What To Write In Your Planner

hey guys welcome back to my channel if

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money and monetizing what you know so

you pick this planner and it's

absolutely beautiful you pick the

perfect cover you purchase stickers the

paper quality is amazing and you are so

excited to start using it but you don't

know what to write of it so today I

wanted to give you some ideas of

different things that you can write in

your planner number one important dates

you can use your monthly spread to write

down any important dates like birthdays

anniversaries car insurance renewal

dates the last time you got your oil

change or anything else that doesn't

happen on a consistent basis he's once

every couple of months or once a year

event need to be written down so that

you don't forget this will also give you

ample time to plan things that you need

to do or even budget for the extra

expense that these dates can bring

number two summaries from books you guys

know that I love reading and I just

recently purchased a Kindle paperwhite

reader so that I can read more books and

I love to summarize my reads in my

planner I will take the top points

quotes out add the book cover to my

spread I'll even write the book as a

whole and egg when I finished it it's a

great way to look back on all of the

books that you have read and it's one of

my favorite planners to flip through

it's so pretty

once it's done number three quotes

piggybacking off of book summaries

sometimes I will see a quote that's just

too good not to write down you can

create a spread of your favorite quotes

so you can have

so the back and read them when you need

a pick-me-up er I have done this with

money folks inspirational quotes

productivity quotes anything that I need

that will help me whenever I am in a

slump and your quotes to your planner

will definitely make you happy when you

need it most

number four your day yes you

automatically needs a plan for your

appointments for the day but you also

have a bunch of little things that you

have to do throughout the course of the

day that you may not want to forget the

best way to remember everything that you

need to do is to write it down

I basically write not to doing this in

my hourly planner and I add to my

planner so that I can actually plan how

long it's going to take me to complete

each task adding it to my hourly planner

allows me to be it way more realistic

with my time and my to-do list and I

don't over plan my day number five your

goals you have big goals but if you

don't keep them in front of you how do

you know that you're actually making

progress I like to keep my goals on my

monthly calendar and also keep my weekly

goals on my weekly spread writing them

all down in my planner keeps them in the

front of my mind so that I remember them

get them done and even keep track of my

progress number six

your budget now you knew that this was

coming my absolute favorite type of

planning is budget planning I keep my

monthly budget my paycheck budget my

important dates where I am spending my

money my debt my savings a list of all

of my expenses written down in my budget

planner bank on top of your numbers is

so much easier when you write it down so


add your budget to your planner number

seven workouts now I'm not that good

with this one but I have seen some other


on YouTube who are and they are using

their planners to keep track of their

workouts who can keep track of what type

of workout you do the length of time

that you work out how many calories you

have burned and even add a weight loss

tracker the options here are endless

number 8 use it for faith planning if

you are looking for ways to incorporate

more faith into your daily life faith

planning is a great way to do that this

is a way to document what you are

learning with your personal reading time

keeping track of what God is doing in

your life and even keep track of the

sermons that they're preaching in church

I love faith planning because whenever

I'm feeling overwhelmed I will just look

through this planner and read some of

the lessons and everything just feels so

much better

number 9 keeping track of your memories

a memory planner is a fun 2 day planner

that is used to plan out your day but

also to record some of your favorite

memories sort of like a scrapbook now

some people will make this a completely

separate planner and some people will

add their memories to their daily

planner but either way however it works

for you just take the time out to print

some pictures and add your memories to

your planner it will make the planner

flip through even more enjoyable under

10 your ideas your planner is a great

place to store your amazing ideas great

ideas can sometimes happen when we're

driving to work or even having our

morning coffee write on these ideas down

in your planner will help you remember

them as well as motivate you to get

started on them number 11 your home your

planner is a great place to store the

upkeep of your home your cleaning

schedule home projects meal planning and

even how often you water your plants can

all be kept in your planner you can also

keep track of how often you have done

certain things around the home that

aren't a consistent thing the options

here are really endless but you should

definitely look into having some type of

home section or a home planner number 12

your habits if you want to start a new

habit and stay consistent you should

write it in your planner planners are a

great place to keep track of all of the

things that you want to do often I like

to keep track of things like my water

intake how often I'm reading how often

I'm working out and even my my no-spin

days I'll keep this all on a habit

tracker so I hope these twelve ideas

will help you on your planning journey

and if you have any additional ideas of

different things that you could keep in

a planner please leave them in the

comments below

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