiple pictures in it i

tagged them and those photos ended up

doing really well

so then i was able to approach the brand

and say

i've sold your clothing before on my

instagram i'd love to work with you

and they had evidence over on my

instagram i do like the brand and that

my followers like the brand

and it just meant it was so much easier

to get that collaboration because they

knew already that i

was a genuine fan of the brand so make

sure you're showing a genuine interest

and they all love that so tip number

three is to create content that matches

the style of the brands that you

want to work with again a really obvious

one but this is just something that

immediately attracts a brand

to your content because they see it and

they immediately see

that it matches their style that they

post all the time on their socials

if you go on instagram and you notice

that our brand always has

neutral backgrounds in their pictures

for instance and you know that if you

start creating photos with neutral

backgrounds then they're going to be


in that content and it might be content

that they would want to replace onto

their own socials as a general rule you

should only be going for brands

that suit your style of clothing anyway

i mean you know i'm not gonna go

for like a fishing brand

that was such a weird comparison but

anyway you get the general idea when it

comes to instagram advice i feel like

every single video that i watch always

points back to the content you create

and it sounds so obvious but that's

really the most important thing

so yeah obviously don't tailor your

instagram just to suit one brand but if

you can get an essence of what they're

trying to see on their instagram then


is going to stick out to them and

they're going to want to work with you

okay my camera ran out of battery

sorry rookie mistake we're back so now i

really want to get into the nitty-gritty

of how to actually

get collaborations you know the steps

you have to take so my next tip

is to send emails to brands and when i

see emails i mean

professional emails when i first started

blogging um i had no idea how much you

actually had to reach out

to brands i totally thought it was all a

one-way system where they just came to


and then i kind of realized oh wait

there are literally

millions of people on the internet why

would they find me my first few

collaborations i was actually approached

by other brands but after a while i


reaching out to brands myself and trying

to get collaborations with them there

are two ways that you can do this

you can either send a dm on instagram or

you can send them an email

i would always always always recommend

an email over at dm because there have

been cases where i have

sent a dm and sent an email and the

person on dm has said

no and the person on email has said yes

you have to think the people on social


they're running the accounts but they're

not necessarily in charge of


so all they're going to do is give a

really brief look and it's likely that

if you don't have that many followers

they'll probably just disregard it

altogether so you can find emails

quite easily they're usually on their

instagrams they might have them

detailed there or you should go onto

their website and try

and scroll down and usually they'll have

a pr email try and make sure you're

always contacting the pr email if

possible because customer service

a is probably going to take a long time

to get back to you and b is probably not

going to give you the answer that you


in terms of the email itself this has to

be a really professional email you know

you want to make yourself into a brand

as it were the last thing you want to do

is email around and be like oh my god


i love your clothes uh pretty please be

giving some free stuff

thanks so much kiss kiss gifts no that

is not what you want to do you want to


professional we are professionals out

here ladies and gentlemen

a brand wants to know what you can do

for them

you don't want to email them and take

out like they'd be doing you a massive


and there's nothing in it for them you

have to be showing them what you can

provide for them my rough blueprint for

an email

is say hi you introduce yourself

say where you're from etc etc and your


a couple of reasons why you love the

brand so if it matches your style

for instance then you need to be saying

why you're a good fit for the company

so if your target audience is the same

if your style is the same if your

content is the same things like that you

need to be proving

why they should choose you and why

you're a good fit for their brand then

you need to talk about what you can

offer them so

i for instance offer written blog posts

youtube videos

instagram posts stories etc etc you need

to say

what you can offer for them and what

they can do for you in return

it doesn't need to be a long email it

can literally just be like a couple of

paragraphs explaining that but if you're

clear about why you want to work with a

brand and what you could do for them


that's going to come across as so so

much more professional than somebody

just asking to get free things if you're

struggling to find an email if you can't

find one on the website and you can't

find one over on instagram then another

top tip

that i use is i get in contact with

someone who i follow that i know has

worked with that brand before

and i politely ask them for the email


now this does not mean that you should

be going around and messaging

every tom dick and harry asking for

their collaboration emails because at

the end of the day

that is really rude and it's not gonna

make you friends on instagram and

they are much less likely to respond if

you do that i know from experience i've

had a lot of people just randomly

message me who don't even follow me

and just said what's the collab email um

heads up i'm not gonna respond to that

because that

is rude don't be rude

are you kidding me what i do is i will

get in contact with someone who i

already follow

i engage with their posts even if we

don't talk regularly we

comment on each other's posts we

