my phone is about to die so that is


as you can tell by the title we're going

to talk to me a medical admit a little

bit regret

I mean bloopers I can tell by the title

um what am I even saying I am outside

filming tonight it is 10 o'clock p.m. so

I look a little gross I apologize for

that but as you can tell by the title

today is going to be about stereotypical

things they would see in a yearbook and

you know at the end of the year schools

ending time for those yearbook

autographs so if you need any ideas to

write in the yearbook I've gone for you

alright so I've got this list 10 things

that you usually find in a yearbook



the first one everybody knows it hag

HAES have a great summer bags is one of

those things where maybe your

acquaintance is that the person had a

couple classes with them but if you see

them outside of school you're probably

going to avoid that awkward eye contact

or maybe you'll give a soft smile but

probably don't know the person very well

now if you want to get really clever

h aks have a kick-ass summer tell the

person you're just a little bit more

special than hags I care about you just

a little bit more maybe I'll wave to you

if I see you in public

I'm the person you don't really know

stay cool short simple I don't really

know you but hey say cool I have a list

on here's the good one here I wish I

could have known you better you seem

like a really great person aka don't

call me I'll call you or the person that

rides let's keep in touch are you going

to keep in touch no probably not

they not hot I apologize for the

negativity of the video I thought this

was going to be a little bit more

interesting they see I had fun with you

in blank classes here because absolutely

the only way all know each other you're

not friends

you cost me maybe you send that to each


maybe not that's about it the best

friends forever and they write the poor

or if they're a little bit more clever

they write the five you know if you if

you mean a little bit more it goes that

extra step but are your best friends at

the time maybe you know your book goes

back on them we go look back on that are

you still busting some now probably not

your books are fun how about the person

where your yearbook gets handed to them

they don't really know you but hey

they're going to write never change her

hex a can drop my yearbook out here this

is just one of my high school ones this

one the honey patience 642 pages you

want to know how many how many people

find it

zero it's not that I don't have friends

now okay who's peseta is that I feel I

think it's just like after eighth grade

people just don't really sign here with

anymore I'm sorry it's a little windy

outside tonight but and people just

chooses on sign yearbooks in high school

I don't know that's just me but um this

video was a bit of a throwback I looked

at some of my old yearbooks for

inspiration for this and if you want to

see more of these I'll put a link in the

description below

you can check out the full list yeah so

thanks for watching this interesting

video is a little different um different

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