How To Write A Resume

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of you guys said how to write a resume

so that's what we're gonna do today

it seems super scary but it's actually

really simple

so let's get into it shall we let's

learn together do you like my sign is

resume time oh I didn't put the thingy

on the thingy so resume is super simple

it's just you telling the person that's

hiring you what you're capable of and

your past history there's a million

different websites on how to write a

resume this is the right way to write a

best mate no only we know how to write a

resume and yes they all talk like that

but it's basically you just have to put

your qualifications on a piece of paper

and not sound like an idiot I spent so

much time on that side and I just had to

erase all of it this doesn't like to

stand up on its own today

oh I just made it worse so if you just

type in resume outline and look at

Google Images there are million out

there well what I've noticed they all

have in common is this oh there's a lot

of websites that say you can go one to

two pages never more than two never

if you're writing three pages of stuff

no one wants to read that I've heard

from people who hire people one pages is

basically their max you can go to two

but it's easier just one sheet done this

is what you do name at the top they need

to know your name it's up to you if you

were to put your middle name in or

middle initial this dealer's choice your

name is gonna be the biggest thing on a

piece of paper it's gonna be like yo

that's my name then under that you're

gonna have your contact info your

contact info is gonna be your phone

number now make sure that your voicemail

isn't some lame voicemail and make sure

it's not one of those things like hello

ha gosh you are not there sucker bye

make sure your voicemail is either just

the automated messaging of being like

you've reached and then the phone number

or it's you being like hi sorry cake

it's the phone right now please leave a

message after the beep

something very strict they're not going

to hire someone that's like or you say

paneros all leave me a message and also

your email make sure your email is

appropriate and it's not some like I

Drive racecars tricking mother's face at

gmail track off some places want you to

put your online profile thing like

LinkedIn or something

there you have that go for it and then

after that you're gonna put your career

objective one two sentences that's just

like what job are you hoping to get

what's your objective with this resume

you are trying to acquire something what

are you trying to do so you just say

that real quick like if you're applying

to Taco Bell hoping to acquire a job as

a taco maker even if you're applying for

like a low entry level job you can be

like I am applying for a glow drip level

job but I'm hoping to later advance to a

management position in which I can rule

the world so that's basically all right

now after that is your work experience

okay so what you're gonna do is you're

gonna write the company name its city

and a date you work there and then after

that you put down like what you did what

skills you acquired what you had to

manage all those things right like in

bullet points one or two sentences each

being like yo I work for taco why don't

I keep using talked about as an example

I don't know I think I'm hungry I were

to Taco Bell in Los Angeles from


I work the cash register like a milk

truck I had to manage five other people

while simultaneously making tacos I

learned how to make beans so I don't

think I know what goes into the Taco

Bell working but I appreciate the work

they do

gosh they make good food so that's what

you do there and then you list all of

your job another job job job done you

want to make sure that you don't have

huge gaps in between your work times

like I work from 2009 to 2010 and then

added more candy that doesn't look nice

also don't put jobs that you've only had

for a day so if you worked at like

forever 21 for like a week and then quit

it's just not putting that job on your

resume because that does not look good

whether you got fired or you quit it

doesn't matter no one wants to hire

someone that only can hold a job for a

week all right now after work experience

you put education experience what

diploma you have where are you going to

school and the dates you into school so

I would find a bachelor's degree is

Pacific University August 2009 to

December 2012 alright that would be mine

very simple if you're in high school and

you're trying to apply for a job you can

put here still in high school this is

the high school this is the date I

started and the day I will graduate and

then if you have any military experience

thank you for your service you put it

here I don't know much about that and

then after military you put your special

skill and ability if you're applying for

a computer job and you're like the

world's fastest typer I suggest you put

that on the resume like if you've been

awarded fastest typer in the entire

world and you're applying for like a

typing job I think it would be the best

idea to put that in the special skills

and abilities section don't you so

that's basically it now there's

different formats you can do like you

can do this where it's just like here's

the thing

info underneath here's nothing info

underneath or some people like to do it

like this name at the top and then

contact info and then all steps here and

then it's like work experience I'll stop

here I'll stop here it's the same


it's just formatted a little differently

so I suggest just looking through

templates and saying which one you like

the best

which format do you like I think that's

really up to you because I've read like

60 different websites this morning and

all of them said different things but I

think the main thing is you can put that

information on a piece of paper and make

it readable I don't think an employer's

gonna have that big of a complaint now

if you have no work experience and

you're still in high school then you do

more of like a special skills resume I

got an itch in my armpit hold on ah so

you would look up like a different kind

of format of a resume where it's based

on more of a skills then work experience

a functional resume if you will do you

use a functional resume if you have gaps

in your employment if you've changed

your career a lot also that's another

thing don't show that you've constantly

changed your career choice no one likes

a flip flopper so for a functional

resume you're the same thing as always

name contact info Wow that's time

writing it's like I'm a doctor or

something and then you do your

qualification summary this is

you to de-emphasize specific dates of

when you work to stuff so you just

basically summarize why you're so

qualified for that position four to five

sentences four to five examples of why

you're qualified for this and then next

you do relevant skills like you're

applying at a clothing store you'd be

like good salesman or woman I don't know

you and then you do bullet points like

two to three bullet points of how to

prove you're a good salesman like I sold

the most or I got warded Employee of the

Month or I had really good reviews from

customers that I was a good employee and

then like another relevant skill be like

I'm good with technology and then more

bullet points of being like I always fix

the registers I took so many technology

classes and things like that or and then

you're just like I'm personable and then

more bullet points of how you're

personable and that's that section

basically and then of course you add

education same as before references I

forgot about this Wow my writing is not

legible at all you always need to add

references if you have work history I

had a phone number and a boss the same

two like people in call back did this

person actually work there how are they

but seriously

resumes are not that difficult there's a

million templates out there just go and

find the one that fits you and make sure

that like your special skills or

whatever you like your resume is catered

to the job that you're applying for like

I don't think that Google cares that you

eat the most burgers in ten minutes like

be smart

figure out where you're applying to and

what they would want out of you I've

hope that's helped some of you it's not

that difficult they seem scary just

don't stress out make sure everything

looks good because people are only gonna

look at it for a glance they're not

gonna spend a really long time reading

through everything so just make sure

that when you look at it real quick you

can see things everything's laid out

properly alright so that's it for today

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