interact on instagram

if i see that they work to the brand

before i'll message them and say

oh hi i noticed that you worked with

this brand before congratulations

i just wondered if you had the club

email 99.9 of the time

everyone is really happy to give you a

collab email i know i've done it

multiple times and

people have done it for me and it's

always been perfectly fine

even the pr email might not really be

monitored and a lot of the time you

don't get a response from them whereas

if you speak to someone who's already

collaborated with them then it's likely

they've spoken to

an actual person so this means you're

way way more likely to get a response if

you're talking to an actual person

than just talking to an inbox that might

not get monitored or might get monitored

so yeah i highly recommend doing that as

long as you're nice about it and just

just use common sense just don't be rude

basically okay

next tip is to create a social media kit

this is something that i literally had

not heard of

until like i don't even know like last

year but i i literally have no idea what

this even was someone asked me if i'd

sent my social media kit and i was like

um what's that so basically if you don't

know a social media kit is kind of like

a cv but for your blog basically where

you write about your

experience and your analytics and all

the stuff that

companies would want to know and you

have it all in one place this doesn't

need to be long at all

um mine's three pages but the majority

of it is imagery not text but the main

key points that you want to include

are a few images to show your style a

very brief bio about you

your analytics so talking about likes

comments reach

et cetera et cetera and then a section

about previous partnerships so every

time i get a new partnership i add it on

to my media kit so that i can send that

off to brand and they can see

all of the similar brands that i've

worked with can also include your prices

if you start charging for things

you could either send that separately or

put it in your social media kit it just

means that you have all your information

in one place so it means it's so much

easier for a brand

to just look at it and get a summary of

who you are and what you do

if you want i can make a separate video

about making a social media kit

um because i honestly had no idea what i

was doing when i made one

so uh if that's something that would

help then let me know in the comments

down below

can you hear them cutting the grass

rude my next tip is to keep track of

your collaborations

so i didn't used to do this and i used

to just send out loads of emails and

then honestly

i wouldn't get reply and i'd forget

about them and then i'd be like did i go

on top of the brand

and i'd just lose track of it and it was

just awful mess i actually got this tip

from a girl called maddie who i follow

on instagram she explains how she keeps

track of her collaborations using a

spreadsheet so

i decided that i was going to start

putting all of my collaborations into a

spreadsheet so

i have the name of the brand and then i

have the date that i contacted them if i

dm'd them or not and then if i haven't

got a response i have another section

saying when i've sent a follow-up email

so i usually send it like

two weeks after maybe and then at the

end i have the outcome so it's either

yes no or

no response there's been a lot of

collaborations and brands that didn't

respond to me the first time around but

when i sent a follow-up they

noticed me so i definitely recommend

doing this because it means you can keep

track of how long it's been since you

actually contacted them and then you can

send them just a little nudge

to remind them that you're there hey

it's me you feel like you have your life

together when you make a spreadsheet

like does anyone else feel like that i

just feel so like

professional my final tip is something


sometimes works sometimes doesn't um it

has worked for me in the past

um and that is to use apps so there are

quite a few apps out there

that can help you get collaborations so

i personally used one before called


what these apps do is they connect

brands with bloggers

so you can sign up usually for free um

i've never signed up to a paid service

so you sign up and then brands submit

their campaigns and you can read the

requirements and then submit your own

proposal of what you would offer them

how much you want to be paid whether you

would work on a gifted collab

etc etc so they work as a middleman and

they connect you with these brands this

is what i mean before i've had a few

collaborations through

these but i must admit that with the app

i have at the moment um

they're pretty few and far between one

thing i would say is be careful because

i had a misunderstanding on one of these

apps which caused me a bit of

stress it was a bit of a

misunderstanding about what was required


but it was all fine in the end i managed

to get it sorted but just make sure that

if you're doing anything through an app

that you are clear about what is

required of you and

so is the company i've used influere i

also know there's one called brand

heroes which i've also used i'll try and

get some others to

list down below in the description box

but yeah that could be another way to

get campaigns if you can't find emails

it can be a really good way to get put

in touch with fans so guys

those were all of my tips on how to get

collaborations and how i get


as i said before you do not need

thousands of followers to get collabs

my first collaboration was back when i

had about 1

500 followers something like that and

that was with dior

yes my head literally fell off when i

got the email and i didn't believe it

but it was true it was the real dior and

i only had 1

500 followers just shows that you don't

need to be a huge influencer to get

these opportunities

i really hope that you found this video

helpful these are the tips that i use

literally all the time and they have

been working for me if you enjoyed this

video then

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